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Hitman 2016 – System Requirements & Release Update PC

Hello every one and welcome to another game
update video. Today we will be talking about Hitman and its system requirements. Hitman is a very popular series from Square
Enix. Its an stealth, assassins, third person action shooter game. The game will be released
on 11th March 2016. The name Hitman tells most of the story. You will be playing as agent 47 an ultimate
assassin. As agent 47 you will perform contract hits on high profile targets in different
locations. Now lets move on to the system requirements
for Hitman. For OS you will need to be on at least 64
bit windows 7. For CPU the minimum requirements are Intel
Core i5 2500k and AMD Phenom 2 X4 940. So the minimum requirements of CPU are slightly
higher. For Hitman the minimum and recommended memory
has been set to 8 gigabytes. The storage wasn’t mentioned in the requirements
for Hitman. Now lets move on to graphics card. For GPU
the minimum requirements are Nvidia’s GTX 660 and HD 7870.
GTX 660 is in the middle of GTX 750ti and GTX 760 in performance. On the other side
AMD’s HD 7870 is similar to R7 370 in performance. Seeing the minimum CPU and GPU requirements
suggest the game will be hard to run compared to most other games. Now lets move on to the recommended settings
for Hitman. The recommended CPU for Hitman are Intel Core
i7 3770 and AMD FX 8350. These are the exact same recommended CPUs as The Division.
The recommended GPUs are Nvidia’s GTX 970 and AMD r9 290. These are also the exact same
GPUs recommended for The Division. For some reason most of the triple A titles
are having the same recommended system requirements. Do you think its just a coincidence or game
developers are just lazy and putting up a random recommended system requirements by
guessing. Let me know in the comments below. Also if you want to pre order the game cheap
then make sure to check the link in the description. You will save a decent amount of money and
I will get a small kick back from every purchase you make using my referral link. If you like the video make sure to hit that
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like this. I am AbsTechie and see you later.

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