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How To Get Six Pack Abs Jumping Rope

oh man what are you doing Oh what’s up man you don’t have to do that what are you doing man talking about him getting a six-pack nah man I kind of jump rope her you don’t need to do that what do you mean that’s how you get ups what’s up Zen dude nation today we’re going to talk to you about jump rope training to get a six-pack now you can do all the crunches and ab rolls and leg lifts in the world one leg one leg one leg six-pack but if you do not have your food and your overall cardio intact you are not going to get a six-pack a lot of our community members nice today we’re going to dive into how do you create the physique which is really what we’re all after right dan and I don’t jump rope just because we think it’s cool we jump rope because it gives us a result we want if you want some help getting that six-pack on join our free four week challenge it’s linked up in the first line of the description dan and I will coach you up we’ll give you workouts we’ll give you love we’ll give you everything you need to sexify your body so first off guys let’s talk about equipment what do you need to create a six-pack now you don’t need a gym you don’t need anything like that but what you do need is a weighted handle jump rope that waiting hands jump rope is going to help you burn more calories so help you remove more fat from your body in less time the weighted handle jump rope provides more resistance on your body and when there’s more resistance you’re activating more muscles you’re spending more energy which is calories which helps you burn more fat you guys want to know the real secret behind getting six pack abs here it is guys 95% of you getting a 6-pack is going to be dialing in your nutrition specifically people talk all the time about eating healthy foods that’s not what I’m talking about right now what I’m talking about is eating the right amount of calories and the right ratio of macronutrients for your body so basically what you need to do is eat less calories then you are expending we’ve linked up a calculator for you in the description that’s going to help you out with that and you can see here we’re giving you a little tutorial showing you how this is used so this works for just about everyone men and women so I’m going to do it for myself I’m 26 years old as I’m making this video I’m a man screen click man male I weigh 185 pounds I am 6 foot 2 which is 74 inches I am highly active because you guys I’m exercising every single day and then some my goal is to lose weight you know when I stay nice and lean I’m gonna go down here and click calculate calories but there’s one more step I’m a guy the man’s going to click high for protein I’m going to calculate it again if I was a woman I would calculate medium this is for protein down there guys so if you’re a woman go medium calculate again you’ll see the protein and carb fat ratio changes if you’re a man click high protein calculate there you go you get your numbers down here total calories carbohydrates protein and fats and once you have this you can head over to site like My Fitness Pal comm and create an account here and then on the daily track your food intake whatever you’re eating just put it in there and make sure you’re hitting the numbers that the calculator gave you all right guys you can download the MyFitnessPal app super easy that’s it next up you guys nothing is going to replace your effort alright specifically doing all-out effort on jump rope run in place you guys think about a sprinter for example they have the ideal Zen dude or dudette physique nice and sculpted lean but not bulky well you can replicate this by doing jump rope run in place next up working out before you eat or as we call it and as they call in the scientific community working out fasted haven’t had anything to eat since last night and I feel fast that’s go fast what does this mean it just means that you’re working out before you eat your first meal so if you can before work try to go get a high-intensity drum probe workout in when you’re doing this you’re mobilizing stored fat and removing it from your body what happens to remove fat from your body you reveal what’s underneath which is musculature in the abdominal region also known as a 6-pack we really want to also encourage you to do high-intensity interval training so when you do high-intensity interval training also known as hit HIIT you are again mobilizing more fat in your body in that moment and then also for the rest of the day there’s the thing that happens called epoch e P o C you like all these acronyms and basically what that means is that your resting metabolic rate increases so for the rest of the day you’re burning more calories than you would otherwise really the goal with everything we’re telling you guys is to make sure you’re burning as many calories as possible because when you are you’re more likely be in a calorie deficit helping you lose more body fat so what HIIT or high-intensity interval training is is going through periods of all-out effort for example jumping rope as hard as you can or sprinting rope as hard as you can with complete rest and this pattern helps you increase your resting metabolic rate meaning for the rest of the day your body’s burning more calories than it would otherwise in addition to getting your nutrition down to jumping rope yes you do want to build the abdominal muscles so we have a few exercises we want to recommend for you one exercise you recommend is leg raises another exercise is planks and finally mountain climbers are awesome as well for helping you sculpt those abdominal muscles and you guys there’s tons more ab exercise you can do we just wanted to give you a few to get you going at the end of the day what’s going to create the most results is you getting your nutrition down you making sure that you’re in a calorie deficit which we discussed before by doing things like jumping rope and the icing on the cake the cherry on top that’s going to really give you that sexy six-pack is going to be doing ab exercises

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  1. When you say workout while fasting,is it okay to have water with lemon juice with honey and cinnamon before the workout?

  2. Hey, do we have to breathe normally while doing leg raises or do we have to follow a particular pattern for breathing?

  3. you know what i dont understand? Alot of people say to get 6 pack abs is to eat more and eat alot cause if you eat less you cant gain muscle idk cause they say they eat like 6 meals a day and 4000 calories a day

  4. I'm female, 16 and I have a fairly ok body. I want to get more fit as in abs 😂 how long will it take if I just do intense jump roping for 10 minutes a day? Any suggestions on how I can improve my schedule? Anything helps. Thank you!

  5. i found your channel 2 months ago, learnt how to jump rope a month ago. You guys have been so helpful. I have a six pack now. Been working out everyday. Thank you so much.

  6. How To Get A Six Pack Jumping Rope

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  7. I'm in the military and we're required to run for PT tests. I don't really enjoy running, but I love jump roping. Will jump roping improve my endurance, speed, and stamina for running?

  8. starting to jump rope for 4 months 10-20 minutes a day. tore my acl last summer and ive gained weight since and lost endurance, hoping this works.

  9. Been watching your videos for the past weeks and got myself some Crossropes. Quick question. I myself am a 'skinnyfat' type; slim but with a noticeable belly. Should I cut or bulk? So confused. Thanks guys.

  10. Would this be recommended for an 11 – 13 year old? If so then the diet should be fruits and veggies all the time? What would be the right diet for losing weight?

  11. I've been jumping rope for a month(500-1000 per day) but there isn't any increase in my height. I know it takes a lot of time but…. 🤔(I'm 19)

  12. Thank you for that calculation info I'll have to keep track. I have hypothyroidism and have been gaining weight despite exercise. Perhaps this will help.

  13. I litlorally don't even know how but I never even went on a diet or changed the way I eat. But I got the chest that I wanted. I don't have anything wrong with you guys man i love this channel it's great but my question is how did that happen for me? I never changed my diet and I got the chest I wanted. But yes of course though I love doing boxing and I'm 14 and the training is the best I love it.

  14. I already have my base muscles as I go to the gym daily ( not body building just building the bases ). So basically if I rope jump 30 minutes hardcore , when will I lose my belly fat ? ( I have very little left to go , my upper abs can be seen I am talking about lower abs and obliques. I eat really healthy , no fast food , only drinking water and eating breakfast launch and dinner correctly ( I don't like to go into a strict diet. ).

    Question is , if I jump rope for 30 minutes a day ( hardcore ) when will I get to see my obliques and lower abs ? I know it can be hard to tell without picture etc… ; just throw in a guess.

  15. How do you guys feel about doing cardio first thing in the morning with an empty stomach like you said, and later in the evening doing some strenght work? Would that be too much?

  16. Do you eventually build up stamina like running? How long can you skip for? I want to be in the books like jumping rope for 4 days straight. Lol but I'm excited to start jumping rope.

  17. I rated these guy's until they put the sales of their sponsor's products before nutrition.


    Way to stain and diminish a good company's product and your channel.

  18. Can I jump rope and do ab workouts for better results, I eat pretty healthy and drink a lot of green tea and water.

  19. 4:40 if you don’t have time in the morning you can do it after a Weight lift workout. Because then you would have burned out the Carbohydrates while lifting weights so you are left with some Carbs or you have emptied the carbs if you train in high intensity level

  20. Its too expensive here in the Philippines I can't afford it. Is there any way to help to afford it, I really like those ropes

  21. Hi Jump Rope Dudes, I am obese and have half a pound rope, for now I can only do 20 seconds straight then 40 seconds rest. I do it for about 15 times, any advice to last longer on the ropes?

  22. i really appreciate your efforts in producing videos and putting this kind of content out there to help us gain a lean body with a great musculature .Im really interested in buying those ropes of yours but i have one problem can you order the ropes even if you dont live in the USA or Canda??

  23. Yo zen dudes thanks for introducing me to the jump rope lifestyle. I enjoy lifting weights and i do enjoy you alls idea of ideal aesthetics. In all honesty though i want to decrease muscle loss as possible. Would you recomend 3 hiit sessions and 2-3 moderate 35-45 minute sessions a week.

    I lime hiit but i feel my body need more recovery for lifting weights and optimal recovery please holla at yo boi.

    I have lost 130 lbs and zendudes have helped me with loosing 45 of those pounds.

    Stay zen.

  24. only body weight can buildup muscle with jump rope and we can generate cutting in the body by jump rope and body weight excercises only no gym workout

  25. I have been jumping ropes for a week now and my calves have sized up than before… I wanted to jump rope to reduce my calf size…. Am i doing it wrong??!!

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