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Home Strength Training Exercises : Dumbbell Bicep Curls

Hi, this is Rod Zervakas, ISSA certified personal
trainer. On behalf of Expert Village, today we’re doing a home body workout. We’ve done
the chest. Done the back. We’re working on arms right now. We have done curls with the
easy bar. And what we’re going to work on right now is the concentration curl. The difference
is with the easy bar both hands are working at the same time. What we’re going to work
on right now is each hand individual. That’s going to isolate any weaknesses we have in
either arm. So what you want to do is take your weight, place your elbow against your
leg, something stationary. Bring it down, curl straight up. Down, curl straight up.
Down, curl straight up. Now, when you switch hands, you’ll find that one arm is weaker
than the other nine times out of ten. All that means is that you need to spend a little
more time on the weaker arm. Bring it up to snuff till where they’re both working at the
same time. But again, concentration curl, stationary with the elbow, one at a time and
it’s going to basically show you any weakness that you have.

Reader Comments

  1. lol same here. everytime i work my chest i always feel it on the right more. even when its sore…and my left bicep is bigger than my right same for tricep in the opposite way. and i'm right handed

  2. I got 2 dumbbells and they are 7kg each. Got any tips howsi can train with them? i want to make some muscles on my hands.

  3. well, im no expert but you should check out scooby's channel 😉
    he has a lot of chest excercises and he also explains how to do them correctly
    put in the search box "killer chest workout" and he should pop up

  4. oh man, i'm a 40 year old huge green skinned troll, who lives in his mom's basement and i never do more than 4 reps ever… in a year >_> palease 😀

  5. @StunnaHard123

    Don't make me laugh..since 3 months I started with 7kg, and it was so hard to me to make even a 10, but today, i do 10 with 15kg

  6. hey I am newbie and start with 8kgs coz I have 8kgs dumbbell only … I think it's heavy ahha..
    how come I can only do 12rep and can't do more ?

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