Indoor, Outdoor & Kids' Trampolines

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  1. AKA a squat on. I’m a gymnast so this is just what we call it lol 😂 it took me a while to get mine but I eventually did!

  2. Anyone here 2019 and I want your body Thenx you inspire me to work out but you make this look like a piece of cake and when I try I struggle can I get a weight vest for like $20 I’m 16 I have no job yet my only job is rn is YouTube and keep grinding Thenx I hope 🤞 one ☝️ I will have your body

  3. How do u keep the skin from peeling off yr hands? When i used to do pull ups, my skin would blister and peel. Took awhile for the skin to harden… but its all soft and tender like my gut again haha

  4. This is my goal. All the push ups and pulls and burpees…. this is why im doing it. Thank you Chris for the inspiration.

  5. i remember seeing this the first time and thinking it was out of this world, now its easy. all starts from the basics

  6. I've just achieved MU, I can do like 5 straight. I'm still perfecting it, but at the same time I started to train on this. I can do the "superman straight bar dips", i feel it pretty solid i feel the explosiveness to so i think i could do the pop too, but I'm pretty affraid of falling forward and I always tuck myself into the bar to stop the move. What can I do to clear this kinda fear?

  7. hi Chris, sorry this is not callisthenics related, what is the lavalier mic you are wearing? what's the gear? thanks.

  8. For me, this is your coolest move. When i first discovered you doing this i was really blown away, i have never seen something like that before. This very move was what inspired me to get more serious with calisthenics. you have been an amazing motivation for me and as far as calisthenics go, i have nothing but admiration for you.

  9. Saw the requirments and made me think that i'll do this later:
    I can do 20 burpees
    Only 5 clean bar dips
    And i'm learning the muscle up

  10. Next video :
    How to jump 10km upwards without speed

    10000x piston squads
    999999999x jump on bars
    99999999999999x 90 degree pushups (one arm)

  11. Lmao bruh i havent been to this channel in like a year. The intro is so fucking hilarious now, there was like a2 second pause after each word.

  12. If you has 7 ft., 14 ft., and 21 ft. bar stacked on top of each other, this would be the fastest way to ascend. Really impressive.

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