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How to NEVER Lose a Game of Bedwars! (Bedwars Strategy)

Hello everybody ItsSniper bringing you guys another video. And in today’s video, I’m going to teach you how to never lose a game of
Bedwars. Let’s just get right into it see how this goes we’re on the
Nutcracker map which I believe is just a limited one for Christmas yeah I don’t
think I’ve actually tried this on this map yet but it looks like it’s a pretty
open like area so hopefully this is a good map for it I’ve only just seen this
map okay I’m glad I get to experience somebody seen this map for the first
time that makes me uh well it doesn’t really do anything for me but I it’s
cool I guess sure whatever is this thing saying not anymore that’s a great
message to choose her badlion I agree with that one completely okay he’s just
gonna run straight to his bed it looks like he he knows that he’s got to
protect he knows what what he’s got to do he
protec okay oh here’s where we continue to build up and then we just go down
here take our knock back stick hit him off a couple times and that was a pretty
easy kill and that was a final kill nicely done okay well there was our
result for the knock back stick I actually didn’t think it would work that
easily on that guy I don’t really like how big this map is if I’m gonna be
honest I feel like that’s not close enough like I don’t I’m not a fan of
like rushing right off the bat I mean I do it sometimes but just you know you
got to do what you gotta do to survive but I like it being a little closer than
this I feel like this is a little bit far but whatever we got a good amount of
blocks I don’t know how much it’ll take to get over to them but we are gonna
start making our way over to gray okay so looks like we are not gonna get
too far with this guy oh yeah we already standing on top of this bed
okay well that they just went flying they literally went so far I kind of
feel bad he didn’t stand a chance they’re gonna come back out what are you
doing do you not understand what a knock-back stick is that means that you
take like extreme knock-back see okay well thank you for that final kill oh we
got some armor now perfect perfect I’m just getting enough blocks in case I
have to like travel around the math of it I think next we’ll probably end up
going for green maybe I don’t know we’re gonna go well I guess screens probably
the closest one nobody out ye all the way over there I could try to go for
them I think I’m gonna go for white will go for ye I like how that guy falls into
the void it says lag maybe he’s just like thinking there in his mind I don’t
want to look like an idiot so I’m just gonna say lag even though I know my
heart rate wasn’t like but you know like doesn’t see me yet I’m sure somebody’s
over at my base right now taking out my bed that wouldn’t surprise me
okay now why God doesn’t see me let’s go over in a way we can get why why why why
why it’s go let’s go this isn’t even why is it oh yeah it is yes okay so right
here why is this so slow I must have got minor fatigue what the
I just mind it the wrong spot I don’t even know where the bed is on this map I
haven’t actually played this one before I don’t know I have it’s been so long
why red well you know that’s kind of the purpose of the game so if I’m you know
not gonna lie that’s just kind of what I’m going for
okay come on come on yes got him GG I am sorry white team it was fun why is this
guy standing outside of here what the hypixel done broke okay well whatever
we’re not gonna even talk about that just gonna pretend that didn’t happen
blue has a box around their bed they decided to build the wall so
this is gonna be hell to feel like it’s centering they haven’t left their island
and they built a box I feel like they’re probably the type of team to use
projectiles so I’m not gonna put it past them to be doing that he’s got a
fireball in his hand he just says no okay well no to you too buddy oh whoa
okay well he was pissed off we’re gonna go straight to MIT we’re gonna see if we
can get an ender pearl because honestly Green is the only one I actually have to
worry about oh I actually have to worry about the other guy because he won’t
even leave his island he just sits there with projectiles the snow this thing
ain’t Hollow I can’t literally built an entire square
on his bed I hope he’s just trolling because that thing better be Hollow
that’s gonna No let’s try to go over to green it doesn’t really look like they
have anything on their bed I’ll probably have a be under that then I’m gonna look
like an idiot but let me get this okay the dudes in there right now he’s got
avi are you serious does everybody do this why what’s the point of this get
away from me buddy let me get my I have to get a diamond pick which is the
problem right now because I’m nowhere near able to afford that okay I’m gonna
have to get that really quick and I have to go back out here at the Crouch I’m
gonna have to hit him with a knock back stick a bunch come on come on and I
seriously just do that okay now we get the bed now we go up here we wait for
him to come back out and we get him with the knock back stick oh my no way then
that was great I’m not gonna lie I’m actually pretty proud of myself there oh
that she had a Nobby that guy should have been able to get me the knock back
stick is such a no peace strategy has been the one camping we gotta go take
him out he’s just gonna stay at the base so the only way for me really to get
there is by getting enderpearls so we’re gonna go
Perle real quick and then we’re just gonna pearl over to his base so hoping
that this all works out as planned we should have a really easy win here now
he hasn’t actually left his base at all so this means he doesn’t even have
upgrades luckily he’s literally just got some like massive box there so we’re
just gonna bring a ton of TNT in an ender pearl we got seven TNT will you
have a pearl and I think it’s best that I get a jump potion as well and maybe
some fireballs okay yeah that’s pretty good combination let’s go over to him
now and see what we can do here he’s literally just standing up there he
yells dolt okay let me finish please no okay well
that was a close one is he literally gonna vote we’re gonna have to build up
this is our only option right now I’m gonna build straight up and parole like
that okay don’t shoot me don’t shoot me okay pearl perfect perfect perfect
Oh are you know yes that was I was so close I think we can get this I think
that there’s a good chance that we can win but it’s gonna take some work so I
almost fell there and that was kind of scary it’s just gonna build us base
higher – this is not going my way at all I’ve had he did this fast I don’t know
this map extremely well so I’m just kind of jumping around hoping that I don’t
fall off anywhere actually I don’t really know this map at all to be honest
but let’s real quick did another fireball just to make him mad because
you know we’re nice we’re gonna get a jump potion some TNT and one more armor
upgrade for the excess stuff in here that we don’t need
let’s use our jump pot real quick gonna build straight up the jump POTUS just so
I can mainly build straight up real fast the Pearl land okay just make myself a
nice little path up yep we’ve we might know we didn’t get it are you serious I
am so bad at purling what is my problem okay well at least
we’ve made a dent into the side like he’s giving me such an easy win right
now and I’m just like nope I don’t want it well I thought the thing is I do want
it so now I’m just really confused okay well he’s yelling no this guy is pretty
mad I don’t think he wants me getting his bed this I have realized that this
one single game alone has lasted me forever like I’m spending way too much
time trying to get this one guy’s bed but I have to get it before the game
ends because if not I’m screwed so go straight over here he’s probably gonna
try fireball me yep I knew it I called it he was a little bit late there just
let me finish oh okay but why does he want to finish that’s what I want to
know Lee jump with my pearl cuz I think that’s actually my problem we’re gonna
pearl straight in start TNT everything down here and let’s go okay I just
jumped up I am so stupid and now he’s just gonna build straight up are you
serious okay well that’s not cool dude okay now I have to build straight up to
him and then hit him off okay he’s literally gonna be so difficult
about this last death are you serious okay I’m just gonna have to get
projectiles at this point but yeah we’ve just got to continue being the most
annoying player although the challenge of this was to be the most annoying
player but I actually think I’ve found the most annoying player while
attempting to be the most annoying player if that makes sense so uh yeah I
can’t really say that I claim the title of most annoying player this guy is
definitely starting to get on my nerves a little bit I’m cool you know not gonna
not gonna freak out or anything just uh just want to win already he’s gonna
fireball me a knee please doll dude please don’t oh wait
did he oh okay well I count that as a win GG dude okay well I guess my other
GG went off before the thing even and as you can see everybody here agrees with
me so yeah that’s the win that that’s the game I literally don’t know how that
happened I didn’t use a sword the whole game and somehow managed to win so I’m
happy with the results let me know if you guys enjoyed these types of videos
down below in the comments give me some other challenge ideas I’m actually
curious than hear what you guys think what other challenges you have for bedwars, skywars, whatever I’ll play someone one of my friends do some Hope Solo
whatever kind of videos you guys want I want to hear about down below so
basically I hope you enjoyed if you make sure leave a like comment and subscribe
and as always have a great day

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