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Home workout or walking with resistance bands

Ann Butenas: Hi, I’m Ann Butenas, owner of
KC Metro Woman Magazine and talk show host for KC Metro Woman Live on Hot Talk 1510AM
in Kansas City. As a sports enthusiast, and I love to exercise, I was recently introduced
to these kinetic bands, and I love them, primarily for the fact that I love to run and they enhance
my workout, because they tone and firm and tighten at the same time. Side stepping. Back
to back. I walk fast. Keep up with me. Stop on a bridge
like this. Use this for balance, and incorporate other movements to enhance my daily walk.
Boo. Which is perfect for getting that hip into shape, the quadriceps and of course,
that inner thigh, which we all know if you want to slip on those jeans and look good,
you need to work that muscle. Here’s a move you can try while you’re walking.
Just get that full range of motion. As you can see, there are so many ways that you can
utilize these bands just to enhance an afternoon walk. You can use bands as … if you’re watching
TV or you just want to kick back and relax, you can still get in a quality workout. Commercial
breaks or during your show. This is really comfy.

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