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How to Add a Clasp to a Bead Woven Spiral Rope

Hi this Julie with and I want to show you how to add a clasp to a spiral rope stitch in bead weaving so here are a couple examples. I’m going to show you one clasp which is already attached and if you look really closely you can see that this clasp has
just been incorporated into the bead work itself you see these beads right here I have a very loved and used needle but you see these eight beads, basically you would just complete your stitch as
normal with them then you went back up through all four of these came out added your clasp so you then just
went through your clasp as well pretend I had some thread out here pulled it through and then went back
down through the turquoise ones and then you loop it around and around and around three or four times until your clasp was
securely wedged in there and then you just tied off your thread and worked your tail back into your beadwork and that was done on both sides so you can see it’s just
seamless so that’s one way of doing and I’m going to show you how to do a second way so here I have a bead woven piece and I’ve got my spiral rope stitch I still have the stopper bead on one end I’m going to start with the other end which I just finished a normal stitch. So I’d be at the
point where I need to add more beads I want to wrap this up, so what I’m going
to do thread my needle I was coming out of the turquoise, I’m going down through the lavender ones through the beads next to it just nice and secure we go back through that turquoise one come out you could have gone through two or four at this point, it doesn’t really matter, basically just working your tail
into your beadwork some catch it under a thread bridge pull it go through my loop so it creates a knot pull it down pull tight go through several more and I’m just
gonna follow the turquoise path do the same thing so go through three or whatever you like catch under the thread bridge create a loop go through your loop pull agin we’re just working that tail into our stitching so once you’ve done that a number of times just keep working your thread so that your tail disappears there you go so those are secure. I’m going to take my thread zapper remove my thread we now have the end of our spiral rope stitch and it’s
solid beads aren’t going anywhere, so now we
need to attach the clasp and to do this I’m going to take a jump ring and in
this case I’m using 11/0 seed beads so the maximum gauge of jump ring I want to use is twenty two gauge I have a four millimeter twenty-two gauge
jump ring and 11/0 Toho seed beads opened jump ring and I’m just going to put the jump
ring through that last turquoise bead on my spiral stitch before I close up attach it to my clasp then close the jump ring that side is done and you can see it’s really secure so I’m not having to
worry that I attached my jump ring to just plain thread and then they might
pull through the little gap in the jump ring this is solid, this is not going anywhere and so what you’ll do on the other side is just go ahead get rid of my old thread remove the stopper bead the way I do it that I find that is the easiest
is put your needle through the bead and just pull it off this now do the exact same technique. Remove
the needle I actually took my nail between my nail and my finger I just squeezed the thread. It flattens it and it makes it a little bit and makes a lot easier to thread the needle when you’re using these really tiny
needles do the same thing it’s exiting the turquoise bead go down through the lavender ones up through another series next to them down through the turquoise which is the
center spiral, the center core I went through two go under the thread bridge loop it pull it tight a couple more do this real quick then I’ll show you one more time how to add
that jump ring and attach it to the other half of your clasp if your ever worried about your knots not being
secure enough go ahead and do a double knot so I passed through it once you can pass through it again make it even more secure one more jump ring and then my clasp is attached go up through that top bead of the top turquoise went in the
core spiral add the other half of the clasp close the jump ring up we are going to go we’ve just finished my necklace and added in a clasp to a spiral rope stitch. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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  1. Hi there I love all your videos, they got me hooked on bead weaving! 🙂 I was wondering do you have the spiral rope stitch in a tutorial? The necklace is stunning!

  2. Hi Julie, I am so happy you made this video showing us how to attach a clasp to a spiral rope. I made a pendent from watching you video on how to do bead embroidery and I want to make a necklace for it so I watched the video Megan made showing us how to make a beaded bezel for a 16mm rivoli and I saw she used a spiral rope for her necklace. So I made won and wanted to use it for my pendent and I didn't know how to attach a clasp. This will help a lot. I will post pics on FB when I'm done.Thanks.

  3. Hi, I love your video's. I was wondering if you have a video on the pendent your have on the spiral rope you are adding the clasp to. It is beautiful!!

  4. Hi! It's really really hard to tell how many yards of thread it will take because you really don't measure your thread ahead of time for a lengthier bead weaving project (where you have to add more thread as you go) and everyone has slightly different thread tension so the amount of thread will vary. I always recommend cutting as much thread as you are comfortable with (for me, that is 2 yards) and then just adding more thread when you need to.

  5. Julie, is there some type of chart on the website that gives the information about what gauge wire will go through what size beans?  That was helpful information you gave and I just wondered if there was a list of others. Thanks!

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