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How To Jump Rope For Weight Loss Results

what’s going on I’m Brandon Epstein from the jumper of do’s and today we’re gonna talk about how to jump rope for weight loss results first off this video along with all of our videos is sponsored by cross rope so if you want the jump rope we use in this video and all of our videos and our workouts check it out it’s linked in the description below for 10% off so this video today is the second in our three-part series we’re really just going to give you guys the fundamentals of jump rope how to jump rope to lose weight in the final video which is the next video I’ll be releasing on Friday is gonna be all about how to stay healthy jump rope so today we’re gonna be talking about how to jump rope lose weight the first thing we’re gonna be talking about today is what we believe to be the most important thing when it comes to jump rope for weight loss which is intensity so Dan show the dudes and dudettes at home what intensity looks like so you can see here Jane is going all out with this effort I’m gonna talk about some other points about his form in a moment but just look at his absolute ferocity and the way he’s whipping that jump rope the second one we want to talk about when getting the most out of your workouts for the optimal calorie burn and ultimately weight loss is holding the rope tight with good form so all the tension and resistances on your body you’re gonna see here when Dan jumps rope he keeps his shoulders in he keeps his arm shutting her out to the side he keeps everything tight so right now his shoulders are burning and that’s what you want you want to feel that lactic acid build up you want to feel that burn that’s how you know the workout is working next thing we want to talk about is intervals and if you’re familiar with our youtube channel the jump rope your YouTube channel at all you probably have seen we have a lot of workouts where we use intervals which means like 30 seconds for example all-out effort and then 10 seconds complete rest and so intervals is just taking spurts of all-out intensity with complete rest as you can see Dan demonstrating here this is what we use a lot of our workouts you’re gonna see in our mobile app we have you’re gonna see in our most of our workouts on YouTube and the workout program so we create everything we do for the most part works and intervals the next thing that helps with the fat burn is just increasing the resistance through increasing the weight of your jump rope so Dan here has moved up to the 1-pound jump rope and by doing so it just puts more resistance on his body which means he’s gonna burn more calories and make it easier to lose weight the next thing is not specifically jump rope related but we do want to mention it if you’re going to lose weight period you need to be eating in a calorie deficit and you need to be getting the right distribution of macronutrients and we recommend that you eat 70% whole food nutrient dense foods and then 30% is more fun foods that you can play around with and if you’d like some more information on making sure that you lose weight check out our tutorials we have links up here on nutrition they’re very helpful our video specifically how to eat to lose weight is the one that I think you want to watch at the end of the day you guys it all comes down to consistency if you want to see results over time you need to be consistent you can’t just go one day working out and eating right and then go back to bad habits the next day you need to snack day after day you need to do the thing consistently if you want to see weight loss results hope this video was very helpful for you now if you would like any additional help of the things we talked about this video specifically jumping rope for weight loss check out our shredded ninja workout plan linked in the description below check out our charity nutrition system also linked below those are the best resources that we have available for you guys make sure you subscribe this video if this was helpful like the video if you want to if you have any questions drop them in the comment section below and stay tuned on Friday we have another video coming out that’s gonna help you stay healthy while jump rope and that is a final video in this series until then do the thing

Reader Comments

  1. Honestly, "going all out" (100% effort) is not possible for me at the moment, especially when I am trying to do 5 sets of 8 jump rope/body weight exercises (30s each). For me, I always try to push myself (60-80% effort). Not only can I sustain for all 5 sets, I can see myself enjoying the workout and improving gradually.

    Like what you said in other videos, any jump rope is better than no jump rope. I think jumping rope (at any intensity) is better than not jumping rope at all. Just #dothething and be consistent.

    I have completed 3 months of jumping rope and I have dropped from 96kg to 87.5kg. I know most people aim for weight loss, but I think we gain more than just weight loss. I feel healthier, stronger and happier. Thank you, Dan and Brandon for inspiring me to jump rope 🙂

  2. in matter of fact , you guys taught me how to jump rope and be cool with it , I have been jumping rope for a year and a very unique style and moves I learned from you
    Ťħäñķ§ ĀŁØŢ Jump Rope Dudes ❤💜💪

  3. Good video. Video suggestion. What shoes to workout in as well as cushioning level that is recommended or optimal for jumping on multiple surfaces

  4. When it comes to intensity, what about a weighted vest? I wonder if that would help. Thanks Dragon Ball Z! 😊

  5. hey JRD. Just wanna share my experience yesterday. I tried jumping rope while wearing a thick hoodie in hopes of burning more fat/having better endurance but all it did was mess up with my form.

    When I took it off, I was able to do a lot better. Turns out jumping rope while wearing a thick hoodie is a bad thing huh?

  6. YEEEAAAHHH!!!! LOOK AT DAN BACK TO DOING THE THING!!!! Glad to see you back on your feet with a healed back. Great video.

  7. Funny thumbnail. My weight right now is fine, Im just trying to burn fat and get lean/start cutting. Hitting the weights and jumping rope!

  8. I’m 14 and pushing 110 so I really need something to grind my way out of my current cycle. Though I do struggle with working out how to avoid injury because I’ve seen your videos on the subject but I still can’t really avoid injuring myself with all out effort, that calorie deficit is annoying though, it was my friends birthday yesterday and he brought in a galaxy chocolate cake, I died a little today so it better be worth it.

  9. Question though do you both continue to eat a calorie deficit year round to maintain your abs or will eating maintenance calories do this

  10. Hey guys, I wanted to know your take on jumping with weighted vests, are there any major benefits or is it just a shin killer?

  11. In a circuit, what do i do if i fail repeatedly in jumping rope? I always tend to be discourage because it's only 30 seconds and then 10 seconds rest and i keep tripping in my rope… Still doing the thing everyday though…

  12. I love it when you guys upload!!! It really motivates me to do the thing. I've been using the infinity ropes I love them!

  13. Dan can jump again so glad for you man. I've been using the burn 500 calories in 15 minutes video for about a month now guys and that video is a gem dudes truly. I have superiorly improved just from the way we cycle through those ropes and I've been adamantly working on double under criss cross so every time we go back to the quarter pound I'm getting those in I recently made a new pr of around 6 crosses strung together. That one pound rope is no joke and definitely makes those lighter ropes feel like nothing, even the rush rope doesn't feel as serious. Thanks guys for helping us all do the thing.

  14. I'm so DERP that my lower legs and rhythm still need developed. No where near this level, LOL. Definitely gaining muscle.

  15. How you guys maintain that symmetry ? I am doing better now , I don't trip now, I maintain good speed. But my only problem is not perfect symmetry. Will it get better with practice ? By the you guys are greatm

  16. I've been intermittent fasting with a 16/8 window for the last week, now I'm gonna jump rope when I'm fasted. Let's get these gains boys!!!

  17. Yo bro you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and still loose weight when jumping rope or will it be hard to loose weight

  18. Guys. Serious question. I drink and smoke at clubs on weekends only. But I jump rope in the weekdays and work out intensely. Can I still develop a good cardiovascular system? (I know better not binge drink obviously, but I like the night life as well)

  19. Is it okay to jump rope every day? I did that once every 15 minutes in the morning but I caught a cold cause it's winter now in my area, I don't know what I should do..

  20. Sir I received my power rope yesterday but problem is I cannot jump more than 3.I Don't know the reason may be my hight is4'11"&rope is no there is any trick to shorten length of rope. Bcz with speed rope I do 150jumps per 30 second. As couldn't do even 5 jump I felt depressed

  21. Sir you may laugh at me but today I did 18 jump with power rope. I will keep practicing. Thanks. Love you from India

  22. I have a question.. When we jump down while skipping, should we jump on our toes only Or should we use our whole foot???

  23. My jump rope is quite damaged, and it hurts when it hit my legs 🙁 This jump rope on the video is the same from the link in description? I think I need to buy a new one, because I'm back after college!

  24. nice video man…
    I have one question. Which one is better?
    Doing rope jumps for 30 minutes straight…?
    or doing 6 sets of 5 minutes with 2 min of rest in between?

  25. I just started my jump rope journey I have been doing it for 3 days now. and already I can last 12 revolutions. I probably could have done more. I am practicing without the rope then doing it with the rope to build up my rythum and good form. Can anyone recommend some hip hop beats for helping counting rythms and beats for beginner.

  26. I have been jumping rope for a consistent period of 1 month (continuous 26 days) and the results are tremendous. I lost 10 kgs (104 to 94) in just one month. And yes inclusive of a calorie deficit diet. Yes, you were the inspiration and motivation behind my weight loss regime as I was in search of a different style of exercise. Thank you JRD.

  27. Dan Im from India and I'm 13 years old I have a little bit of abs marking but have belly fat also I jump rope everyday but the progress is very slow. My question as a 13 year old kid is should I do a nutritional diet or keep doing jump rope continuously and automatically my body fat will decrease. Please tell me what to do?

  28. Bro i am not able to do jump roup with my shoes. But i am able to do without shoes. What do you say about it

  29. I love the recommendations, but the most important thing to remember is that your diet controls 90%+ of your weight.

  30. i start 500 jump rope today…my weight is 65kg … How much time its helps me in loose weight… in one month how much i loose?

  31. I've tried to order the beginners set and it wont let me get past the shipping part to see if the 10% off is worth buying a good set of ropes

  32. I just recently got my crossrope jumprope lean set and I love it so far. I'm looking forward to use this rope for my weight loss transformation.

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