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We ruffled some feathers last week. we are going to revisit that point last week
about the chest fly fallacy And I am going to show you how to apply again
some muscle physiology To show you that you can actually train your
upper chest without an incline bench. [Music Intro] What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere As I pointed out we did We ruffle some feathers
last week when I kind of addressed the chest fly. Now I think we got a little bit off track. Some people thought I said the chest fly didn’t
work the chest. That’s not what I said. Guys what I said was, people do the chest
fly exercise Because they are going for the additional
stretch that you get on the bottom portion of the move That allows you to get a greater contraction
of the chest. That’s the argument people make for doing
the chest fly. I showed you that it absolutely has no merit. Now I am going to revisit that here in a second. You have got to remember here guys. Athlean-X is about applying actual science
behind what we do. Now I am a physical therapist. This is what I have studied for my entire
life. So there is no weekend course that I have
tried To pass on my information that I have learned
over the last 3 days To help you guys get bigger, in better shape. This is a lifetime full of work and that’s
what I am trying to do. Put this to you. Now guys maybe you are not going to be comfortable
with every single thing I have said. And maybe it is going to fly in the face of
what people accept as fact. But when you apply real science to it, it
doesn’t stand up. It doesn’t hold up. If you want to hear what you want to hear There’s other channels on YouTube for that
you guys. Here at Athlean-X we are talking about building
muscle And getting in the best shape of your life. Again, I see guys mentioning guys like Ronnie
Coleman, and Dorian Yates I’ll tell you what guys If you think that those guys built their bodies
with just chest flys And it didn’t involve anything like a $50,000.00
supply of something else Then you are probably mistaken. We don’t do that at Athlean-X. We are about building bodies the natural way And building athletes stronger and functional Not just looking like a big bag of meet up
on the stage. so now, here is what we are talking about
again with that chest fly Yes, you guys are talking about feeling contraction
at the top of the movement. That is what the chest does because it abducts
the arm Meaning it brings the arm across the chest. OK? So you are getting that squeeze on the chest. My argument is, you do not get an extra stretch
on the chest muscle, the chest alone, by going into this position for the fly- Or a regular bottom position of a bench press. You don’t. There is no extra stretch given, based upon
physiology That allows the chest to be stretched more
out here. Again, you stretch that other muscle that
we talked about last week. In this position, with this much weight, you
could tear a chest muscle. It is not worth it. so how do we get the benefit of the abduction
at top? Simple, we do our regular bench press with
dumbbells Here we bring them up, we turn them and squeeze
them together. So now I have the benefit of the abduction
of a fly. It is the end of the fly movement Without having to put myself in that position
way out here that I don’t like. So maximum stretch of the chest right here,
up in the middle. Alright? So that solves that. And again, guys, like I said, you might find
what you want to hear other places. But I am recommending that that is not always
the best advice. Now the next thing we want to do is address
how do we do the upper chest on a flat bench. A lot of guys don’t have an inclined bench
in their house or at their disposal but they still want to train their upper chest. So here we are going back to the physiology
and I am going to show you how. The chest has fibers called the clavicular
part of the pec major And basically the fibers run from right up
under your clavicle and the run down this direction, OK? So what it will actually do is flex the arm And you can see that as I flex the shoulder
here, all these fibers get activated. So how can we flex the arm more in doing a
flat bench. we have to reverse our grip. So we come down, dumbbells face me; my hands
are facing me directly. That will be facing you; right here facing
me. And I keep my elbows in tight to my side. So the second benefit of this exercise is
you are going to get some triceps recruitment too. But as I come up, watch what happens to the
arm. And you will see from the camera angle here,
more on the side a little bit As this arm comes up, it is coming up and
backwards, And you can see that I just flexed the shoulder,
OK? Here, it’s coming up and backwards to a point
where it is straight up over me. So if I were to sit up it is the same movement
as if I were to go from here to here. It’s just that I am laying down, so I am going
here to here. So the way this looks; you want to stay nice
and slow In control, palms facing you, come up, push
up right up over your chest. And you will see those upper fibers of the
chest are really activated up top, OK? Watch. Down in here, right down to my sides As I come up, I am going to push up just like
that. And you can see how much those engage and
be activated. Down, up, squeeze it, up to the top. Again, we still have that abduction that I
showed you, the dumbbells coming together at the top of the movement. That we had the other day here from the other
exercise. So just like that. So having that in that position forces the
arm not just to come out Because if we are out here, we are not getting
that flexion in the shoulder. We are only getting the abduction across the
body. If we are here, we are going to get some of
that flexion in and tie it up together. So guys, like I said before at Athlean-X It is about creating strong, lean athletic
muscle. This is not about becoming a bloated body-builder. It is not about looking puffy. It is about being functional, taking the muscle
that you gained, take it out to whatever it is you do. Whether you are a weekend warrior, or whether
you are a guy that competes. On the field, in real competition like the
pro-athletes I work with. That’s about excelling in what you do. And that is what Athlean-X is all about. If you haven’t guys already, you want to become
part of this movement You want to be Team Athlean, we have spots
for you. If you haven’t already, head to
grab the Athlean-X training program. Get yourself in the best shape of your life. Become the most functional athlete, inner
athlete that you have inside you. Be the best that you can be guys. I will be back here again next week. More stuff, more videos. I appreciate all you guys who like the science
behind this And enjoy what I am bringing to you each and
every week. Again I will see you on Team Athlean And I will see you back here in about 7 days.

Reader Comments

  1. Subscribed. But couldn't I do front raises for upper chest? I mean they have the exact same movement as you explained here.

  2. Jeff,

    I have cerebral palsy and have been taught in many ways how to stretch my legs which resulted in a neglect of my upper body. You've taught me that even with my weaker core and tighter legs there are still ways to get stretched and strong in the upper body, one step at a time. Thank you.

  3. So how come when my pecs were sore recently and I did flys, I felt it way more than when I did bp? And yea, I know I shouldn't be working my chest when my pecs are sore.

  4. bro,, you ar stressin yr muscle out,, chill,, listen to the doc.
    great information bro.
    keep it up jeffffffff

  5. What's the difference between this exercise (5:23) and the dumbbell press? In both, you're pushing the dumbbell above the specs.

  6. I don't mention Arnold or Dorian or even Roonie because they aren't natural I prefer to mention Jeff Cavelier as my inspiration.

  7. I've been watching your videos for a long time now and its been working amazing for me. I highly recommend his channel to anyone keep up the amazing videos 🙂

  8. Hello Jeff, I would love to see a full chess workout without any bench and a pair dumbbells at home with a very small space. That's my challenge for you!

  9. Best coach ever. Not just in the gym but in the home workout as well. Whatever equipment you have or you don't have, he can teach you the other way to build the muscle you want.

  10. hey Jeff, i have never tried any kind of chest exercise on a bench with the exception of bench presses!! my gym consists mainly of machines, but has 2 large sections with all kinds of dumb bells of varying weights!! there are bar bell exercises, but they are all on smith machines. i believe they have it this way because the gym is open 24/7/365 (why do those numbers sound so familiar?) and they don`t want anyone getting hurt at a time when there is no one there to help them if they are pressing too much weight!! dumb bells can be dropped if they become too much, but a bar bell is a completely different matter. i guess i`m going to have to add some bench exercises to my routine, and work with dumb bells!! thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  11. I downloaded 30 videos based on upper chest and after watching your video.. i understood so well i found the other videos useless😂

  12. Interesting. So essentially it is working the upper chest like a classic pushup? Or am I stupid, and got it wrong?

    It's amazing how far you can go on so little equipment. This is so encouraging, man. I can't afford a gym membership, and you are saving me so much wasted time and frustration.

    Thanks, so much. I wish I could afford to pay you.


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