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How to Do Rope Magic Tricks : Three Ropes to one Magic Trick Revealed

Alright everybody, so here is the 3 to 1 ropes
and I am actually going to set this up in front of you so you can see how it is put
together. What we have is one long piece of rope, this is maybe 3 1/2 feet long and then
two short pieces, they are about 6 inches long. This is actually a pretty cool principle
and you are going to loop this over like this so that we have that system, the short rope
is doubled up on itself with the long rope hanging like this. Then we are going to do
another one over here and the idea is we want to even these up so that all the ends are
even like this. So the ends are even here and the ends are even here. We are going to
take this, we are going to tie it in a knot and do the best you can to tie the knot so
that it covers up that loop. Like that is a pretty good, that loop is pretty well covered
you can’t see it. We want to do the same thing over on this side. Tie that over in a loop,
make the knot just like that. So if they are not 100% even it doesn’t matter. So what we
have now is what looks like 3 pieces of rope tied together. Now, we are going to untie
each knot and in each case what you are going to have is a loop and then a free end. We
are going to let the free end fall and this loop is hidden behind your hand like that.
(come around this side so you can see) Then we are going to take this end and tie it together
right around the other piece of rope like that. We are going to do the same thing on
this side, we are going to untie the knot, we are going to let this one fall the free
end and keep the loop in our hand, then we are going to tie this together like this and
that is going to give us this one long piece of rope with the two knots. Now all you do
is you wrap it around your hand and as you are doing that the knots will slide as you
are wrapping and you are going to take them right off. In this case I actually took my
magic wand and I picked it up and I am holding something in my hand and this makes my hand
look a little more natural, I gave it a wave and then I grab the rope and I unravel it
and that is the end of the trick. That is the 3 to 1 ropes.

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