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How to Do a Butterfly Twist : Jumping Tips in Martial Arts Moves

“Ok so last we left off with, go from the
setup all the way down to the dip where I said the head serves as a weight to pull yourself
up until from here I’m facing the opposite direction. So now were leading into the jump.
It’s crucial, as I mentioned, The Butterfly Twist application is to rise up and spin,
either over an enemy or over an object. Or basically just to look cool. So basically
we need to dip down and as we look this other way I’m going to turn around so I can be facing
the camera, so this is mirrored to this way. Now as I come over here, the leg is up, you
need to jump up and lift up your waist and your chest at the same time. So let’s go back
to this original position. As we go down here. We’ll bring the head up and than we jump.
Now we need to use the thigh muscles and also the calves right here and we need to bring
up the toe, like this. Because if you don’t actually remember to push up and jump than
you still may be able to spin. However your not going to get that lift. So let me just
demonstrate the jump. Like this. So this is a pretty good segment to know your on the
right track. So let’s basically do the segment all the way up to the jump. So as you jump
you want to arch your back similar to the demonstration of The Butterfly. Remember to
lift your chest up and remember to push off of your left leg, and that’s the jump.”

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