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Here we are for the 200th video at AthleanX,
but it’s not time to celebrate just yet. You are going to want to hold that until you
make it through the challenge that we set up specifically to mark this occasion. I want to see if you can make it into the
AthleanX 200 Club. What’s up guys, Jeff Cavaliere, As I said, we’ve hit a monumental video here,
the 200th video. And I said we because without you guys supporting
AthleanX, watching my videos we wouldn’t have gotten here. And I continue to want to do more and plan
to do many many more. And again it’s because you guys support what
it is I do here that makes me want to continue to do these. So I really thank you and appreciate you for,
you know, helping me out. Now, my turn now to help you out, in a way. You wouldn’t think that i would go through
this 200th video without some sort of challenge because you know how important challenges
are to me with AthleanX. Alright. We have challenges throughout the entire program
because they objectively measure progress. It’s not just thinking that you are getting
better or bigger or stronger, but it’s knowing that you are getting bigger, better and stronger
every single week. And that’s what we do with AthleanX is making
you know how you are doing that, but we do that through challenges. So what I want to do for the 200th video here,
is come up with a challenge for you. And I’m going to put the challenge to you
in the form of video responses. Just three exercises to become a part of the
AthleanX 200 Club. To do that you need to do three exercises:
Burpees 50 Reps, Chin-ups 50 reps and
Push-ups 100 reps. You can’t move from one exercise to the next
until you have completed all 50, all 50, or obviously the final 100. Alright? So I’m going to speed through my 200 reps
here, try to set up a benchmark for what it is for me. Sometimes you guys like to make fun of me,
the old guy. So the 37 year old with the gray hair is going
to make his benchmark. But then what we’re going to do is get a target
for you younger guys You are going to have to shave 30 seconds off my time and you older
guys, obviously I can say that, you are going to get an extra 30 seconds. But what I want you to do is the first guy
to post his video response, you are going to set the benchmark and anybody who can beat
that. I want you to put your video response up as
well. Alright? So we’re going to turn this into sort of monumental
video challenge. Can you become part of the AthleanX 200 Club? For me, it’s time for me to take my crack
at it.. And then you guys can step up to the plate
and do yours. So there you have it, the 200 Club. I want to know now, are you going to join
me? Guys this is what we are talking about here. We’re heading quickly into 2013, and I always
say with AthleanX you can start seeing results very quickly. And it’s because you start training in ways
that your body is not used to and you are pushing yourself and you are pushing yourself
through these challenges. So I think that you guys can get started and
start to see results even in the next week or two before we hit the new year. So that you guys are off and running and having
the best year ever because you’re doing the right program. If you haven’t guys already, then jump on
that head start. Get yourself over to ATHLEANX.COM right now
and grab the AthleanX training program. Join me on Team Athlean, take the 200 Club
challenge here with me. And as I said, even before you do that, let’s
see you post those videos up. And see you join the 200 Club here and let
all of us congratulate you in the process. Because again reaching 200 videos is not just
about me up here doing these videos guys. It’s all about you there watching and supporting
what we do So I want to make this a joint effort, me and you tackling the 200 Club challenge. Thank you again very much from the bottom
of my heart guys, and I will be back here again next week with more videos, and uh,
I’m going to go run and catch my breath now. I’ll see you guys back here in 7 days.

Reader Comments

  1. Although I did not video my attempt, my girlfriend did have a stopwatch on me the entire time. She also made sure my reps were clean, and, without cheating. I am 55 years old. My time was 8:04!! This was your best challenge ever. Merry Christmas to you all!

  2. Yes, Scott herman is awesome, but for ME< he's too wight oriented. I have done weights for a bout three years now and I like more calistenics and body weight. I do both along with Six pack shortcuts, but EVERY workout this guy does is right on. Scott is very good, but JEFF is master. And he trains the mets, so he wouldn't do that if he was not the best…

  3. 8:14. I know my cardio isn't as good as it could be but I'm in good shape and this was very tough. I think if I didn't do full chin ups and full push ups (most do half to save joint pain and time) I think I could have beaten your time! nice video I always love a good challenge.

  4. this guy is dead on, don't focus only on one source for your fitness information, variety is the spice of life switch it up!

  5. Well, first you should consider the physical appearance of the two, Scott is obviously 100% natural., but Jeff?
    And how can you say that one is very good and the other is a "master"? Master of what?
    There are only differents systems, but, I consider first WHO shows me a system, it is certainly natural or could make use of steroids? So, perhaps if one makes use of steroids, but on the other I have no doubt, which of the two is more logical to follow (for a natural)?

  6. Finally, for a non-English speaker, Scott is more understandable, not only for the way he talks, but mainly because he speaks very little and shows what is most important (exercises, routines, etc.).

  7. Are you kidding me?! You claim to KNOW that Scott is natural and Jeff is on roids. HAHAHAHAHA! Get a life! I honestly don't think that either one is juicing, they would be bigger in my opinion. Jeff has a great physique and so does Scott, but I will take Jeff's knowledge any day. He actually knows how the body works! Claiming someone is juiced because they have spent 20 years working hard is just an excuse, you want to believe the only way to get the physique he has is by cheating. Wrong!

  8. Hey great challenge just started a rigid regiment with my 9y/o son and we did this today in 15min I was taking it easy on him and helping him but it was still a pretty tuff challenge.. afterwards we did 100 sit ups for a total time of 24:50 so I guess is the 300 challenge lol thanks for the motivation!!!

  9. Well thats not correct bcos im over 30 and i feel fitter and healthier than i did 10 years ago! This is just an assumption. And the guy in the vid definately isnt old.

  10. I love your high intensity challenges as they help with my cardio for Muay Thai! Can't wait to get back in the gym once I've recovered enough from my surgery. Great work!

  11. Would this be a burst conditioning day ?. Also i notice that in some of the Fat burners you doing things like push-ups and pull ups , how come that don't effect the weight training you did before at the gym ?./

  12. I'm 49 years old. I just completed the 200 Challenge in 9:42. I learned two things – I am capable of completing this challenge in under 10 minutes and I HATE BURPEES!!!!

  13. I'd love to see the form/ extension of those under 6 minutes. I'd rather take a little longer and get some decent form in so your getting real extension and contractions.

  14. i usally do 32 reps till i get to 100 but itake like 5 min breaks is that alright? or i dont always finish 100, these are push ups

  15. These types of workouts just burn fat and is very taxing on the cardio. It will make you a bit stronger and tone you up but not much stronger. If you are training for pure strength then 8-12 reps is best. You can do your pushups with a bagpack and some weight that makes you fail at that rep range. Just make sure the bagpack is on your upper back. You can do the same with pull ups. Just google these things.

  16. I'd love to go for a run, i like running, but it's -10 out there and I don't really know how to run on an ice, I have a pretty good diet tho and now i wanted to get some intense excercises that i can do at home to increase my metabolism and burn some fat, I can work hard and go for a run but, it must be at least 0 deegres out there.

  17. i want to increase my height .. i m going to b 20 years old next month… but i hang up on the rod .. i do hard wor.. .. nw my height is aprox 5"9' but i need 6feet.. plz help… only u can help me jeff sir..
    with regards
    ur obedient fan
    aseem grover
    email [email protected]

  18. ugh im so fucking out of shape, havent worked out in over 2 years in this lazy rut i cant get out of. but i still looked kind of toned and im not overweight or overly skinny 160 pounds im 24. work a labour job at a sawmill that keeps me half ass in shape..anybody got any ideas on what i should do? i cant be soar as fuck for my job need to be 100%

  19. is the challenge meant to be hard ? I do power-lifting but could easily do this I mean dang I do 200 pull ups just to warm up

  20. powerlifting ! do a program like the 5×5, there are you tube videos on how to do it and it is very basic low volume ( so it wont hurt ) but has great results mainly in strength but more strength mean a better body. Also I use to work 7 days a week in a very heavy labour job doing around 8 to 12 hours a day and still manged to be in the gym 3 days a week as well as cross country running twice a week excuses are for the weak you body will adapt to the pressure you put on it

  21. What would be a good, consistent, normal diet program for this workout everyday? I do alot of pushups, pullups (for back) and sometimes chinups with a 5 minute belly workout… but I really want to know how one should eat to get most out of this. I weigh 70kg did weights and now just keeping in shape at home.

  22. Revisiting AthLEAN X – 1 since losing my mojo a while back. Currently on Day #24 and still managed to finish at 12:58 and I am 34. STAY STRONG!!

  23. Hello Jeff, I rarely ever comment but I figured I would take a chance and share a bit. I am 31 year old army veteran with way to my health issues and hospital visits for someone my age. I am dealing with fibromyalgia (which I still have problems believing the pain is not just in my head). Add on some injuries and weight gain and motivation is at an all time low. It took every ounce of effort I could muster to even attempt to try my luck at anything more intense than walking. Even with a slightly bruised ego, I am a bit embarrassed to share that I only managed 3 very slow and clumsy burpees, 3 gravity defying pullups, and 15 somewhat solid yet on knees pushups. With that out in the open I strangely find myself determined to work my way up to this challenge. It seems nect to impossible for me but I have only failed myself in the past by not sticking to a goal. At 5'11" about 245 lbs I need to do something to regain my life and my health. Thank you for the videos you guys post.


  24. Very hard sweating my ass off again I had to improvise w the pull ups I used a rack called the rack n did 100 instead of 50 I did 50 burpees n 150 pushup in 6 min 40 sec but my burpees didn't feel like they looked good. I did this workout after doing the double x challenge. Great workout jeff

  25. I don't think I could finish it under 10min..pushup burpees and chin up are 2 exercises that I hate the most

  26. 30 old , finish at 14 min , not easy task, but it was good warm up preworkout 😉 my entire workout last in total 40 min and my body thinks that it trained for hours heh,
    thanks Jeff

  27. i call shennegans on many people posting under 8 min BECAUSE i feel quite sure their chinups are crap. not impossible, but remember Jeff always advocates form over reps.

  28. I thought I was in decent shape. 20yrs old 10:20mins
    The pull/chin ups kicked my butt. Gonna start doing this at least 3×a month

  29. hey Jeff, i can tell you right now. i wouldn`t make it through the burpees because of my knees and heels. i wouldn`t make it past the first pull up either, as i couldn`t do a pull up to save my soul. the only thing i might stand a chance doing, would be the pushups. i`ve never been very good at pushups, but i stand a better chance doing the pushups than any of the other 2 exercises!! another thing that holds me back is my breathing. i`d be out of breath in no time flat!! i have no control on my breathing whenever i`m doing body weight type exercising, i tend to hold my breath too much!! thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

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