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How To Climb Tall Trees In PUBG | Shivam Gamezone

sorry my audio is removed by youtube by mistake . So turn on caption hello friends and welcome to technical shivam and in this video we will climb
tall trees in pubg i have started match now let it load its loaded now mark the location where we have to land as you can see here at the letter of school l there are three buildings there are three building one vertical upside , another vertical in middle and one horizontal at downwards and many people lands there (at marked location) And from this place we can climb the tree and you can see that three buldings . one vertical at upside another vertical at middle and at one horizontal at downwards fast forward for loot Now we are going to the place from which we have to climb the tree this bulding is little bit high at level face at north direction and press sprint and jump button together thanks for watching for more videos of pubg . like , share and subscribe anddont forget to comment

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