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HOME “300” WORKOUT (Bodyweight Only!!)

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  1. Looked up Spartan Workout and found and a gem. I let my diet get bad but I'm putting it on track today. Oatmeal and Egg whites. Thanks Jeff

  2. I was sitting in my car outside the gym having a very lazy moment wondering whether it's worth going in at all.
    Then I saw this video and thought, "brilliant, I can work out at home with bodyweight only!"
    After watching it, I went inside he gym and did my tricep workout and went home… cos i decided I don't want to DIE today!

  3. Hopefully I get an agility ladder rather than substitute this beginner version for the conditioning workout. Couldn’t do the box jumps and had to stop after even multiple stops during all the other sets

  4. 14:06 is my best time so far. I do this once a week as my cardio day. The only thing I changed was I do 20 pullups

  5. U should be the standard for all personal trainers and such. Everyday I see ppl wanting to be better versions of themselves and paying thousands of dollars for a personal trainer who is busy texting on their phone or chatting up some girl or guy. Love ur videos bro and the message u put out. Keep it up guys

  6. Holy crap. I've never seen anything like the advanced version. I'm going to have to build up to the basic one!

  7. Beginner

    Seated leg tucks – 40 reps
    One armed pull ups 10 reps each arm
    Pushups 40 reps
    Leg heel touch squat 20 reps each leg
    Squat thrusts 40 reps
    Mountain climbers 40 each leg (80)
    Box jump 20 reps
    Bicycle crunches 40 reps
    Wall plant cross knee plank 20 reps

  8. Just did the beginner version, the squat thrusts was the most challenging for me. And I spaced out the 40 push-ups into 2 sets of 20 because I'm weak lol. This was hard.

  9. Everytime i finish your workouts my body feels so damn tired.its fatigue from doing all these complicated ass workouts moreso than havibg a specific lactic acid build up.

    Its such a stupid ass feeling

  10. Hey Jeff, I did this workout (beginner version) and my time was 26 minutes and 11 seconds. I have the review video sharing my thoughts on my channel. Thank you for sharing this workout

  11. This guy makes the most strenuous looking exercises look like a work of art… love the music too, very inspirational

  12. I know this is an old video, but just goes to show. Athlean X has been killing it for years! Thanks Jeff you’re a beast

  13. 1:33, single leg heal touch
    2:11, bicycle crunches
    2:21, Wall plant cross knee planks
    2:33, hanging bat crunches
    2:40, one arm chin-ups
    3:11, x-press push-ups
    3:38, V-up twists

  14. Hi friend. Great vids men. How many circuits of this 300 workout i must do daily? I did one begginers and got so tired

  15. Great video, variation encourage me to keep working hard (I started working up almost 40 years ago) hi from Mexico

  16. Why do all theses" trainers" make things so difficult? Beginner? Losing touch with the people that watch. Good luck Bye.

  17. I forgot something during this exercise and that is rest… I did the beginner but couldn't finish and now im about to puke

  18. I just did it but a little bit I changed it due to technical difficulties xd so here is what I did
    40 seated kneecaps
    10 chinups 10 pullups
    40 pushups
    40 single leg heel touch squat (20 each)
    40 squat thrusts
    40  mountain climbers (20 each )
    20 box jumps or in place jumps land on squat form
    40 bicycle crunches (40 each )
    10 pull ups 10 pushups
    Ps. I wanted to puke like the whole time

  19. That's why this channel has eight and a half million subscribers, a lot of these moves I've never seen before, and will definitely be incorporated into my body weight routine!

  20. This stuff is for professional workout people like Jeff, not people that work all day and don’t spend hours in a gym inventing stuff. Eat right and simply workout people and you’ll be fine

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