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How to Plant Lettuce Seedlings & Seeds to Always Have a Harvest // Spring Garden Series #6🌱 🥗

hi everyone welcome back to the spring
garden series today is a very exciting day so I’m going to show you how to
plant one of the earliest vegetables you can get planted in your garden and
that’s lettuce we’re gonna plant some seedlings that we started indoors about
six weeks ago we’re also going to plant some seeds so that you have lettuce at
different stages of harvest you always have fresh salads to eat now if you’ve
been with me for it since the beginning of this series you know that we started
all these plants from seed indoors a couple of months ago we’ve been watering
fertilizing acclimating them they are ready to go in the garden so let me grab
my lettuce and we’ll head out to the garden now I’ve been out gardening quite
a bit this week and it feels so good to be outside to hear the birds singing see
the flowers blooming and to get some vegetables in the ground I know from
reading the comments a lot of you have been out there too and I imagine it
feels really really good there for those of you that haven’t been able to get
outside because it’s still too cold hang in there keep watching our videos and
you’ll be outside planting very soon so first off we’re going to start by
planting some lettuce seedlings right in the garden bed that we prepared last
week last week we added some worm castings some soil conditioner some
compost so this garden bed is ready to go now lettuce is one of the earliest
crops you can plant because it’s cold tolerant and even frost tolerant so you
can even get it planted a couple of weeks before your last frost date so we
don’t have to worry too much about frost here in Southern California we’re gonna
take the lettuce seedlings that we started on the very first video of the
spring garden series and get them planted right in this garden bed today
now the cool thing about lettuces you can plant it every couple of weeks so
that you can have a continual harvest now ideally you want to start seeds
indoors about 4 weeks before you’re going to get them planted out in the
garden so this right here is actually overdue for planting but I did start
some seedlings indoors about three weeks ago and those are perfect for planting
so we can get some of those planet today and then this little container of
lettuce doesn’t that look beautiful we’ve been harvesting fresh tasty salads
from it it’s been growing a couple of weeks and
we’re also gonna get some lettuce planet in this container right here today too
if you haven’t yet started seeds it’s not too late you want to get your seed
started indoors about four to six weeks for your last frost date and you can
head to my website pick up one of the spring garden seed collections it has
everything you need for a basic garden all in one handy collection 12 varieties
so it’s perfect for a beginner or a busy person if you don’t want to worry about
what seeds to purchase so let’s get these planted here we’re gonna actually
plant them along the edge of the garden bed and we are going to plant some
taller vegetables in the back in a week or so and that way it will shade the
lettuce because lettuce is a cool weather vegetable and it doesn’t like
temperatures that are over 75 degrees Fahrenheit so the best time to grow
lettuce is early in the spring while the temperatures are still cool so I’m just
gonna dig a little trench here in the front of my garden bed and you notice
I’m putting it right next to my drip irrigation hose so it can get plenty of
water and along the edge of the garden bed is actually a really good place to
plant it because it will get a little bit of shade from the taller vegetables
during the hot weather so I’m just popping it in the ground here and I’m
gonna fill it in with soil right around the seedling this red romaine lettuce is
such a beautiful variety it’s beautiful bright red nice big leaves and actually
romaine lettuce is a little more heat tolerant too so it usually will do
pretty well in temperatures up to about 80 degrees and lettuce has really
shallow roots so you don’t have to plant it too terribly deep you can see here
I’m putting the top of the pellet at about soil level and just filling it in
with soil around the seedling now you notice I am peeling away the netting on
these peat pellets and I just feel like leaving it on restricts the roots so
this way the roots can breathe and have lots of room to grow just feels so good
to be out here in the warm Sun get my hands in the soil and knowing that I’m
planting some fresh organic food for my family
fresh salads are just so good what feels so good to get that little
robe let’s put it and max just joining me right here in the garden bed well
we’re gonna be able to harvest this red romaine lettuce in just a couple of
weeks I cannot wait but now what I’m gonna do is plant some seeds right here
where Mac is career Mac that way we’ll have some more lettuce to harvest it’s
the cool dirt that he really likes he’s loving it so remember we prepared the
soil last week guys it is looking absolutely amazing I just
love getting my hands in it it’s nice and loose and black would you look at
that it just feels so good so this is actually a perfect spot to plant some
lettuce seeds so let me just grab some of the black seeded Simpson and the red
romaine lettuce from the Spring Garden seed collection both heat tolerant
varieties have lettuce a little bit slower to bolt from what I found that a
lot of varieties and this is a perfect little spot to plant them but evidently
I am gonna have to finish it off from Mac so I think he likes the spot so here
we have the black seeded Simpson I love the look of lettuce seeds they’re so
tiny and the black seed Simpson you can see are black little seeds now to plant
lettuce seeds you definitely want to plant it in nice loose soil like this is
and I’m gonna plant it right along the drip irrigation hose so it gets plenty
of water and to plant lettuce seeds you just want to grab a little bit of pinch
in between your fingers and then just sprinkle it in a nice little row here
you don’t have to worry too much about spacing you can always bend them out if
they come up too thickly so plenty little Rove the the black seed is
Simpson and lettuce seeds do need light to germinate so I’m not going to cover
them with soil I’m just gonna kind of push them down lightly into the soil you
can sprinkle them with just a teeny tiny tiny bit of soil if you want to but they
germinate a whole lot quicker if you just kind of lightly press them down
like this I’m also going to sprinkle a little bit of the black seeded Simpson
along the front of the garden bed here cuz I love to have different colors and
textures in the garden it’ll look really pretty next to the red romaine that we
already planted so we’ve got black seed and Simpson in the back of the garden
bed black seeded Simpson
the front of the garden bed in the middle I’m gonna put the red romaine
it’s always so fun to see different colors in the garden and this is gonna
make such a beautiful color pop green in the front and back and red romaine in
the middle it’s always fun to see colors in the garden lettuce we grow for the
leaves for those fresh tasty salads so it needs regular feeding in order to
keep growing those lovely leaves that we love to eat so I’m going to pour in here
some of the vermis Terra warm tea works great to fertilize seedlings it provides
a nice slow gentle growth and it really helps the lettuce protect from pests and
diseases but because I also want to use some higher nitrogen fertilizer to keep
growing those leaves I’m going to put a pump of the good dirt plant food which
is a little bit higher in nitrogen into my watering can here or they also have a
really nice handy bottle that connects right to your hose so I put two pumps in
this watering can I think it’s about a gallon and a half or so which is just
about right gonna stir it up and I’ll put links of the supplies I use in this
video in the video description along with discount code so you can get some
to use in your garden so I’m just watering my lettuce seedlings here and
I’m gonna try and water as much as I can at the base of the plants so as not to
disturb the little seedlings and then let the water soak down into the roots
here and these might take a couple of days to perk up just a little bit of
transplant shock but it’s nothing to worry about
they’re gonna perk up and be just fine so now let’s go over here to my seeds
and water those in I just love seeing the little seeds in the soil and knowing
that they’re they’re going to be growing into some nice fresh tasty salads very
soon so now it’s especially important when you just planted seeds and
seedlings to come out here and check on these every day to make sure they’re not
drying out so make sure they get adequate water whether you’re watering
with a watering can or with your drip irrigation you can see that Mac really
does like this garden bed here so I’m actually just gonna put this little
fence in just to keep him out of it and it is also right by a walkway so I
don’t want people stepping into when my little seeds are growing now remember
how I said that lettuce is a cool weather vegetable and it doesn’t like
temperatures over 80 degrees we’re gonna do a couple of things today to help
protect my lettuce from the heat because we’re going to get a couple of 85 degree
days here so what I’m gonna do first of all is mulch around the seedlings now
mulch does a couple of things though only does it help keep the seedlings a
little bit cooler but it also helps with water evaporation so the soil doesn’t
dry out too quickly so this is shredded leaf mulch I collect leaves every fall
and I have friends collect leaves for me and these are shredded up but they’ve
been sitting a winter they smell absolutely beautiful they beginning
rained on so not only did will it help protect my lettuce seedlings in the heat
but it also adds a good organic matter to the soil and brings in the worms so
I’m just spreading about an inch or so around the seedlings now I’m not gonna
spread mulch over my seeds I just planted because I want them to have the
light that they need to germinate so we’ll just come out and make sure that
these seeds get watered during the hot days second thing I’m gonna do to help
protect my lettuce bed from our hot days we have here coming up is to install
some shade cloth now if you’ve never used Shea cloth in the heat you really
have to this is a 40 percent block which means that it will block out the
intensity of the sun’s rays but still allow some light to come through now if
you don’t have any shade cloth you can also use a piece of an old sheer curtain
just to kind of help block out the intensity of the Sun but it’s super easy
to do I’m just gonna pound four stakes into each corner of the garden bed here
and then clip the shade cloth onto it now that we have our lettuce seedlings
planted in our garden bed and some seeds planted the other thing I love to do
with lettuce is planet in containers for a couple of reasons number one it’s fun
to have a container of lettuce like this one sitting right outside my kitchen
door so I can just pop outside and pick a few salads for a meal and the other
thing is during periods of hot weather it’s great to have a little container of
lettuce that you can just move into the shade and protect it from the heat or
even move it inside if the weather gets really hot so I started these little
lettuce seedlings inside about three weeks ago and they’re perfect to pop
right in here into this five-gallon container and I absolutely love these
smart pots fabric containers and isn’t as cute this one has my logo on it
you can pick these up on my website a five-gallon container is perfect for
growing lettuce it’s just the right size so I’m going to pull out some of these
lettuce seedlings here these are all sea lettuce seeds that are in my lettuce
seed collection and one of my very favorite lettuce seeds lettuces of all
time is the prize head lettuce I love the color of it it’s a beautiful
gorgeous lettuce and it’s so much fun to plant different colors of lettuce so
your salads are super super tasty so I’m just going to plant a bunch of these let
us see things right here in this container and you know you notice these
things are just a little bit leggy so the seeds the seedling is kind of
flopping over then with lettuce seedlings you can plant them actually a
little bit deeper and then give them a little bit of support by just popping
some soil right there around the stems this is the Paris cause romaine lettuce
such a beautiful variety very heat tolerant I’m gonna pop a couple of these
right in the middle because they tend to be a little bit taller than the other
ones and that way the ones that are shorter will be around the edges
I just love growing my own lettuce it’s so fresh and tasty and works well in
ground as well as in containers now the lettuce seed collection has five
varieties of lettuce different colors different different textures a couple of
heat tolerant varieties so if you want to grow some lettuce head over and pick
up one of the lettuce seed collections too you can see I’m playing them pretty
closely together lettuce will take really dense planting and I’m gonna make
sure I just fertilize these about once a week or so to keep growing those tasty
trees it’s so much fun to have some planet and
all at different stages of growth we have lettuce we’re harvesting from right
now we have lettuce that’ll be ready in just a couple of weeks in a container
and in the ground and we have some lettuce seeds that will be ready to
harvest in about six weeks well I hope you enjoyed the video comment below let
me know what you’re planning out and your spring garden and stay tuned to the
spring garden series because over the next couple of weeks
we’ll be getting some tomatoes and peppers in the ground let’s not forget
about those peas if you haven’t started yet grab one of the spring garden seed
collections or the lettuce II collections
get your seeds started and follow along gardening this spring with us thanks so
much for watching we’ll see on the next video

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  1. Hi Kim I have a very important question for you. I am planning to make a big greenhouse I need your advise. Would you recommend drip irrigation or should I put roof misters. I really trust your advise

  2. Are you planting lettuce in your garden or in containers?
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