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How to make Vietnamese Peanut Sauce for Spring Rolls – Goi Cuon Bo Bia Hoisin Dipping Sauce Recipe

Ok, I’m back in the kitchen today to make
a Vietnamese Peanut Dipping Sauce. This is kind of part two of another video
I made for the spring rolls this sauce goes with. To follow along, you’ll need any kind of peanut
butter smooth or crunchy and hoisin sauce. Also we’ll need a tiny bit of sugar. This recipe is super simple and I make it
while I’m boiling rice noodles for my spring rolls. I’m going to squeeze out about a quarter cup
of hoisin sauce to begin with. It doesn’t have to be exact, just get it close. Everything will go into the sauce pan. Next we need about a quarter cup of peanut
butter. And now I’ll put in a half teaspoon of sugar. You can add more if you want it sweeter. Now I’ll put the pan on low heat and mix the
ingredients together. The heat helps the peanut butter soften up
so everything blends together easily. You can turn off the heat now. This mixture gets pretty thick but I’m going
to start out with a quarter cup of plain water and slowly add it to the mixture. Keep stirring until the water is thoroughly
mixed in. If you want the sauce a little thinner, you
can add more than a quarter cup. That’s what I usually do. But only add a little at a time so you don’t
get it too runny. This is the consistency how I like it. The recipe in this video is enough for about
6 or 7 spring rolls depending on how much you like to dip and I like to dip on every
bite! Even though there are only 4 ingredients,
this recipe tastes just like what I get at the restaurants. If you enjoyed this video please give me a
thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more how-to videos and product

Reader Comments

  1. Thanks! I was looking for a fast and simple peanut sauce and this looks just like the stuff at my local Vietnamese place. Best thing is that I already have all the ingredients here. 🙂

    I know you say you can use either smooth or crunchy style peanut butter, but I think I'll go for the smooth and just add some chopped peanuts on top (all about the looks).

  2. By far one of the best quick & easy peanut sauce recipes out there. I added a little bit of fish sauce and crushed raw thai chili pepper to it and it was divine! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the recipe. But next time please use a wooden spoon, the sound of scratching metal was driving me nuts! I just subscribed to your channel! 🙂

  4. Second time making this and just as awesome as the first! Love how simple the indgredients are yet doesnt compromise taste!! Thanks for the recipe!

  5. We don't use peanut butter in China here for peanut sauce
    That sauce you made is wrong for Asian peanut sauce
    Doesn't look appetizing

  6. Here’s a Chefs tip, sauté some garlic before and use the residual water from boiling your shrimp and pork belly, it’ll add a ton of flavor dude. 👍

  7. Please invest in a narrow plastic spatula and whisk. The spatula will clean our your 1/4 measuring cup cleanly and the whisk will be appreciated and possibly get you more thumbs up. (Like nails on a chalkboard, dude!)

  8. That metal spoon on your pot is like fingernails on a chalkboard, not to mention it'll scratch up your pot. Try a wooden spoon or a heat resistant one 😉

  9. I subscribe to your channel because you are brilliant and I made this and I just kind of eyeball the ingredients and you don’t even need sugar added unless you’re going with a real organic that doesn’t have any kind of sugar because most of the peanut butters do have a little sugar added the almond butter that’s organic gluten-free from Costco works great!

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