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Home Fat Loss Workout – TRY THIS Fat Burning Challenge!!

Home Fat Loss Workout – TRY THIS Fat Burning
Challenge!! If you are like most guys you hate Valentines
Day. But after this video, I promise you are going
to hate it even more. What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM As I said, Valentines Day, not usually at
the top of the love list for guys. You’re on the hook for a present guys, and
if you didn’t, you are in the doghouse two days later. What you have to do though is look at it in
a different way. Maybe there is some good that can come out
of Valentines Day. Well for me there is, and I have created a
workout based out of it, affectionately called the St. Valentines Day Massacre. So as I said you may not like Valentines Day
any more and actually you’re going to be liking it even less by the time this is over. And this is why, because this is a challenge. Now when we talk about challenges with AthleanX,
it really serves as the basis of what we do. Challenges make you work harder. I can throw any workout on any piece of paper
and say here, go do it, and then I don’t know what kind of effort I am going to get back
from you. And unfortunately most of the workout programs
out there are set up that way. Here is your workout, go do it and let’s see
what you can do, no indication at all what kind of effort that you are putting in. So with AthleanX I make it a point to make
sure that we challenge you and have objective scoring in place. So that I know that you are getting better
and you know that you are getting better. And if you are not, you can go back and repeat
these things so that you do know when you are getting stronger and to the point when
you are ready for more challenges. Ok. The St. Valentines Day Massacre is one example
of that. What we are going to do is 4 exercises:
Mountain Climber Burpees, we are going to show you each one in a second. Jack Pushups
Plyo Inverted Rows, and then Sprinter Lunge Leaps, ok, a different version
of that actually. Your challenge is to go through these and
get up to a point where you can see where you can’t do any more. So 5 reps of everything, 4 in a row, no rests. Go right back through them again. 10 reps of everything, then 15 reps of everything,
climb all the way up. Just as your pulse and heart rate starts pounding
here for Valentines Day, you are going to try to keep trying escalating and raising
that number, 5,10,15,20,25. Until you can’t do any one of these for that
number of reps. So if you are in the second round and you
are doing 10 and you can’t get out 10 Jack Push-ups, then you are done. Alright. Scoring; we are going to look at scoring right
here. Scoring-wise, again AthleanX Scoring in our
challenges. Basix, Solid, Pro, Elite, and X-treme. If you can’t get through the first round of
5’s of these then you are a Basix. Solid – 10’s or less
Pro – 15’s or less Elite – 20’s or less, and
X-treme if you can get 25 of every exercise or more. Now, guys if you are claiming X-treme status
here, come with a video. Don’t just tell me you did it and write it
down below, but come with a video and put up a video response that shows you doing that. Alright. Now let me show you the exercises. The Mountain Climber Burpees, right here. We come down to the ground, start with our
hands down on the ground, like in our pushup position, knee up and go 5 quick mountain
climbers, 1-2-3-4-5, drop down, up and jump. OK, So it looks like this. (demo) Ok, next, Jack Push-ups. For you guys on Team Athlean, a new one for
you. We always come up with new exercises and incorporate
them into our programs. The Jack Push-up is one example. For Plyometric Pushup we know that you clap
and push-ups or side to side, but with Jack Push-up, we have to get enough clearance of
our upper body to be able to crisscross our feet and do sort of a like jumping jack pattern. So it looks like this, our feet are crossed,
down, up, down, up, ok. That is the foot movement., but now we have
to get ourselves off the ground. So, feet are crossed, down, up (demo) I only did 6. Next, right over here, Plyo Inverted Rows. If you are on the athletics program, you’ve
seen the Inverted Row Exercise. I like it because it is a different way for
us to be able to do and work our back. Maybe if you even had a pull-up bar, because
you can set up for this with, some guy wrote and said a microphone stand had been used,
but a golf club, a broom, a shovel, over and across of anything, you know, two chairs,
anything sturdy enough. Of course if you have a bar, use it. Feet are flat on the ground, come up until
your chest hits the bar, but we are going to make it a Plyo Inverted Row. So up, ok let go, 3,4, got to make contact,
upper chest with the bar, just like that. Decelerate on the way down. And then finally. Our Sprinter Lunge Leaps, right here. Gonna jump out, a Sprinter Lunge looks like
this, really works the glutes, in that back position here. The glutes are loaded up, hands are down,
it is basically the starting block position. So we are going to have you jump out to that
position, out, decelerate, and jump back out, in, back out. Ok. So you have got to get 5 on each leg. Again, no rest, right back into your first
one. Mountain Climber Burpees for 10, all the way
through the circuit again, and that is the idea guys. AthleanX is a program that challenges you. Through our Athlean challenges, if your workout
program isn’t challenging you, making you breathe hard, like I am now, making sure that
the effort that you are putting in is one that is going to make you change your body
because it is forcing you to, then you are not getting enough out of your workouts and
that is what we try to do here. Guys, if you are new to Athlean challenges,
take this home for a test drive. And remember, tell me your score down below. Tell me whether you are a Basix, Solid, Pro,
Elite or X-treme. Guys already on Team Athlean you know the
drill, get in here, get after it, and get better every single day. For you guys that don’t have the program,
head over to, grab the 90 day training program, and see what it is like
to challenge yourself every single week to get you into your new Athlean body just 12
weeks from now. I will see you guys back here in seven days. Another new workout plan. Make sure and let me know if you like this
one. Take Care.

Reader Comments

  1. I had my women do this today with a few changes. They ere done in 20 mins. and some were done in 15. Do the mountain climbers go up in #? I wasn't clear on that. I am going to make my next class do ascending mountain climbers and watch them suffer!

  2. Pretty sure Jeff can do! I had my women do ascending man climbers . They were dying. Even my killers stopped after 15. Try it that way. Much harder. They kept hands on ground for push ups but jumped the legs.

  3. i mean solid but nice video brov it made me feel ripped and within 2 weeks i will be ripped!thx helped alot.keep up the good videos and u just got a subscribe:)

  4. Hey dude do you supplement at all? And if you do what supplements would you recommend to lean out and help me gain solid muscle?

  5. A self assessment of what level of condition you are at is totally blown out if the water by the next ATHLEAN video ! The challenge of rising to, or at least, attempting to rise to the challenge is exciting and fun.My regular work out routines are no longer regular or routine! How do you come up with all this stuff Jeff ? Have mercy on us.

  6. i am so inspired by your videos it gets me motivated and you have taught me alot but i have a question… I have belly fat that im trying to get rid of and i know that i cant lose fat in just one area but exercises can shape your areas so my question is can ab workouts help you get skinnier? I would love a responce thanks alot i would really apriciate it

  7. What is your problem man?He is giving you an alternative.There are people who cannot find time to go to the gym!He is the best!

  8. Bad ass work out, I got to pfo anf my god it hurt lol, been doing body building stuff and decided to come back to ath-x for some more pain every now and then, first time ive sweated in awhile 🙂

  9. I don't think you're even extreme cause you were breathing pretty hard after that first set. And the reps are misleading, 25 mountain burbees equals 125 mountain climbs and 50 of those single leg hops are ont the last set.

  10. LOL, talking shit over the internet. I think we both know who the real bitch is. I wonder if you would have the same choice of words face to face.

  11. When you go back after your first set of 5, do you do 10 mountain climbers with your legs, or 5 climbers and 10 of the whole exercise?

  12. it's great being able to train at home & get similar results to training at the gym – just gotta stay self declined enough to stick to it.

  13. Hi Jeff, I completed this workout all the way through to the 25 reps! What an absolute killer of a workout. I'll be sure to be doing it again this valentine's day and beyond. Here's a link to the video "watch?v=STyNZLDgrhg"

  14. I'm a girl…I know I shouldn't be here but hey, I just want to feel better about myself because I really don't feel good.

  15. can i do these exercise with my lumbar disc problem i have L4 L5 S1 lumber disc  since 2,5years

  16. There is no way for losing fat without risk without work­ out cor­rectly and control the diet. Pills and drugs will co­me with harmful side-effects.

  17. Combining burpees and mountain climbers, who invented this. haha this is definelty a challenge! Doing this today, nice workout!

  18. Outer Edge Polar Challenge Ride for Leukaemia

  19. I just got back into working out in the past month in a half after 4 years off being a single dad to an infant/toddler. I got past 15 reps on each topping out on round 4. I have a bumb shoulder that is popping every time I move it for the last week and real down on my health for the past few years with serious organ issues and visits to ER but I got to keep trying. I want to be better then average and super dad for my 4 year old daughter.

  20. If you can do 5 reps on all then move on to 10 reps but can do 10 reps on one but not the other, is that when you stop the workout or you keep trying to do the other ones up to 10 and then stop? im confused.

  21. This is great. I am starting back to working out after 15 years of do whatever I want..Well I am still gonna do whatever I want and I want an atheletes body..Thanks for your videos.

  22. The funny thing is that most people don't know (without a google type search) what the real st valentines day massacre is…

  23. is it okay to do 30 minute treadmill cardio training (HIIT) and weight training on the same day if my goal is to be more athletic and have a good physique as well. I'm really confused because there's a lot of reviews saying that "no it's not wise to do both on the same day" and some says "there's no problem with that"


    I would really appreciate your comments and suggestions.

  24. Why are all the things he shows us involve you being some sort of freaking acrobat, jack pushups? I'll prolly smash my face attempting that.

  25. I couldn't do even one Jack-Pushup. Wasn't able to push back up. I just haven't exercised in forever so I know its my fault. I'm hoping maybe with everyday use of my arms again, by doing the exercises before it, like the mountain climber burpees will help me eventually do the Jack Pushups.

  26. I love watching Jeff do this shit. He does it so fluidly, and makes it look so easy… then I actually try it, realize my limitations, and feel dead inside. lol

  27. but uncle jeff if i do cardio and weight lifting i'l be overtraining and my muscles will become burnt steak.

  28. ….. I love this one, but I was in a car accident, about 5 years ago!!!

    And, do you respond to me, on ""'???

  29. 6:07 , 6:13 i can hear your knees poppin jeff! you're freaken amazing for showing us these workouts even with your knees like that. GOAT STATUS

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