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Ah yeah G’day and welcome to this
instructional video on how to reverse a trailer. SINGING: Keep rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin, what! Rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin, yeah! Keep rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin, what! TODDLER: Dadaaaaa! TODDLER: Ahhh! Dad! DAAADDD! Ok shhhh. You gotta just shhh. Cos you know, Daddy, otherwise I won’t be able to see with all the… Shhhh. TODDLER: Dad. Right, ya ready? TODDLER: Ya. High five. Done. TODDLER: Done. Nailed it. Oh just two seconds…. Just a little bit, just a little bit more… I’ll just have one more, one more check… Excuse me lady! Can you just um, I’ve just been like…. Anyway if you just um, just bring it back… Just trying to… there’s been, you know watch out for the crosswinds. I’ve had quite a bit of… Quite a bit of wind just blowing… Yeah no no you’re in. Yip. You’ve got that. You’ve nailed that. I’ve just , just my neck, I’ve had like an old sports injury…. Ah that was how to reverse a trailer and no toddlers were harmed in the making of this video. High five? Probably should have taken the trailer off, um…

Reader Comments

  1. I love seeing refreshing content after everyone is making coronavirus videos. This brings me to happier days! When will we get to see How To MOM?

  2. I used to be a jack knife into hands on dad, but after some lessons from vintageleft hand down dad, I'm more of a pro dad now 🙂

  3. Love the video and the ending,😂👍 and wow love that we got to see the apperance of how to mums body and marvellous haircurtain😂 and cutie Nala!😍
    So Nala should have been high fiving how to mum this time?!

    p.s you missed one type the go out and watch so I don't hit anything dad, but I think you need your older kids for that! That was my late dad's technique, fond memories!😊

  4. you forgot the dad that always sends out the kid to help with loud shouts and aggressive hand gestures😂😂

  5. Vintage dad LOL 🙂 it was the best one and the kid holding her baby and saying MY BABYYY was so cute there ❤️

  6. Wow look at that ratio! Idk about you guys but when I’m watching this it’s 3.9k likes and ONLY 12 dislikes! That’s not easy to get in the Youtube universe! Shows just how great this simple yet adorable and funny video was. The editing, the length, the originality, and your daughter and wife’s screen time were all very nicely and appropriately included for the entertainment. Love your videos💕

  7. I need an instructional video on how to move to New Zealand so I can put everything I’ve learned from this channel to practice.

  8. When I read "how to reverse a trailer" I thought you wanted to reverse a film trailer and thought: "interesting I didn't know that that was a thing but maybe it is some kind of entertainment for kids" then I saw the first 3 seconds and realised that you meant THAT trailer 😂 Englisch isn't my first language, and we don't use a trailer very often, and if not the english word for it, but we use the word trailer for filmpreviews also in our language so my brain just picked that first.😂😊
    Anyway, thanks for this amusing explanation! I love how your daughter reacts to each of trys. The sweetest was when you stuck out your thongue and she did too. 😍And how to mom, did a fantastic job too! 🎉❤️

  9. So apparently I'm a vintage dad.

    Now I want to see you reverse it downhill, down an S-bend driveway and into a garage, without a reversing camera. Because my husband always gets me to do that bit. 😂

  10. OMF you exactly described what it feels like not being able to see when there's too much sound and vice versa.

    Can't hear without glasses can't see when there's too much noise.

  11. OMG…. I need to have a daughter just like this one. Please, world, I never ask for anything 😍😍😍 aahhh, she talking and kissing her baby doll. Ugh… I can't! ❤️

  12. Where is "Loses his patientences Dad" swears a lot and so does child
    "Clumsy Dad" ooops, insurance will cover that
    "Blames it on someone else Dad"

  13. Nala will have some issues growing up. I think she didn't figure out which type of dad she has with all these "different types of dads" video😂

  14. I wish I could send this to my dad, but he doesn't speak English. This reminded me so much of him. Thanks for the giggle.

  15. Dear How To Dad, I love your videos I’m watching from France for a few months. Your girls are so cute ! And funny.

    I had never realized that you looked like a famous French actor as he was in the seventies, until I watched this video from one of his famous film :

  16. I am definitely a cross between the pro driver and the vintage lol I always look back over my shoulder unless it's our pontoon boat well u cant see anything but it lol

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