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How to replace/fix a rubber spring cup – Laptop Keyboard Repair MSI Medion Akoya

welcome to one more tutorial in this
video we will show you how you can fix and reassemble a laptop keyboard key
where the rubber cap is not in place anymore and prevents the contact that
makes the key to work if you have a defective or non-working keyboard key we
will help you to deal with a problem there are some reasons why a keyboard
key is malfunctioning or may not work at all first is that you may have a broken
retainer clip or kick app that you need to replace another fault may be that the
rubber cup that acts like a spring is out of place or it may have dirt under
the key cap that prevents the contact with the secret a key could also be
sticky because of spilled drink over it last but not least is that your keyboard
may be worn out and needs replacement we have a specific video repair tutorial
for every problem so make sure to visit our channel you can find all the links
in the description now in order to reassemble the key you will need a small
flat screwdriver and small tweezers first we will show you how you can
safely remove the key cap without breaking the key nor the hinges there
are horizontally and vertically attached hinges on this keyboard we have
vertically attached retainers so the first thing you need to do is to take
the screwdriver and insert it from the right side between the key cap and the
hinge try pushing gently upwards it should pop off easily as you see in this
case the rubber cap is out of place and we need to put it back in order to do
that we should remove the plastic retainer hinge first as we mentioned
before if you have any malfunction issues visit our channel to learn how to
fix them you can also find replacement keys for this keyboard now we must do
the rubber cut back we need to apply just a very small amount of instant glue
and applied there where it was glued before but be careful not too much and
not in the middle where the contact happens now it is time to put everything
back first we must play the plastic hitch on the
keyboard to place the hinge on the keyboard take it
with the tweezers and place it on the metal hooks first place the bottom side
in the hooks and hold it with the screwdriver in place then with the back
of the tweezers push down the upper part so that it clips on the keyboard take
the key cap now and look underneath you will see four attachment points to where
the hinge clips and to where the hinge slides in place the key cap on the inch
and try to make the bottom part slide in after that push it down soft lips here
you hear a click test the key fits it correctly if not try again you can fix
almost all keys in the same way if you want to know how to fix the spacebar key
or Enter key where you have additional stabilizing metal bars you can find the
link in the description don’t forget to like leave a comment and most important
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  1. Hi mate, question my wife just broken her laptop, I know what part it is the spring rubber cap on the arrow key, the laptop is Acer EST-531 series, just wondering if you can find me a link please for the Spring Rubble cap please, many thanks

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