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How To Jump On A Mountain Bike With GCN’s Dan Lloyd – Can Road Cyclists Jump?!

– [Neil] Everyone wants to learn how to
jump, right? There are few things more fun than sailing through the air
and landing a jump perfectly. I think with practice everyone
can learn how to do it. – [Marc] Well road cyclists are not really
renowned for their technical ability, and least of all knowing how to jump, so
which could make today’s challenge extremely difficult. We are going to
attempt to teach Dan Lloyd, ex-pro roadie, and GCN presenter how to
jump a mountain bike. All right, Dan? – [Dan] Hello boys, sorry I’m a bit late,
took me a bit longer to get down here than I was expecting. I’m ready anyway.
What are we doing here? – Sure he’s ready? – He doesn’t look ready. – Where is he, Marc? – Well, I gave him his
mountain bike down there, and he was messing around trying
to get 100 PSI in the tires. – Here he is. – Got my bike ready. – What about this? – There’s something still not right.
– Have you not given him some kit? – I haven’t got any other stuff. – Come with me, we’ll
sort you out some kit ♪ [music] ♪ – Here he is.
– That better? – You look the part now. – I’m all ready, just need to put my
saddle up a little bit. Have an Allen key? – Actually, Dan. – What are you doing? – There’s a few bike setup things
that really help with jumping, a low seat is one of those. – Yeah, a couple of other things
would really help. Short stem, little bit wider bars give you loads of
control, and good little tip is setting your suspension correctly. The rebound,
if it’s too fast it will tend to send you over the front, and you don’t want that. – Ready then, chaps? – Off we go. – [Speaker 1] All right. ♪ [music] ♪ – Learning how to jump properly comes
from three progressive steps, pumping, manualing and bunny hopping. Get
the one nailed before you move on to the next one. Once you’ve got a good bunny
hop it’s all about taking it to the jump. – Okay, so step one of learning how
to jump, Dan, is pumping. – Yeah, already done that mate,
80 PSI in those babies. – Yeah, your tires are inflated, that’s
great, but this is not what we’re after. Basically, it means generating momentum
from natural transitions in the trail. So for example what we have in front of
you, you come along and you drive the bike. Make it heavy into the ground
and accelerate down the trail. But in this case, we’re going to
use that to get you airborne. ♪ [music] ♪ – Nice one, Dan. You’ve learned how to
pump, looks good. So next is manuals. So this is all about using
your weight, that’s your hips, to lift the front wheel in the air.
– What are you saying? – Use all your massive amount of weight
to lift the front wheel in the air. This starts from an L-shape. So
you’ve got to use that pump first. You pump down towards the seat
and then you roll back. It’s important that your
arms lock and the bars come back with you, and you don’t
actually pull the bars into the air. Fancy a go? – Yeah, I should give that a go, not from
up there, though. Maybe just on this bit. ♪ [music] ♪ – Yes, got him nailed. Did you teach
Peter Sagan everything he knows? – Yeah, on the bike. – Right, so now we’ve got manuals
done, it’s on to the bunny hops. So this should be a simple step now. Got
your nice low hips, doing your manual and from there it’s all about standing up and
forward and using your hips to pop up the back wheel. Once you’ve got
that nailed, it’s on to the jumps. – All right. Only one more
step then. Let’s go. ♪ [music] ♪ – Right then, Dan. Now it’s time for the
real thing. You’ve done really well over there with the three techniques,
pumping, the natural back sides, the manual, and of course the bunny hop. So walk along here
and I’ll talk you through exactly what you’re going to do and
how you incorporate all three of those techniques into this. So approaching the
takeoff, you drive the bike into the ground, pumping your bike, up the takeoff,
as the bike goes up the takeoff, it pushes it up into the air. Once your
back wheel reaches the top of the takeoff, you bring your hips up and forward.
Just like you would the bunny hop. Hopefully, you get a bit of air time
and that will bring you perfectly into the downside over there. – Cool, do it after lunch? – I think you’re in the zone, you’re
ready to go. Let’s hit it. – Go on then. All right, you
show me first then. – Okay. ♪ [music] ♪ Oi, Dan, come back. Where are you going?
Jump’s over here, mate. On you go. ♪ [music] ♪ Yeah! – Dan, that’s really cool, you’re
nailing it every time. – I know. I know. – Let’s do a train. – A what? – Through it all. – Oh, right. Like a chain going
through a pipeline then? – Yeah, that’s it.
Go on, then. Lead the way. ♪ [music] ♪ – Nice one, Dan.
– Yeah, cool. Awesome! – How high am I now?
– About 10 feet. – Who said roadies can’t jump? – It’s true. Obviously,
Dan Lloyd can jump. – Yeah, proved us all wrong,
Dan Lloyd clearly can jump. And for more videos on GMBN, you click
up here for our Big Mountain Enduro. – Fancy doing some bigger jumps, Dan? – I’ve actually got a
dentist appointment in… – I’ll stop you there Dan,
we’ve done a video, Top 10 Excuses, you can click
down there for that one, Dan. – And obviously, to subscribe to GMBN you
should click on the new jumping sensation, the man himself, Dan Lloyd.

Reader Comments

  1. this is a great video.  I am a roadie like Dan (though not as fast or experienced) but it was great to see him do this successfully.  Props to the GMBN crew for the excellent teaching skills.  I liked the way you guys teased him a bit in the beginning for fun, but didn't make him feel stupid while he was learning.  you guys are all pros and great teachers!

  2. WWWWOOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!!! minute 5:41 thats what mountain biking is all about!!!!!!!! it's a completely different guy!!! amazing!!!! this made my day!

  3. Just proof you can do anything in life when you get rid of that fucking SPANDEX ! Jesus Christ, Dan! You’re a man now!!!!!!

  4. I remember watching this for the first time when I couldn't jump or not even lift my wheels more than 1 cm from the ground. At the end I was so frustrated that even a fucking roadie can jump better than me!! (No offense)🤣🤣🤣

  5. I like what he did with the sleeves at 1:19 😂 the guide for every tall person ever, if the sleeves don't fit roll them up and style it out 😂

  6. I always tune in to watch your videos. Having just had a session with Tony Doyle aka the Jedi. You really do make this complicated. I was jumping 12ft gaps today for the first time ever just with one movement and little experience before hand. "Standing up" . Saying to Manual and use bunny hop techniques just isnt needed. The final jumping scenes just prove my point. You're not doing any of that. Just standing up. Unweight the bike..

  7. This is probably the most risky 'beginner' jumping tutorial I've ever seen. You're teaching people how to loop out over the front with this technique, loading up the rear wheel like that. Not cool.

  8. I like how Dan, “fakied” like he was running away. That’s sweet how he made that jump. Gives me hope for myself!

  9. Sorry but you really don't need to be able to manual to jump. It's a similar technique, but I can jump just fine and can't manual at all.

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