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HOME WORKOUT FROM HELL – 5 Killer Home Exercises !!!

You think putting on your weights means losing
your chance to put on muscle? I am going to show you today with some of
the hardest body-weight exercises that that is NOT the case. [Music Intro] What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere We are going to look today at some of the
hardest body-weight exercises. Now right away people are probably going to
say, “Oh body weight means I can’t put on muscle. I have to really hit the iron in order
to add on muscle and I have to be at the gym to do that.” Completely wrong. In the Athlean-X training system I give you
a home program and a gym program because I know that you can still be working out at
home and getting great results. Remember, if you want to look like an athlete,
you have to train like an athlete. You can do that with your own body weight
in a lot of instances. So I am going to show you here exercises that
you can start doing that are going to be difficult and definitely add muscle. First one is our lunge-tuck jump combo. you lunge out, you come back into your squat,
tuck jump and then lunge out again then back into your squat, tuck and do that sequence. So you do a few of these. Now you want to add and make it even more
difficult? Put a couple of dumbbells on your shoulders
or a weighted vest and try to do that. Now I am heading over to the wall. Shoulder presses, everyone is used to doing
shoulder presses and they think that is the only way of getting bigger muscles. Wrong again: how about if we do a shoulder
press with our own body weight. Do you think we can work something here and
make it more difficult? Yes. Now before you start writing in and saying
this is a dangerous exercise and I should have my PT license taken away for recommending
it. Listen: this is an advanced exercise. If you can’t support your own body weight
against the wall, don’t do it. Use dumbbells and do what you can do. But for certain guys you can do body-weight
hand stand push-ups. Again get your body close to the wall and
walk your feet up just like that. Walk yourself in, come straight down and straight
up. It is like a military press again on my head. So straight down and straight up, OK? If you start to feel yourself get fatigued,
cut a few reps short. This is not an exercise that you want to go
over on you guys. Next let’s get the chest and upper body, here. Down to the ground. We are going to work in that always explosive
upper body move: the plyo push-up with a variation of a one-arm push-up. It is not a strict one-arm push-up, it is
a variation. What we do is get up in a position here, as
I go down I am going to favor my right side. So I am going to make my right side do all
the work, down here, OK,push-up and off, slide over here, push-up and off, down and plyo
OK? I bring it right down into this side again,
push-up. and push-up to that side, down and plyo. Just like that. OK? Definitely a difficult body-weight only
exercise that I guarantee will help you add muscle to your chest. Next let’s come over here to our pull-up bar. we can do pull-ups and that is a hard enough
body-weight exercise as it is. But can we make it more difficult? Yes. we can make our grip play a bigger part by
hanging something over the bar. You have seen me use a leash before, you hang
a leash over the bar. You can hang a T-shirt over the bar or a rope. I will turn this way so you can see what is
going on. Basically I am in a dead-hang position so
come straight down, work my grip. Then I am going to curl my body under so I
can work my abs at that same time. So here, pull it under, hold it, now dead-hang
pull-up, straight up. No momentum, come down, establish a bottom. [Repeats exercise] OK? Working your core at the same time. Finally: triceps. Again, I have demonstrated this one once before
but it is worth repeating. One of the best exercises you can do is a
body-weight triceps extension. Getting on the bar is like laying on your
back with a substitution for a nose-breaker. You get right up under here. This could be the edge of a bed, it doesn’t
have to be a bar and a squat rack. It could be anything. Hands on the side, duck your head down. You are going to head underneath the bar,
until you have a bend in your elbow and then you are going to extend out. Again, it is like an extended nose-breaker. [Exercises] OK? So definitely working the triceps. So guys, what I want you to see here is that
whether I am doing jump-tuck lunges or using the wall, or using my own body-weight on the
floor, or using a regular pull-up bar with my own body-weight, You can do anything. That is what Athlean-X is about. It is about training your body to be more
athletic by bringing athleticism into the workouts. Bringing explosiveness into the workouts and
to manipulate your own body-weight against the elements here. To become stronger, and yes-become bigger. Not just body-weight: we have a whole gym
program to go use the weights as you are used to but always mix this stuff in too. Guys if you haven’t already, head to,
grab your own 90 day training system. Start incorporating moves just like this so
that 90 days from now, you are not only going to feel more athletic, you are going to look
more athletic. I guarantee that you will have more muscle
than you do now. I will see you guys back here in a week. For now enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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