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How to Inflate, Deflate, and Fold the Baby Spring Float

[MUSIC PLAYING] America’s number
one baby float is perfect for your
little water lover. SwimWays Baby Spring
Float is totally unique, with a patented twistable design
that folds and stores easily. Here’s how to get started. Let’s start with inflation. Our Baby Spring Float has
two child safety valves for extra security. Pinch the base of the valve
that opens a little passageway and lets the air move
in and out easily. Then inflate the air
chamber by mouth. Once it’s inflated,
you can stop pinching and replace the valve cap. Then repeat with
the other valve. When you’re ready to
deflate, pop open both valves and pinch the bottom of the
valves to release the air. You’ll need to press
down a bit on the float to release all of the air. Now you’re ready to fold. Start by holding your hands
here, at 10 and 2 position, with your palms facing out. Then bring your hands
together in an upward motion in front of you,
overlapping them, and the float will
automatically close naturally into three circles. Don’t force it. Look. The float automatically does
all the folding for you. It’s that easy. Let me show you one more time. Remember, it shouldn’t feel
like you’re forcing the fold. It should feel natural, like
it’s folding in on itself. Again, position your
hands at 10 and 2, with palms facing out,
bringing your hands together in an upward motion,
overlapping your hands, and the float will collapse
and fold into three circles. See? It’s that easy. If your Baby Spring Float came with a
canopy, it’s easy to fold, too. Detach it from the
float, then twist and fold just like you did
with the Baby Spring Float. Now both the float
and the canopy can go right into the
convenient carrying case so you can take it
wherever you go. Your Baby Spring Float is
ready for the next adventure. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Absolutely none of that works for me 😂 I can’t fold this thing up for the life of me.

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