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How DANGEROUS is this rope toy? – Dog Toy Reviews | Cotton Rope with Bones

Greetings and welcome back to another episode
of Tough Toy Tryouts. If you’re new here, hit the sub button and
the bell to get weekly reviews of dog toys specifically tailored for aggressive chewers
and of course a weekly dose of Story, our 3-year-old staffy rescue. This week, we’re trying out another unique
take on the rope toy. This particular rope toy is made right here
in the USA with beef bones that are NOT treated with chemicals and retain moisture in the
cooking process which avoids splintering. The placement of the bones makes it a puzzle
of sorts as your dog tries to get them off the rope. The rope looks a little thin so I’m not
so sure if this will last the week, but I suppose we’ll find out in just a few seconds
thanks to the miracles of video editing. And just like that, a week has past. I’m a little older, a little wiser and a
bit more concussed thanks to Story here turning her toy into a medieval bone flail. I sadly didn’t get it on camera so I created
this short dramatic reenactment for your enjoyment. Hey Story, whatcha got there? You better be careful with that Dogmear, err
I mean Story because you’re definitely a plushy of my dog Story and not a fictional
character from the Fallout franchise. Oh, no! Remember me. Hopefully, you get my point, anyways, back
to the review. For safety, the toy gets a respectable 4 out
of 5. Your dog could potentially have issues with
splintered bones or choking on strands but I feel this is remote. The reason for the 4 is because if your dog
likes to shake toys around, like mine obviously does, the bones can gain speed quickly and hit your dog in the
face. Watching Story play with the toy was sometimes
hard to watch and I had to stop her from flailing it about for EVERYONE’s sake. Design also sees a 4 because I liked the way
they tried to make it a puzzle of sorts. Story immediately set out to get the bones
off the toy my chewing through the knots and then sliding the bone off with her feet. It was pretty fun to watch. This helped keep her attention even without
squeakers or other noise makers. That said, once the bones were off the toy,
she showed less interest, hence the score. Longevity, sadly, is where things start to
go downhill a bit with a 2 out of 5. By the second day, she had chewed the first
knot to get the bone off and minutes after, there were strands of cotton throughout the
house. By day 3, the second bone was off and she
was getting whole tufts of cotton stuck in her teeth and by day 4 I had to remove the
toy before it was completely undone and unraveled. Luckily, even if this toy was utter garbage,
it was only 5 bucks on which gives this toys a 4 for price point. So if you threw this in with your dog’s
food order or along with other items, like clothes of whatever, it’s worth the purchase. All said and done, the toy receives a 3 and
a half bones which for a $5 toy, is well worth the money in my eyes. Just avoid getting smacked in the head with
a beef bone, it really does hurt. And that’s where we end this week’s episode. If you haven’t seen my Zelda video, I highly
recommend you watch for a few quick laughs and please subscribe if you haven’t yet. I will see you all in the next episode. Have a great week and thanks for watching!

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  1. You should also be careful when he swallows the strands of string. Not even surgery can take it out of the dogs stomach

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