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How To Jump Rope For Beginners

yeah hi hi there yep this is Zen dude fitness the jump rope hotline Oh interesting oh you’re new you’re new to jumping rope Congrats Congrats on the journey my dude hell yeah so what seems to be the problem ah very interesting okay so you think because you’re a beginner that you’re not gonna learn how to be able to jump rope Brennan Brennan we have another one we’re not gonna be able to jump what’s going on Sindhu nation this is Dan Whitmer and today I’m gonna be teaching you how to jump rope if you are a beginner now we have released a video on how to jump rope six basic steps it’s linked up check that out if you haven’t already but from getting so much great feedback from the YouTube community we’ve started to focus in a little on a little bit more of what you guys really truly need help with if you are a beginner Brandon and I first of all cannot thank you guys enough we love the momentum that’s building and we love hearing about the stories of people losing weight and living a happier life through doing jump rope but in this video we’re gonna go over the fundamentals again but we’re really gonna focus in on the difficulties that most of you have been telling us that you’re facing if you like this tutorial and want more of them give it a thumbs up below and go ahead and subscribe to our channel if you want more workouts tutorials and everything involving getting lean with the jump rope and your body after learning how to jump rope if you’re a beginner and you want to get started with some workouts that are that kind of ease you into the workouts that we do here at sended fitness go ahead and click the link below and check out our free four-week challenge it’s great for beginners if you’re advanced it works too but especially good if you’re just starting out we also have our recommended jump rope that I’m using in this video linked up below it’s cross rope it’s awesome it’s the best most durable rope that we’ve found thus far so check it out first of all guys just to talk a little bit about what we talked about in the last video you want to measure your rope properly so just a rule of thumb when you’re measuring your rope or when you’re picking it I want you to step in the middle of it like you see here pull it up to the sides like running your armpit and the rope cable should actually be right around the nipple area the upper chest area this is a rule of thumb you want to pick a rope that is three feet taller than your height so I’m six-three so every rope that I use is right around nine feet three inches as you can see here as I’m just doing regular bounce I’m up on my toes my feet are not coming more than an inch or two off the ground my knees are bent slightly cushioning my impact so my joints don’t get hurt my elbows are in and my hands are jutting out to the sides of my hips and my wrists are controlling everything now a mistake that most people make when starting out that we get a lot of feedback about is they do two jumps as you see here for every time the rope swings around I want you guys to get rid of this mentality and start it’s the easier way to jump rope but it’s not the correct way and if you start off doing that it’s gonna be a lot harder to get yourself into just doing one skip for every rope turn okay so what you guys to do is start off by just hopping 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 and get that consistent rhythm down and get used to counting and then envision the rope spinning one time underneath you every time you do that now that brings me to my next point guys this might seem a little bit difficult at first but let’s incorporate the probe and all I want you guys to do is practice swinging through one time and then stopping so if you notice here I’m just putting the rope behind my back swinging it once underneath underneath my legs and counting 1 and stopping and then I’m resetting and I’m doing that again alright good now that we have that let’s move up to 2 times so just keep the rope steady and then go 1 2 as you can see here I’ll give you guys a little bit of time to get this down and as you seen here I’m just going one two and then stopping one two and then stopping good guys now I want you to move up to three one two three and stop one two three and stop what this is doing is training your mind to always associate one rope skip with one time jumping your feet instead of two times jumping your feet and this is essential if you want to spin the rope fast if you want to be able to do a lot of tricks and just overall you know look like a ninja next thing I want you guys to focus on is jumping only one to two inches off the ground a lot of people when they first start out jumping rope is they jump too high off the ground and this causes shin splints it causes aches and pain in their knees and and ankles and it’s just unnecessary guys if you jump rope correctly it is a low-impact sport or exercise that is actually better for you than jogging so guys the only trick where we’re jumping higher off the ground is really the double under or any trick where you’re swinging the rope more than one time through in one hop so for everything else tricks and most tricks included you’re just gonna be coming two inches off the ground at most maybe a little bit higher sometimes as you watch me here but you want to maintain those bent knees and just cushioning every single hop that you have so you can jump rope for longer periods of time without any pain guys I want to talk about your arms now a lot of people when they start out jumping rope they have these very stiff arms as you can see here in this footage and what this does is it does not allow the rope to be tight when spinning around them so they’re really working their shoulders super hard but the problem is there’s no forearm or wrist action so the rope is not spinning around tight an analogy that I like to use is think of a baseball player if he’s if there’s a pitcher and he is the ball like this and he’s throwing it with a straight arm first of all he’s not gonna be able to throw it that hard and he’s probably not gonna have that much accuracy as opposed to if he winds up like this and coils it and kind of spins his arm around and throw it you can throw it much faster if you bend your arm the same applies to jumping rope you’re not going to be able to spin the rope fast and keep it tight if your arms are super stiff like this you need to make sure you’re getting in proper arm with your with your forearms so keep the elbows in let the forearms and the wrists do everything they’re gonna make sure that the Rope stays tight as it spins around which will allow you to go faster and do more tricks which brings me to the wrists the most important part that anyone can focus on when jumping rope as a beginner is your wrist now if the I turn to the side angle here you can see this little range of motion going on with my wrist just pretend that my wrist socket right here is just a ball bearing and that is swinging the rope around that’s how you keep it tight and that’s how if you notice here in this footage it looks like I’m pretty effortlessly spinning the rope superfast it’s all my wrist I’m treating my wrist just like a ball bearing while slightly bending my arms at 90 degree angles to keep the Rope tight putting all this together when you start out practicing I think it’s super important for beginners not to go 5 to 6 times a week like Brandon and myself do now and like many of our other advantage over uppers do I’d recommend like I said starting out with the four week challenge and just doing 2 to 3 workouts per week and having at least one maybe two rest days in between your workouts to Savior to save your body from the pain or some of the shin splints and aches that can come along when you’re starting to jump rope [Music] yeah I know okay and my mics also still broken Brandon like freaking left to LA and left me with this one what a friend huh calls me his brother I don’t know where the Brotherhood is there you know whatever

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  1. I would acually beat the dog shit out of you you lieing son of a fucking bitch. Fuck you. This shot didn't fucking work

  2. I gave this video thumbs up after I watched more than 10 videoes about the same subject. This video was the best for me.

  3. Anyone got tips for me? Im getting pissed off,i cant even jump rope once. The rope wont go under,gets tangled/stuck with my foot or it hits my head

  4. Very cool. My husband says, "Jump rope; you will lose weight." And I say, "It's been a long time." So. Thank you for your great instruction. I'll be back a month from now (May 4, 2019) to check in with all. (With the good, the bad and the ugly.)

  5. hey man i'm having problems with the rope i do muay thai but i'm a bit heavy footed so i either jump too high (3 inches -5 inches0 or the rope catches my shoe my rope is good size as it comes to where you said on your video, its really just asking advice to how to focus on only jumping that little 1-1.5 inches any advice?? much appreciated thanks guys

  6. I can't jump rope dude… Its been 1 week but every time I try to do it i trip on it…can't do more than 10 in one go.. Any suggestions??

  7. dude my jumping rope that i created is a iron 1kg im doing jumping rope my back i do no what happend but my stamina its higher than before

  8. I cant jump rope with two feet together at the same time?can anyone tell me why?once i jump rope with two feet i lose the momentum to jump rope.i can only jump rope with one feet first then the other feet?PLEASE IN NEED OF URGENT HELP

  9. It's kinda hard for the 1st hour but after practicing my wrist motion and jump timing i got 6 consecutive😄😄😄 still happy tho even i got a lot of markings on my shins from the rope 😂😂

  10. These dudes know their thing really well. This sounds very realistic now than just watching a dude do it somehow

  11. I had to burst out laughing from the "we have another one who thinks were not gonna be able to jump" cause that is totally me right now, after doing jump rope and faililng horribly and getting angry and frustrated basically thinking i cant do it lmfao. Hopefully this tutorial will help me abit cause i would love to be able to keep it up for at least 1min.

  12. My husband just bought me a 9' weighted jump rope & lemme just say fuckkk this shit is hard af i was literally sweating hard core breathing HEAVY omfgggg i love it i want this sooo bad i just needa learn how to do this!!! I cant believe how hard this is!!!

  13. I just told my son I need a rope and jumping lessons. Then I got tutorials on my feed. I'm going to ignore that lol.

  14. Thanx boss ….. Your explanation has helped me and I am improving ….. I am able to make 2-3 rope jumps in just 15mins of trying ….. Suggest some more easier wats because I am a beginner

  15. Adulting is so hard we forget how to jump A ROPE🤦🏿‍♀️ This can’t be life…. Thanks for the reminders. Now, whose gonna teach me how to double Dutch so I can get my Black card back?😩🤔

  16. I just bought my rope. It's my FIRST TIME jumping rope. My first-hour jumping was very hard, I wasn't able to do a single jump. However, I started to adjust the rope size little by little. I was now able to perform 1 to 2 jumps. The second hour I was able to perform average 3 jumps. Currently, my record is now 9 CONSECUTIVE JUMPS FOR THE FIRST DAY, though my form is still not perfect. I can't stress enough how the length truly is a big factor when it comes to jumping rope. To all the beginners out there, adjust your ropes accordingly, made a big difference. Little adjustments come in a long way.

    – DAY 1 – FIRST TIME TO JUMP ROPE – Average 3 to 6 jumps. (2-hour session)

    I can't wait for the upcoming days to come. Jumping rope is really addicting (music is a must haha).

    Thank you JRD!

  17. Kind of a SLOW beginning but then the vital information began and with great demonstrations. I especially liked the side shot where you show the movement of the arms and wrists. It's one thing to SAY the movement is from the arms and wrists but when you can actually see that movement then everything falls into place. For me, I've been restricting the movement to my wrists too much. It takes movement from the elbow, too, and slightly from the shoulder to sling the rope up and over your head. Thanks for the instruction.

  18. Thank you, this is a really good instruction video! Both production quality wise and also the content itself. i like that it is straightforward and that you give good easily comprehensible reasons as to why we are to do the things you initiate us too.

  19. Right around 6:16 I swear I'm hearing a Pokemon battle cry from Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow. I had to point it out lol

  20. At 53 and never having done it, this gives me the drive to becoming great at jumping rope. Now the question is, you're sporting a great shape, can this be achieved solely by jumping rope? No other resource? Thanks and best vibes.

  21. I want to jump rope, but I don't want to lose my weight since I'm underweight. How should I do it? Everyday or…?

  22. ……..seems i cant jump it more than 1 or 2 times max never tried to jimp it today was the first time….is this normal? how can i get better to do it continuolus

  23. Hello Sir
    Can u tel me how to increase d speed of jumping ???
    Whenever I perform d excersise …… At first I start well & then in the middle the rope gets stuck in between d legs
    Suggest some tips to get rid of this problem ????
    And also suggest some motivation tips for getting more forcussed on performing the jump rope excersise ??

  24. Hello bro
    I wanted motivation to keep going and motivation in not having o eating junk food but to maintain a healthy diet while doing jump rope because I really want to loose weight

  25. Nice video bro! 😎
    I have one question
    I started jumping rope workout few weeks ago and incomprehensible made all of theese mistakes
    Now, few days ago i start doing it properly and shin splins almost gone and i am very happy and finally feal free to do jump rope workout
    So the question is can i do this workout 5/6 times a week (at least 10min)?
    Thanx in advance!

  26. I think if you said “old” instead of “beginner” would sounded even better lol I am 27 can I learn ?

  27. I am a visual learner. I may have bought one that is too close to my body. I am 5'10, so the rope ends up skinning my head. I will have to get one (As you mentioned in the video) three inches taller than me. I may be 5'11 or 6'0. I am also a visual learner, watching your video helps. I should not focus moving my arms, it is all in the wrist action.

  28. Uhhhh am soooo pissed!! For the past hour I was trying to do it, but the rope kept on touching the ground and reflect upwards. I tried to make the rope shorter, but it didn't work. Am giving up, my knees are hurting me!!

  29. Guys please this is pretty irrelevant but help me. I’m trying to get a pretty good body so every like that this comment gets I’ll do 5 pushups and 5 minutes of skipping rope.
    Help me please😅

  30. Is it normal for my calf muscles to feel sore after the first day of jump roping?? When I walk I kind of have a hard time walking and then I'll walk better after a few minutes. If I sit down for a while and the stand up I feel the soreness again and can't walk properly for a few minutes and then I can finally start walking better. Is this normal???

  31. I'm just now realizing that my rope is too short. I have no problem jumping rope…. but I couldn't go more than 1 min without messing up and I thought I was doing something wrong… when really, I hadn't even consider the rope length 😐😅 guess I gotta go get a longer rope 🤷🏻‍♀️

  32. Can you guys help me with something because I have been trying to jump rope for over 2 years but I can’t learn how to swing my arms properly

  33. Man i really want the soundtrack in the video
    The link in the description is not what looking for
    Blz i neeeed it

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  35. i need help because this is not my problem its just my stamina, i have to stop after like 10 jumps.

    edit: I need help I need to jump like 1 foot just to actually go above the rope and its so annoying.

    edit 2: i can go for 15 jumps now i just get tired fast, its an improvement i don't get tired fast but i get sore after like jumping rope 1 min total.

  36. Great tips, no question that that was a good Tutorial and Easy to understand but I'm still whipping my toes. For me, it feels like I get going too fast around 40-50 rotations, trip myself up and have to start over. I mean it is easy to get going again but still. I want to at least get 100 Rotations in before I stop or mess up… but 40-50 from 1-10 is improvement I guess lol

  37. I do double jumps. Been jumping a long time. I can easily transition to fast singles. I wonder what's so wrong with doubles.

  38. Yea, i started doing the double jump, i knew immediately it was wrong. I had to work on my rope speed! After 2 weeks im trying to criss-cross!

  39. I did it! From 0 reps to 50 reps in less then a week, edit : am 29 so its a big fucking deal for me, i always thought then i can't jump rope.
    Edit 2 : i keep coming back to the video because it made me discover a new passion, ILOVE jumpin rope, there is always a new jump technique to learn, i can challenge myself, endurance wise, tricks wise, and whenever i learn a new jump technique it's just amazing.
    Cheers for the man in the video !

  40. Bruuuuh…..the internet today……WTF really, i can actually find videos about how to jump rope haha. I bought me one today, didnt go good, i will give it another try after watching your videos 🙂 thanks alot.

  41. Measurments for non US followers: 3ft = 91,5 cm. The host is 190,5 cm tall and uses 282 cm rope. Height of jumps is 2,5 cm to 5 cm.

  42. Hi,

    I have just started jumping rope a few weeks back. I do about 600 jumps in total divided into 3 sets. I just want to know where does it stand with respect to ideal count for an average person. Please I want to know if I should up my ante and to what extent. Thank you 🙂

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