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How to Teach Your Dog to Pull on a Rope | Dog Tricks

Matey and I are going to show you how to teach
your dog to pull on a rope. There are lots of practical uses for teaching
your dog this trick. That
could be opening up a drawer, or opening up a door. I’m going to show you
first how to teach your dog to pull on a rope from your hand, That’s
generally a little bit easier, and then we’re going to work on pulling a
rope that’s attached to the door of the crate. To begin with, you need to get your dog excited
about pulling on a rope from your hand. Essentially, we’re teaching them to tug. So I’m just going
to get her excited about the rope, hopefully, get her tugging a little bit
on it, wanting to pull. Yay. Good girl. Make it really fun, and exciting
for your dog Yay. Good girl! Get it. Once they’re tugging or pulling
easily on that rope, as now we’re getting, we’re going to work on this on
the crate door. Drop. To begin with, she knows she’s supposed to
take it. I’m just going to hold
the rope up in my hand and encourage her to go for it. Get it. Good. As
soon as she pulls, I say “good”. She gets a treat. I’m holding the door
shut with the other hand so she doesn’t just try to get in there with her
paw or nose. Good! This trick can now become a way to get your
dog into their crate. Once she
actually pulls on that rope, I’m going to cue her to get inside. Baby,
pull. I’m waiting for her to actually pull. Good. Crate. Good. OK. Now to get the full behavior. I’m not going to hold it closed. Sit. And
I’m just going to cue her to pull on it. Pull. Good. Crate. Good. And that’s how you train your dog to pull
on a rope.

Reader Comments

  1. Hi Aaron- Yes, Maebe already had the foundation of this behavior as part of her skill set. We chose to use her for just that reason. Starting from scratch for the purposes of a brief educational video would not work. However, the guidelines Katrina set are exactly how she taught Maebe and how others can do the same with their dog. Hope this helps to clarify the choice of dog star!

  2. I dont create my dog.It kinda worked for my dog…but with coco a big Amstaff 75 lbs. We got to opening the bedroom door.But….she Hard that the door opens she doesn't let go so when she walks through the door half closes on her…she knows the command..back up but that doesn't work ,as she gets a bit confused an backs up before she tugs…what to do?..(tried shorting the rope.)that helped a little bit…any ideas?

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