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How to Create an Outdoor Treasure Hunt Game Tutorial Part 1 (2018)

Hello, today I’m going to present how you
can simply and free of charge create a treasure hunt game on Locatify CMS. Once you create an account and login into the system on Locatify
website you can see a screen with all the information about your account and
our system. We’re going to create a treasure hunt game that is why we select
new project in the upper right part of the screen. Here you can choose a project
name in this case it is “Demo” and also select a language. Do not worry
later you can add and remove languages according to need.
Finally, we select the type of the project “Treasure Hunt” in this case. Here you will
mostly work on the map. The map can be shown in a satellite or street view
depending on where it is more convenient to find locations. You can zoom in and
zoom out by using the plus and minus buttons in the lower right corner or
simply use a wheel on your mouse. To quickly find the location you can use
the search box. At the left part of the screen you find the main functions and
information about treasure hunt waypoints. The first function is “Pan Mode”
this function is always selected by default and it helps you to move around
the map by clicking the right button on the mouse on the map. The second function
is “Add Treasure” by selecting this button and clicking on the map you can add the
treasure location for your game. Once you have added the treasure information
regarding it appears at the menu on the left. By pressing once on the pin or on
the name on the menu you open up details of the treasure. Here
you have to insert an areas which is a treasure reference name for the game
creator you have to choose radius in which the treasure will be activated
longitude and latitude are set automatically by selecting a location.
Now let’s work on the details which are presented to the treasure hunt game
players. You can add pictures by clicking on the icon drag and drop pictures or
press “Choose files”. Then you go to the location where your pictures for the
project are located and select them. When they are uploaded to the CMS system you
can choose a particular one for the treasure and press the “Insert” button.
In case you selected the wrong picture you can detach it. On the left you can see
the language which you are working on now and an option to add a new one if it
is needed. Then you can insert a treasure title and description which will be
displayed once treasure location is reached. A short video or an audio file can also
be presented to a treasure hunters by clicking the button “Select Media”. First
you can add all the videos and sounds you want to use in a project and then
select the right one. You can also preview selected file and detach if it
is wrong. When you have inserted all the information about the treasure it is
time to define a value and possibly add an extra challenge by pressing tab
“Treasure”. Here you can define a score which the player will receive for
reaching the location. For extra points you can add one or more challenges.
Currently, there are three different types of challenges. First one is
question challenge. To define question for the treasure you have to press
“Select Question” which leads you to a question Bank. Here you can find all your
pre-made questions or add a new question by selecting button at the upper right
corner first you select the language you’re working on and a window with
question information pops up. You have to insert the question itself, the hint is
optional, add all answer choices and select which is the right one. You can
also choose a category and insert tags so it can be easier to manage your
question Bank. Finally, by pressing “Save and Add” you
assign a question to the treasure. Another challenge is memory game, where
players need to find matching pairs in limited time. You can choose the
difficulty level of a game between easy, medium or hard. The third challenge is “Upload Picture” challenge. This challenge requires a game creator hint so the
players know what to take picture of Once you have decided which challenge to
present you have to define the point value and possibly give a reward for a
great work. “Elixir of Invisibility” will help tresure hunters to become invisible
on the game map from other players for a short while. When all information about
the treasure is added do not forget to hit “Save” and close the window. The third
function in the treasure hunt game creation is “Connect Pins”.
For this function you have to have at least two treasures set on the map.
First select the first pin and then press on the second one. Now these treasures
are connected which means that the players will not be able to see the
second treasure until the first one is completed. By pressing on the line you
can add details, which will be shown to a treasure hunter as a hint. Thank you for
watching part 1 with information were about treasure hunting game setting. In
the second part I will explain how you can test and publish your treasure hunt

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