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How to Set Up a Top-Rope Belay | Rock Climbing

Hey, everyone. Right now, I’m going to show you how to set
up a top rope belay for indoor rock climbing. Right here, I have what’s called a petzl grigri,
and this is the device that I’m going to use to show you how to set up this top rope. So, there’s pictures inside the device. If you open it up, you’ll notice the outside
and the inside have the same diagrams to help you align your rope properly inside the device. So on one side, we have a picture of the climber. I’m going to align the climber’s end of the
rope, which is the rope that goes up to the anchor and then back down to the climber. The other end of the rope is going to be the
brake end of the rope. So once I’ve got the rope inside the device,
I’m just going to close it up, clip my carabiner to keep it shut and now that device is properly
loaded. Once again, checking the pictures on the outside
to make sure that the picture of the climber is going up to the anchor down to the climber,
the other end is coming out from my brake end. So now that the device is loaded. I’m ready to attach it to my harness. I want to make sure that with the orientation
of my belay loop, the brake end of this belay device is facing down towards the ground. So I’m going to clip into my belay loop making
sure that I lock that carabiner. And now my belay device is properly oriented
on my harness with the climbers end of the rope leading up towards the wall back down
to the climber. The brake end facing down towards the ground. Once I’ve checked that my device is properly
clipped in and everything is oriented right and I’m set to go, my carabiner locked, it’s
always a good idea to double check your climber. Making sure their knot is tied properly, it’s
through both loops, the leg loop and the harness. The waist belt there. The knot’s tied good. Tiffany has her safety knot, here. So, we would be all set to start climbing. And that is how to set up your belay device
for top roping.

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  1. Its also good practice to orient the carabiner so that the screw gate mechanism screws down (screw DOWN so you DONT screw up)

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