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hey everyone welcome back! so today is episode number three of workout with me challenge. I dont know if that’s a challenge for you guys, let me know in the comments below ! for me I have to say sometimes it is tough to talk and do the workout at the same time! today I thought we would do a little Pilates workout because pilates is one my favorite way to train muslces like a long and lean and strong. however, there are a few things that in Pilates aren’t really safe to do especially for the abs, I’m going to talk about this throughout the workout because it’s actually a workout where we can talk. we’re not like out of breathe like crazy, it does pinch in all the right places but it’s not a workout that’s going to exhaust you, you know. before I start I just want to say few rules that I’ve learned in my Pilates class when I used to take them when I was in Sydney. so the first thing to take care of when you’re doing pilates is your alignment. because it is really a workout that is supposedly going to help you to have a good alignment of your body. so the first thing that’s really important to do, I might have not picked the right top for showing you this, so it’s your back alignment. so like, you don’t want to have an arch in your spine and you don’t want to round your thing, your thing, your spine and also you don’t want to have a to pronounced forward pelvic tilt. this is not good. it’s really like a neutral spine and a slight, just a slight pelvic tilt but not like to the point here. find your neutral position okay, don’t try to avoid that natural arch that you have already. so that’s number one rule, and number two is, we are going to do a lot of exercise on our side. a lot of time on video you see people doing things like that. this is the right move for your leg but it is very bad for your neck because it puts a lot of pressure it is not good to strain your neck like this. the two options you have is, either you lay on your arm, that’s like a good, right, alignment and then you can do your legs stuff.. either you push with your arm away and you’re up there I much prefer going back down, and do my stuff. so these are the two things that I wanted to talk about before I start because I’m not going to be able to explain them as we go through all the exercises. final thing is that you can use if you want ankle weights, they are great to add a little bit of resistance if you’re really used to strength training and all that, sometimes you want to add a little bit of weight so I’m going to put them around my ankles, and if you also want you can use a resistance, this is like a thera band but I’m not going to show you today do let me know if you want me to do a workout with resistance bands, but yeah I’m just going to keep it simple if you don’t have ankle weights don’t worry this workout is fine still. sorry for all that rant but I thought it was necessary, hope you enjoy your workout and I’m going to start right away with the clamp. again, I hope you enjoy this, I hope you enjoyed that serie, if you do, I would really appreciate you tell me in the comments below. b because sometimes I just don’t know if this video interests you or not, so if you enjoy doing this workout, please let me know in the comments below, I d really appreciate that. I hope you had a good workout and that you felt a little burn hum yummy burn! if you still want to work out with me I have done two other videos that are up already or you can just keep replaying this video maybe two or three times to get a full workout and yeah thank you for watching and don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoy this video and to give this video a like as usual and I’ll see you guys next time bye

Reader Comments

  1. 🔥🔥🔥 encore des exos peu communs et un workout sans impact, j'achète 😂 hâte de le faire !

  2. Yes an other amazing workout !!!!!!!👍👍👍 I have never tried Pilate exercises before so I think it could interesant for me 😅😅
    I just don't remember the name of the timer that you use ….

  3. Je viens de le faire et je pense que c'est ma séance préféré ! Je n'avais jamais essayé les pilates et je pense que ça me correspond davantage ! Merci pour cette séance 😀

  4. Je n'avais jamais pris le temps de regarder tes entraînements sportifs auparavant et je peux dire que c'était une grossière erreur !
    Il y a 2-3 exercices que je fais déjà et qui fonctionnent très bien ! 😁
    Ton entraînement a vraiment l'air excellent, je vais le tester ! 😉

  5. Tes vidéos sont superbes, merci pour tout ❤ j'ai du mal, vraiment du mal à me mettre au sport ! j'ai regardé cette vidéo sans faire le workout mais ça m'a donné envie de le faire 💕 promis demain j'essaye ça 💪

  6. merci Amélie! J'aime beaucoup ce format de vidéo: c'est cool de faire en même temps que toi; je trouve qu'on peut vraiment prendre le temps de voir comment bien faire les mouvements
    J'enchaine avec une autre des tes vidéos sport, tu m'as motivée 😀
    Bisous et encore merci <3

  7. I just finished this workout, the hardest exercise was the bridge 🔥 thank you for this series, I really enjoy it! the only pilates exercise I did before is standing bend pulses (idk how it's actually called in English but it's for side abs), I find it really helps reducing the 'muffin tops' 😄

  8. Waouh, je viens de le faire et c'était dur ! Merci pour cet entraînement, je vais essayer de le faire tous les jours (ou alors en tester d'autres que tu as pu poster) !

  9. Ca n'a vraiment rien à voir avec les cours de pilates que je faisais en cours collectif, tes exercices sont beaucoup intenses alors que le pilates que je connaissais se rapprochait plutôt du yoga et de la danse classique! j'aime bien les deux, j'espère que tu referas d'autres vidéos ! merci pour le partage 🙂

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