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How I got my BACKFLIP in ONLY 24 HOURS

Okay guys so today I’m about to reach my
24th hour of backflip training so I trained a lot on trampoline, between 15
and 20 hours but it was a long time ago. Then I tried onto the floor but with
protections, it’s a bit easier to be honest, and now I really want to achieve
it on the floor so I’m gonna try ! First try ever on the floor. I didn’t record
any try on trampoline but I got few records on the carpet I’m going to show
that to you Now let’s get into the floor, let’s go.
But before we start I just have to tell you that I’m gonna make a complete tutorial
about the backflip progression so stay tuned and you’ll know that. The tutorial is
gonna be translated both in French and in English ! So it’s also the first time I
try with my shoes so it’s gonna be a bit weird I think…
Well let’s go, first try I just finished my warmup, I think you really should warm up your knees, ankle and neck, and your legs of course.
So let’s go, I’m a bit scared but let’s go ! Well, what the f*ck,
Just trust me, it’s really my first try on the floor ! And like it was super easy
well it could be better I’m gonna work on it but it’s on the first try I just got it on floor, oh my god ! So I still have the same problem, my
rotation isn’t that great. I’m going a bit forward when I land on
the floor, but I think it’s great to be honest for a first try I think it’s
great like really ! Well when I tried on carpets
the floor was a bit similar right I just had a greater impulsion and the landing
was less stressful to my ankle and knees but I think if I work on that it can be
great, so I’m gonna just make more tries but I don’t think it’s that useful to make
that much try just for the video right I think I’m gonna need hours of practice
to get the perfect form but I think I get it, alright ? And to be honest that’s
cool because that’s literally I just end up my ninth month of street workout
so it’s today like today, really ! So I I wanted to try it today just to see if
I got it so let’s go I get it and well see you in the next video for the
tutorial, right ? See you !

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  1. Le tutoriel qui sera tourné dans la semaine sera en FRANCAIS, je mettrais les sous titres en anglais également.
    The following tutorial is going to be recorded in FRENCH, but with english subs !

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