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Home Abs and Oblique Workout (ALL-IN-ONE EXERCISE!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today I’m going to show you how to hit both
your abs and our obliques in one movement. We can put them together into a complete workout. This is perfect for home because you don’t
need a lot of equipment. As a matter of fact, you just probably need that old Swiss ball
that you stopped using when it went out of style a few years back. I’m going to show you that it’s not out of
style and it’s actually a great way for you to start hitting both these muscles together.
Now, the great thing about these muscle groups are: they like to work together. So if you could figure out ways to get them
to work together in the same exercise, then you’ve really hit a homerun when it comes
to your ab training. Now, here’s how you do this killer movement
and how you put it all together into a complete workout. All you need is the Swiss ball, like
I said, you put it on the ground, you lay on top of it, and the first part of the movement
is a pike. In the pike, what’s great about it is you’re
actually using your lower abs because you’re initiating the movement from the bottom up.
Even though our hands are staying planted into the ground, the movement is initiated
by curling the pelvis up and allowing our body to raise up. It’s a bottom up movement. We’ve got the lower
abs activated. Now as we start to let the ball roll out you need to have a good bit
of stability and strength in your core and it becomes almost like an elevated version
of a plank. So we’ve got that second major component of
ab strength. Now, before we call it a complete movement though, we’re going to add a twist
to it; literally. The twist is now going to activate the obliques. I’ll turn in one direction,
which we call a skier turn, we’re going to skier turn our knees in one direction – to
the right – and at this point now we’ve activate dour obliques. What’s better than that is – you can see
without me showing you a fail of me falling off the ball – you can see easily that if
I don’t control this rotation I can keep spinning like a corkscrew until I fall off
the damn ball and lose the movement entirely. So unless I have good rotational stability
and strength and control, then I won’t be able to perform this movement properly. It’s
a good way to train that, too. Now, how do you put this all together? You start off and
do these until failure. As soon as you can’t do anymore reps of this
complete combo, rest 10 seconds, and go back just into the pike. Now I can work on just
the pike to failure. As soon as I can’t complete anymore pikes
then I go to just a straight skier, like I’m showing you here. Once I can’t do anymore
skiers that is one round complete in the books and depending upon how much time you have,
it’s only going to take you a couple minutes for that, if you’ve got six minutes, eight
minutes, ten minutes; however many minutes you have, complete a couple more rounds. But it’s not going to take you very long.
The key here is that you can get your complete ab training in, getting all the functions
of the abs and getting the muscles that are involved in your core here to work together.
Your obliques, your transverse abdominus, your rectus abdominus; get them all to work
together. That’s becoming efficient with your training.
Athlean-X is all about training you to become much more efficient in your training. Training
you to get your muscles that want to work together to work together and get more out
of your workouts in a much shorter period of time. If you’re looking for a way to start hitting,
not just your abs, but your entire body in that way, then I’d say start training like
an athlete. We don’t have all day to train, believe it or not, so we have to make sure
we’re getting the most bang for our buck, and I’m going to show you exactly how to do
that. If you head to to get our Athlean-X
training systems you’re going to get over 125 ab exercises just in our programs alone,
and the ability to completely shuffle your workouts – your ab workouts – every single
time you do them. So you’re never going to get the same ab workout
twice. That’s some of the things we bring to the table here at Athlean-X. If you’ve
found this video helpful, make sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below, and I’ll
do my best to bring you what you want to see every time I do it, guys. Athlean-X 24/7, 365; that’s what we do here.
WE want to look a certain way, and we want to bring our work ethic every single time
we bring it. I’ll see you guys back here again real soon.

Reader Comments

  1. @Erick Cifuentes I had really bad shin splints before after stretching the muscles around the shin instead of running I started jump roping a lot of people say its bad for shin splints but it cured mine and I had it so bad that I actually had a hair line fracture in my shin also take supplemental bone stregtheners

  2. Congrats Jeff on your appearance on Sting's new WWE video "into the light". To celebrate that will you be re-releasing your program you created for him?

  3. I don't do abs…
    I'll do them when I start cutting… sometime… in the near future… (hopefully not so near) maybe.

  4. fuck, the last time I tried doing a simple plank in a Swiss ball, I ate it!
    if I can't do a mediocre plank, mucho menos esto haha

  5. I suggest talking over the video clip of doing the workout. It would be easier for us to understand better. srsly just talk over the clip of you working out. pls. I can't stand it. thanks.

  6. Jeff could you make a video about how to fix or avoid wrist pain during a workout like upright row for shoulder exercise & etc

  7. Abs are RectusAbdominis (aka 6pack muscle) AND ObiliqueAbdominis (internal&external) AND TransversusAbdominis. And Core is not only the Abs.
     So Abs and Obliques is factually redudant. So even Jeff is talking marketing-BS when it comes to Abs and/or core.

  8. Hi Jeff,
    Can you explain why everytime I do abs exercise I felt the sore at the back of my neck? What did I do wrong? Thank you. You are the best!!!!!!

  9. Ay jeff can you make a vid about the truth behind "over-night" results (which we know are not a thing)?
    Im talking about those 10 month body transformations that discourage me at times.
    Good vid btw 🙂

  10. Thought you forgot to do a "Washboard Wednesday" yesterday.. Then I remembered we have not the same timezone here in Sweden. So actually here it became a Thursday Washboard !

  11. Hello Sir, I have one question
    Right handed person's left arm is weaker than the right arm so strength equals to gain. So is there any trick to make both arm's equal strengths ???

  12. Hi Jeff! Your videos are incredibly helpful! Wanted to know if you could make a video for women targeting that stubborn lower belly fat? Thank you! 🙂

  13. Hey guys, I am 16 years old and I am looking to lose weight, I go to the gym every two days to do weights and cardio. So far I have lost 15lbs in 57days. Am I going too fast or am I doing it right? (Im not starving myself or anything, I eat 5meals)

  14. Hi Jeff. I think that it could be vey useful to make a video on how to leverage/fix body problem caused by the fact of sitting all day long. Indeed, more and more people have to work behind a computer and sits all day long causing some problems on their body, therefore, a video with useful tips to solve these would be very nice.

  15. That looks effective. How is the strain in the knee region while doing the twist, any chance of getting something hurt there? thanks

  16. Ax Jeff Sundays
    Mobility Mondays
    Target This… Tuesdays
    Washboard Wednesdays
    Timed Training Thursdays
    Finisher Fridays or Fix This… Fridays
    Stretch This… Saturdays

    Daily tips to keep youtube Athlean 365!

  17. Hey Jeff. Thanks for these videos. They have really provided great tips for training.
    Question: could you do another video for meals/nutrition?
    I'm a student, so being on campus, I need to pack my lunches (or small meals). And avoid the junk food on campus. There is only junk food on campus.

    Your previous videos which showed your pre-made meals (freezing) meals are awesome.

  18. I'm glad I found you. You explain it the technique well, what it works out exactly and how long to do it.. Very informative and helpful! Thank you very much for sharing your videos with us!

  19. Both my abs and obliques? Shit and all this time I've been trying to get six pack abs when in reality we only have 2 abs. he said both abs.

  20. my first hiccup with 6 Pack Promise app – i have no physioball and 3 of today's exercises call for it! time to get creative…

  21. Correct me if I'm wrong but is this the workout?

    Combo of pike and skier until failure.
    Rest 10 second in plank.
    Pike until failure.
    Skiier until failure.
    Rest 1 min.

  22. I completely underestimated the stability ball.. my core is very strong.. tried this my core went on FIRE

  23. I tried this this morning, and once again, Jeff, you pack a punch with your exercises! Definitely intense and will regularly do in my ab routine!

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