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Hotel owner planning to shut down Albuquerque indoor water park

LOSING ITS HUGE INDOOR WATER PARK — AND SOON. IT )S NOT MAKING MONEY, NOW THE OWNER OF THE HOTEL OFF CARLISLE AND I-40 WANTS TO CLOSE IT. HERE )S NEWS 13 )S FRANCESCA WASHINGTON. DEAN …. PEOPLE CONNECTED TO THE PROJECT SAYS THE HOTEL AND WATERPARK AREN )T DRAWING ENOUGH PEOPLE. NOW THEY WANT TO START FROM SCRATCH. ABQ SURF N SLIDE IS CLOSED FOR THE SEASON… 46:46 “it )s a good thing to have for kids to play around but the locals were just not going.”46:50 BUT THAT CLOSURE COULD SOON BECOME A PERMANENT ONE. 55:16 “Part of the thinking was that the water park would create a destination that would draw people to the hotel. That was true for the summertime months.” 55:23 THE WYNDHAM HOTEL BY CARLISLE AND I-40 OPERATES THE CITY )S ONLY INDOOR WATER PARK. PEOPLE WHO WORK NEAR THE HOTEL SAY BUSINESS HAS DRIED UP… 46;24 “I feel like a lot of people didn )t go to the water park in the first place. It was interesting for a while but they didn )t have enough attraction to keep going.” 46:31 THE ARCHITECT ON A PROPOSED RENOVATION GOING BEFORE THE CITY — SAYS THE CURRENT OWNER HAS ALREADY TRIED REBRANDING THE HOTEL — EVEN A MAKEOVER — BUT COULD NEVER SEEM TO FILL IT… RIGHT NOW PLANS ARE IN THE WORKS TO GET RID OF THE WATER PARK COMPLETELY….POSSIBLY TURNING IT INTO A NEW FITNESS CENTER. 55:25 “pretty much all the other time it was a failing economic venture and it was one more thing that was causing the hotel to just fail.” 55:33 THERE IS ALSO A PLAN TO CONVERT THE HOTEL )S SOUTHEAST BUILDING INTO AN APARTMENT COMPLEX WITH MORE THAN 300 UNITS.. 47:13 I )ve seen a hotel transform from a hotel to an apartment and that seems to be doing well.” 47:17 THE OWNER OF THE HOTEL HOPES CHANGING UP THE USE OF THE BUILDINGS ON THE 11 ACRE SITE WILL BREATHE NEW LIFE INTO THE AREA. 54:32 “the owner is exploring all kinds of options. What is most important about this project is what he wants to do is create an asset for the community.” 54:43 THE PROJECT IS STILL IN ITS EARLY STAGES. NEXT WEEK THE CITY )S DEVELOPMENT REVIEW BOARD WILL DECIDE IF THE OWNER CAN MOVE FORWARD WITH THE OVERHAUL. BACK TO YOU. OKAY FRANCESCA. IF THE PROJECT IS APPROVED, THE OWNER OF THE HOTEL WOULD LIKE TO HAVE THE WORK DONE BY 20-21. IT )S BEEN A WEEK SINCE HURRICANE MICHAEL RIPPED THROUGH FLORIDA )S

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  1. First off those hotels rooms are crap. But worst of all peoples valuables were being stolen from the rooms but there was no sign of a break in, so go figure it was an inside job and not to mention the auto theft constantly a reality in Albuquerque. The only half decent thing there was the water park itself. If Albuquerque business owners don't take customer trust and safety seriously, they will not survive being in that crime riddled city. Who do you think spends their money in attractions like that, tourists not locals. They'll just take their business to a nicer, safer place. Wake up Albuquerque!

  2. I hope this isn't one of the Patel's turning one of our states landmarks into a slum like they often do.

  3. Not to mention their beds have a bed bug problem spent 1 night and woke up with bumps all over my body never again glad its gonna be gone soon

  4. OMG I loved the water park when I was young I wanted to go back but I live in Tucson Arizona I wish it would stay open

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