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How to Rope Drop Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

We are rope dropping today and we
probably should have gotten up a little bit earlier. I was up kind of late. I got
like four hours of sleep but Forrest was like, rope drop today? I was like why, yes
don’t mind if I do! So made it over here haven’t had our
coffees yet or anything we just want to make sure we got as close to the
front of the line as possible. Right now, we’re fueled by Mickey. Yeah, no caffeine yet. Best kind of fuel so we got pretty good
parking but parked in the heroes parking lot, which I’m more of a villain girl
but that’s a topic for another day… Heroes. GO VILLAINS! But, we should have some fun today. We’re obviously gonna try to do Mine Train. We don’t have to do Winnie The Pooh, we have a Fastpass for him at 9:10. So no need to rush onto that one. I don’t think anybody’s trying to rush to get onto Winnie the Pooh…It’s a good ride! Love you, Winnie. I have to say my goodbyes to Mr.Toad. We shall see how today goes. It’s going to be fun! Make sure you lean against the doors (don’t do this!) So we waited about 30 minutes to get
on that ride. The park has only been open for 37 minutes now. Since we went on rode it, walked over here… 30 minutes of what we waited, the ride is now a
130 minute wait so if you get here even 37 minutes after park
opening, you can go ahead and add about an hour and 40 minutes to your day if you
want a ride the premier attraction in the park after, of course, the Country
Bear Jamboree. 😉 It is two days before Thanksgiving so you know holiday crowd
is here people on vacation I mean it’s a little more crowded than the usual
crowds so just keep that in mind with this video is that you know I’m trying
to be as transparent as possible and just show you like if you’re trying to
come around November time too like that’s probably what I would recommend is just
getting here even an hour before Park opens so if you were to get in line at 8
a.m. you would have been like towards the front of that line and you would
have easily had maybe up to like maybe a 20-minute wait for mine train if my
train is the right that you want to go on which I highly recommend I mean
that’s one of the newest rides here and it’s fun I mean it’s really a great time
especially when you don’t have to wait for two and a half hours to get in
because anytime after the first hour or so first 30 minutes you’re going to be
waiting at least two hours… unless you get a Fastpass! What would be a day at Disney without
a little bit of rain! (Bring ponchos!)

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  1. Love extra magic hours! My fam enjoyed our extra time at the park on our last trip – actually just put that vlog up not too long ago on my channel of us rope dropping Animal Kingdom. I’m having Disney withdrawals but watching others’ videos helps haha! Loved this.

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