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How good is the Keymission 80 in a water park?

in this video right talk about the
nikon keymission 80 and how i found it a really good video camera for my holiday so i went to a water park or my family for a little break and we spent most the
time in the pool and on the last day i wanted to get some footage i just wanted
to get some sort of video footage that we could remember and look back a little
bit later now i’m not going to show any of the video footage I took because not
only would it consist of members of my family in swimming gear but it would also consists of lots of the members of public in swimming gear so I’m gonna not
put that footage on the Internet so if you’re seeing any footage now its
stock footage just to help you imagine the activities that we go up to I saw a lot of people with GoPro Hero 7s blacks with a buoyancy aid I saw a lot of people
using the mobile phones in the pool and they put them in a protective sleeve but
nonetheless I thought it was crazy I took with me this camera and my tg5 and
that was the only camera I took other than my mobile phone and I decided to
take this camera into the pool rather than my tg5 and the reason being my tg5
was a bit bulkier and I didn’t want to lose it I was going down lots of water
slides and when you come out at the end you’re gonna get a lot of bubbles and
there’s going to be a constant of stream of people popping out at the ends and
landing in the water now I was worried that if I dropped my camera my tg5 it
would sink to the bottom and it wouldn’t be safe for me to retrieve so I decided
this is much easier to handle this is much easier to film with so I took this
and you know what I wasn’t disappointed so I could hold it really comfortably
like this and it wasn’t gonna fall out of my hand if I wanted to I could attach
lanyards and other things at various anchor points but I decided not to
I’ve got a switch here to go from video and stills and I kept it in video mode
so what I liked was I could take the camera out I could press it start
recording and it would record straight away and I could press it stop it’s
really easy and simple to use to turn it off quickly I had to press this press
it there and it turns off so a GoPro I imagine is much more fiddly this camera
is just really simple I can easily switch to selfie mode and I could get
some selfie footage going down the slides and doing other things it’s
really easy to do that now I wouldn’t normally have a use for selfie footage
but going down the slides and doing other things it was nice to really
quickly grab a shot from a different angle of me doing things or whoever was
holding the camera doing things so that was nice and easy now this survived in water it was did
really well in water it is water sealed and I think it’s good down to one meter
so I didn’t go diving down to one meter I just had it for swimming and going
down water slides and when I finished filming I think went and put it away put
a protective cover on which hasn’t got damaged at all this is touchscreen and
it all works pretty well another thing that was really good was the footage was
quite stable wasn’t the most stable footage as I’ve seen but going down a
waterslide the vibration reduction did kick in and the footage was fairly
smooth it wasn’t the smoothest on the market it’s not going to be as good as a
GoPro Hero 7 but it was smooth enough that there was an annoying jarring
motion in the video and I shot all my video at 30fps something that was useful was a red light illuminates when it’s turned on when I put this
underwater to do some underwater filming the light came on here which gave it
just a bit bit more clarity that was really good
we’ve got two microphones here now what I did find was going down the slides
water got in here and it gave it a slightly muffled sound but then later
once the water had come out of these two holes I got pretty good sound I could
hold it at arm’s length and it could pick me up now of course the microphones
would pick up background noise of other people and the ambient noise in the
swimming area but it could pick out my voice quite easily so you can record
yourself just holding it at arm’s length and it works in a similar way easing the
selfie camera I don’t know where that’s a speaker or microphone but using the
selfie camera I could talk to camera and it picked it up so this is just a quick
video to say that I took this camera away and it was by far an excellent
camera to use it fitted in my pocket didn’t lose it gave me excellent footage and at
the end of the day when I’d finished with it I was able to edit quick video
together my iPhone so I was really happy with
this and it did the job brilliantly the only concern I would have was
dropping it when I was coming to the end the slide I’d hold it more firmly to
come I self a bit more grip and I never dropped it let me know what you think in
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