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How to Do Rope Magic Tricks : Three Ropes to one Magic Trick Performed

Alright, so let me show you one of my favorite
rope tricks. I did this trick in my show all through high school, so this is sort of a
trick that is near and dear to me and I have been doing it for a very long time. So it
is these 3 ropes that are tied together with a big knot at each end. (get a good shot at
that there) What we are going to do is untie the big knot, we will let this end drop first
and I am going to take these two ends and tie them together just like that. Now we are
going to untie the big know on this end. We are going to let one end drop, I am going
to take these two ends tie them together. So now we have the 3 ropes tied together with
two knots. This is where the magic comes in. I am going to wrap the ropes around my hand
like this, then we are going to take the magic wand, give it a wave and if you unravel this
you will see that the ropes have formed completely into one, the knots have totally disappeared.
That is the 3 to 1 ropes.

Reader Comments

  1. @SuperMellish he has separate shorter pieces of rope tied to look like its 3 separate lengths where its actually one length with shorter lengths tied around it, he slides the knots down while wrapping it on his hand, very clever trick, just cant do it more than once in front of a crowd before they start to catch on, if that

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