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HeroQuest 25Th Anniversary Edition : Visite du nouvel atelier avec HeroQuestFrance

So let’s go ! Here I am into the new GameZone’s workship,
a place like the famous area 51. As you can see, I’m allowed to film so we’re going to visit. I’m in front of a shelf full of boxes. Down you can see a lot of discs, in fact used molds.
I’ll show you later how to use them. On my left, old big boxes : inside resin plastic residues. So no need to waste time on those big boxes,
let’s check what’s inside the tiny ones. Normally, it are the plastic bags for all the componements of the game.
So I take one … and indeed it’s the n°41 – yes they all have a number. And this one will contain the miniatures of Morcar , Zargon & She. It’s easier to store and make the game boxes of HeroQuest faster. Just below you can see the old molds, same they all have a reference. I didn’t ask why GameZone Miniatures keep it. Behind me a space with other molds
molds and molds again all for HeroQuest 25Th. I’m gonna check what happens there. So this enormous machine is used to make metal miniatures. As you can see, we just made some and we let it cool a moment. So I’m gonna show you immediately how to make it. I cut the original sound to explain you
how we make the miniatures with those molds. So GameZone proceeds like this :
first they do the 3D model on the computer. Then they print in 3D the master in a transparent and red resin. Those masters are inserted into 2 new molds
like a sandwich to get their form inside. Then try to put a maximum of masters inside the molds of course Once done, the mold can be used around 50 times for the metal,
around 40 times for the resin. And as you could see, it’s faster than expected,
around 30 seconds (3800 turns !) to make the different elements. There isn’t so much to rework, it’s not so complicated for the ones
who are collecting the metallic miniatures. Nothing really surprising for them. Well, as you could see, it’s real craft work and you have
to protect yourself since the metal is very hot. So we’re going to see the next step which is the quality. I mean what’s next after you just take out those elements from the molds And you will see it’s not so easy than what you think. So let’s go to the quality workshop Here is the quality workshop ! It consists here in verificating every element
with those torture instruments : every piece of resin or metal. One person is working now and is polishing each side of this tiny pyramid. 30 seconds per side, so 2 mn per pyramid to eleminate all residues. It’s a tedious work, meticulous and you need to have good eyes ! We’re truly on a craft work as I said before. So what’s this pyramid for those who forgot it ? It’s a tiny object you insert on the head of the magic pilars. Depending the visible side, an icon says what is
the current effect the GM can use. I’m gonna show you this pyramid once terminated. So here it is with an icon of an arrow,
a double blade, a spiral and a star A tiny element – really- and you will have dozen
and dozen of this kind in the final game. Yes, the final box of HEROQUEST 25 TH will arrive … Back in the fabrication workship of HEROQUEST 25. Here are all the molds of the game with their references. As I said it can be used a lot of times with the liquid metal
or the resin which is more agressive for the molds. So the machine stopped, I can show it better You also have the metal in fusion on the right
but I’m not gonna put my hand inside All the miniatures are now cold, done in antimony,
aluminium and copper to avoid the oxydation. Of course, no waste since if an element is not good,
you can melt it, an advantage the resin doesn’t offer. Resin residues finish in those boxes, for the garbage ! So molds, molds everywhere, on this table and there Do not forget there are the molds for the online shop of Gamezone Miniatures,
since this company is specialized in metal miniatures for years And on my left, new molds ready for the production. There are other machines and the metal stock over there. Let’s check this shelf in the center It are metallic miniatures of HQ25 You could see on the right several 200 liters barrel of resin So not so much metallic elements produced there : why ?
Because it’s very quick to produce it as you could see Let’s approach the second quality workship Here it’s mainly the resin production which is controled
and the residues always finish into the garbage Ooo new miniatures – sorry my zoom isn’t enough precise – Anyway you’ll have it in the box you’ll see it later We also just saw another miniature on the desk You see again the tiny pyramids but this time produced in resin OMG it are all done and controled how much time they spent here … ? So if an element isn’t good, it ends in one of those 4 boxes,
for the garbage or to save it if it’s still possible. The main order is quality and Dionisio as the main craftman,
doesn’t want to deliver a product which is not responding to the quality controls. Behind me, the machines to produce resin elements. It are 6 machines in reality not 3 The difference is that the molds are turning 20 minutes instead of 30 seconds
then you have to place it 20 mn more into this oven So 40 mn per mold to produce the elements of HEROQUEST 25 The resin can break if it isn’t dried correctly Let’s quickly check now the prototype of the game HEROQUEST 25 since
I know everyone want to see more. (I’ll show you it more in detail later) So here are the adventures and rule books formats The rule book can be deployed like a map
while the adventure booklet is like a notebook. The boardgame and the titan snake. Note that all the squares of the boardgame are different. The cards are flexibles and soft to the touch,
it’s an impressive quality I didn’t see yet in other boardgames. Here are the character sheets which were supposed
to be used to the EXPOCOMIC. But since the lower part wasn’t really visible
they didn’t take it at the last minute. Don’t panic please, they did it again and you will discover
the final top secret design later I can show you the monster cards :
you can change the life and spirit points with the wheels Adventures maps nothing special : intro text, map and notes Behind me most of the elements of HEROQUEST 25 – Quick view- Heroes are red, orks & goblins are green, undeads white and all others in grey. there are 16 additional heroes not 15, so I’ll show you this later Here all the 3D scenery of the game Opened and closed doors, harrows,
and this is the trone of the dead gobelin king Sorry my camera doesn’t zoom so well
but I’ve posted a detailed photo on the web before Damn, I’m bringing it down ! I’m clumsy, probably the emotion
… there is so much things The bookcases with the modular shelves are magnific and imposing I know you all criticized the fireplace about the size But this one is placed against a wall and allows you
to put a miniature in front of it on the same square you have traps, pits – all differents – ,
this one has a ladder to go to a lower level you have destroyed doors, walls : so many things !
The weight of this box will be huge. ah and there one dice bag (2000 inside) but
all are unfortunately for the garbage. I’m not in front of many pallets now on which many elements
made are all into plastic bags with a reference when there is enough plastic boxes (500 to 2000 elements inside and more),
the pallet is moved to another place Gamezone hadn’t enough place in the old workship,
was time to move to stock everything ! so there are stickers and images on those boxes to quickly spot everything the game boxes will be done this year
I hope and it will be easier with all this elements, elements damn … so much elements everywhere ! if you had some doubt about GAMEZONE,
everything is here and the money has been invested in all this it’s quite impressive to see all this … Here are the gameboxes and again boxes from this side,
I’m gonna check well I reall want to take some … but no, unfortunately
I cannot take it or I would have a problem to the airport it isn’t possible ! otherwise my airplane ticket will explode
and I cannot afford a such travel ! boxes – again- full of elements,
everything is in into a plastic bag as always n° 34, n°36 etc it will be the job of a company from Barcelona to do our games with all this … well it’s a huge box I had difficulties to take it in my arms
even if it’s empty, can’t you imagine the final moment !? behind me there are more oups sorry the bicycle of one of the worker is here ! you have here easy elements to identify red the heroes, green the orks and goblins, etc so here I am into the third part of the workship to the first floor
yes because there’s a first floor I try to show you what’s on the ground floor from there :
there are many pallets are ready to go there are so much so you had doubts ? As I told you, there is no need Frankly GAMEZONE did so much things in 4 years,
in fact 3 since Dionisio told you in the interview this project was “reseted” in 2015 Dionisio was satisfied with the quality of the elements So now I’m on the ground floor, I approach all those pallets still many references with HQ25 logos everywhere before entering here, I opened a box to show you what’s inside Here are doors in this box for example damn it’s very good to see all this, it advances but it takes time
since all those elements are crafted and controled behind me again pallets, everywhere … !!
My head is spinning round and round Well we’re approaching the end but as promised I’m opening a box Since the sames will always say there is nothing inside
or whatever they want to spread on the web So I choose this one, n°42 or 32 I don’t remember …
so I check it’s n°18 finally The plastic bag contains the prison,
the magic mirror and dimensional portal ! All is already in plastic bags Well hope it reassured you a little bit, so one more time be patient,
the game is soon terminated I would like to thank all the team of Gamezone for this visit
and Dionisio who allowed me to make this short movie More to come soon Goodbye

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