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  1. Hi Seth. My main problem when doing jumps is that my feet jump of the pedals upwards. During practicing basic trial hops i realized that the same thing happens there. Now it seems that there is one very essential movement that prevents jumping off the pedals – scooping the pedals with your feet. I watched all your videos and you do the scooping on every jump. Maybe you do not realize the importance of this because it is already subconscious for you. It might help other people to pinpoint importance of that scooping in the video(s).

  2. thanks a lot now i go to the sidewalk and i jump to the street and now i am able to land it with both wheels thanks keep up the great work now i am trying to do the bunny hop but it is to hard 😑

  3. Love the videos! And I really appreciate the clean, no curse word takes. My 5-year old likes to watch them with me, so keeping it clean turns it into a nice family pre-ride ritual. Keep those great videos coming.

  4. hahaha! as always good stuff bro however city ordinance ordains the sidewalks aren't there for you to learn nor practice your jumps/tricks on.

  5. wish i watched your vid before trying to jump some hills at the park.. went down like a sack of potatoes ! lol

  6. Great videos bro. Very helpful. Kinda looks like some place I ride in South Florida. Thanks for the great info.

  7. Question: I've recorded myself jumping different size jumps and usually clear everything and it is all good. I noticed though that as I am about to land I look down to spot my landing, every time. Should I try to break this habit?

  8. Thanks for the videos. You could make a video with more inclined 85º and high jumps 2 meters ramp. Sometimes on the trails we can face on

  9. Ok so I'm a bmx rider so i can already pretty much do most of but my derailleur or whatever slams really hard what can I do about that

  10. I can do a decent bunny hop, but i cant jump even a small tabletop… How is that? I have a problem getting up the front whell and keep my arms locked. I feel uncomfortable when hitting the lip, it feels the lip is consuming all my energy required for doing that first part – manual to lift the front wheel. When doing a bunnyhop on a flat ground not a problem at all…Does anybody have the same issue?

  11. Seth as someone who has occasionly ridden for a long time and is now just trying to get into mountain biking more seriously your channel is perfect! The best out of all I have found on the internet. Your a great rider, knowledgable, and entertaining. I appreciate the channel! Keep up the good work

  12. will being 5'6" 205lbs effect by bunny hopping or jumping? would I need more speed and bar pull? I was told not to pull up on the bars when jump? what is correct?

  13. I watched this video and went outside and rode around my neighborhood and saw this ledge and jumped it and my back tire clipped the ledge and now I'm in the emergency room

  14. Holy crap Seth I know you live in Fort Lauderdale, but the thing is that I go to Fort Lauderdale every year and I have been to every single one of those spots except the trails

  15. I just can't understand how ur taking the back wheel up using ur legs and pedals. Please clarify my doubt. Except that I have understood how to jump.

  16. I keep breaking bikes in half doing jumps with full suspension bikes like on this video what am I doing wrong lol

  17. Hello Seth. I want to make some small jumps. My problem is i can just get my front wheel in the air. The Back Wheel stays on the ground. Can somebody Help me to get Jumping? Sorry if my English is a bit Crappy, I am From Germany. Thank You

  18. I am just looking to learn for sidewalk, it looks good and I am bot for jumping with bike 🙂 Hope I will learn with this tutorial

  19. I notice when I'm doing jumps, I tend to turn or tilt in the air and it seems like I have a very small margin of error on my takeoff. In videos of really good riders, they seem to be able to adjust and land safely almost every time, even with a less than perfect take off. Do you have any advice for me on how to adjust the bike in air to land more consistently?

  20. My suspension doesn’t preload. It just squishes. Annoyingly, my forks are coil forks, so I cannot really change the firmness

  21. yah see i disliked this video because i know i can't do that and i never will be able to, it make me feel better

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