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Home Fat Burning Workout – The “HURRICANE HEADRUSH” Bodyweight Workout

I will see you guys here next week, another
workout. I think back to bullet proof for the shoulder. Something really important you should know
about what happens when you train your shoulders. [Music Intro] What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere We have interrupted this week’s show here
to give us something different. I know I had promised something about a shoulder
tip, something about how to keep your shoulders healthy. It is going to have to wait for a week because
if you have been following the news here In the United States on the East Coast we
are getting slammed by Hurricane Irene. As a matter of fact it is coming up towards
the X-box tomorrow, so we have to do something that allows us to get our workouts in. And I want to do a conditioning workout You guys always ask for more of those. Well as you know with Athlean Burst Conditioning We don’t always rely on treadmills, so we
don’t care if we are in the middle of a hurricane. We can still get our workouts in because we
don’t need electricity. And I am going to show you right now with
what I have created The Hurricane Headrush Workout. Now basically, I am sparing you the meteorology
here Because I am not a meteorologist- But I can tell you that a hurricane as it
works in towards the center eye gets more intense. What we are going to do is go 60 reps on the
outside perimeter of this workout, of Mountain Climbers Fairly low intensity exercise. Then we are going to keep the same position
of 40 reps of what I call Twisting Mountain Climber. So now we are increasing the intensity a little
bit while we are decreasing the reps. Next 30 reps of Froggers, I will show you
what those look like. Again another variation on the same position,
very intense. When you start to add all this up, your upper
body is going to be torches, your lower body, your core, everything. Next thing Burpees, you all love them or hate
them to death. We are going to do 20 regular Burpees. And then lead into 10-as we get right outside
that eye-10 Tuck Jump Burpees. Kind of combine what we did last week, go
into the Burpees, very, very intense. We are going to hit the eye, which is going
to be a static plank for 2 minutes. Now the hurricane is still going here, so
you are going to have to work hard. A 2 minute plank and then we are going to
reverse this direction To get out of the hurricane as it passes through. Right back to 10,20,30, 40, 60 of these same
exercises. So let me take you through this thing and
show you what it is going to look like. Bring it over here. Basically we start off with 60 Mountain Climbers. Get down into position and you know the Mountain
Climber Get onto your forearms. When I say 60: one-one, two-two. [Exercises] OK that is 10, you have to keep it going all
the way up to 60. Next we go Twisting Mountain Climber so we
get a little more of our obliques by coming down Same thing, across the body and across the
body. It is still one-one, two-two, thre-three. All the way down, 40 reps. Next one: Froggers. In this position: here hop them in, hop them
out. In and out, it is like a Burpee but we are
not standing out. In, Out. 30. OK? And we come up into the Burpees, straight
down, down, out, and up. You don’t have to do a push up here. Just down, out and up. Try to keep your pacing up, OK, 20. Then 10 of our Tuck Jump Burpees. Real tough, out here. [Repeats motions] OK? Now into our active rest which will be
our 2 minute plank Have your stop watch, hold yourself. If you find that gets to be too hard, drop
down and still keep that plank engaged. Don’t go through a full rep position like
that. As soon as your 2 minutes are up, then up
to your feet. More Tuck Jump Burpees, 20 of the regular
Burpees, 30 of the Froggers, 40 Mountain Climbers, and 60 Twisting Mountain Climbers. Guys, like I said, this is what Athlean-X
Burst Conditioning is about. You go through periods of high intensity to
active rest. You never just rest: active rest like our
2 minute plank. Back into pairs of high intensity. It is training at its best, it is unique. It combines strength training with conditioning
to get the most out of you. This is what we talked about. Forget the treadmills, unplug them not just
today during a hurricane but unplug them forever As you work on and build up your strength
and stamina in one shot. If you haven’t already,guys Head to, get the Athlean-X training
system. Burst Training. I am starting to have some problems here guys Go to and grab your program today. Guys we will be here next week, we think. And if you are still there for another good
workout from Athlean-X. I will see you another 7 days from now.

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