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How to Do Rope Magic Tricks : One Handed Knot Magic Trick Revealed

Okay everybody so let’s do the explanation
for the one handed knot. This really is a very easy stunt and it is really impressive.
I have used it to open sections of rope magic just as a kind of flashy thing. Now, here
is what you do you want to take a length of rope, it doesn’t really matter how long it
is but this one is like in the 3 foot long neighborhood, it works pretty good. You are
going to drape it over the back of your back just like this inside your thumb, so just
open the back of your forefingers. Now, I am going to tilt my hand down and I am going
to hook my pinkie around this section just like that. So it looks like this. Now, I want
to make sure that this section is in front of this section, it doesn’t want to be over
here like this, it wants to be here like this. Then I am going to reach down and with my
thumb and forefinger I am going to reach down and grab the other section like that. So I
am going to reach down, grab the other section like that. Now, all I want to do is hold onto
this piece of rope and let everything else fall right off my hand and that’s how you
do the one handed knot. I will do this one for you again. We clip with the pinkie, we
come down we grab with the first and second finger, you let everything fall off the hand
just like that and that gives you a one handed knot. Let’s try it from this angle so you
can see what the back of the hand looks like. We come over here, we come down, we grab this
piece right here and you shake it, it comes off. So, if you can do this quickly, give
it a shake and that ties a pretty fast knot in your rope and that looks really cool.

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