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Hopscotch | Traditional Outdoor Games Challenge No 22

We are doing hopscotch First you draw a 1 Then you do a 2 Then you do a 3 Then you don’t draw 2 of these (boxes) Then you do a 4 Then you do a 5 Then you do a 6 Then you do a 7 (bird feather) If I want to avoid this (the weed) then I need to do this Do a 8 Then this one 9 And the last one 10 That’s hopscotch Then I get a rock and then i will throw it and whatever i land on i will have to miss out I have to miss out that one (10) and that’s me missed it out and now i will give my little sister a go you had 8 so you need to miss out 8 well done Was hopscotch good? I’m going to draw a village Did you like hopscotch? yes would you like to tell your friends at school? yes

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