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Her Biggest Water Slide Yet!! | Sam & Nia

You did it! She really has worked really hard on that it’s just I did not plan one this vlog being a Sam and Eric vlog Hey daddy, daddy wait a minute I got a new code Yeah. That’s some hot coffee, that’s the point right? I wish it was Hochatime, but it’s not. It’s not Hochatime won’t be Hochatime for another couple weeks Really craving that Hochatime No don’t eat it. Is there something in there Oh it’s just a hole I rarely seen her pick her nose Oh she’s going in with both fingers Oh don’t get shy Don’t get shy Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello. Okay guys my friend Lauren gave me these shoes for my birthday, my birthday’s next month I’m gonna be 30 years old. I got my first 30th birthday gift today and these are Sseko sandals S S E KO. Juliet’s like I want a pair of those Yeah, you can get them for kids and they can match the mom’s and stuff like that. Good morning guys We are on our way to church this morning But it’s a little different We’re actually going to a different Church where Courtney goes and they’re doing a little send off for her before she leaves this weekend for the World race so those of us girls who were free our families and whoever Decided that we were all gonna meet there and sit together and support her before she leaves for an entire year And I’m actually really excited. It’s in the town where Sam and I grew up, where we met I feel like we’ll probably see a few old high school friends there that we haven’t seen in awhile, and I’m just excited I’m ready for it What do you see Jules? Nia’s already seeing friends from high school. It’s Jennifer, hi Jennifer Hello Abram that’s your class bud. My class? Yeah, it’s the baby class Symphony’s in the teenager class Bye Symphony So I was like mom, I gotta tell you something. I found myself a mission trip I’m gonna go on and It’s a year long She’s like quiet for a very long time Is she mad? I can’t, I can’t gauge her reaction and then her exact words were I knew you would do something like this when you went to Africa Now do you guys think they did this on purpose or is it here because it’s just quality porcelain Hey guys home from church now and I am continuing this project for our friend’s wedding and I’m at really, really hard crossroads So you guys want to see what I’m doing? Okay, guys, here’s where I’m at so far. I am still just about half done but What do you guys think? I’m probably not gonna finish it until tomorrow We are actually headed out to a little swim gathering at the water park To uh splash around a kingdom of water So it’s gonna be fun Team more to go. Here we go Symphony. We are waiting in the car because there’s a line going around the block out here So we’re like no No line Here we go we’re pulling it up It just, it did it right when I pulled it up! Symphony you’re at, you’re at a hundred thousand A hundred thousand five, six You did it! You’re gonna get your silver button! Congratulations Symphony I’m so proud of you! You have worked so hard! It’s not even at one thousand it’s over one thousand It is one hundred thousand A thousand times one hundred. Cool and before I know it is going so fast It’s gonna. She really has worked really hard on that. It’s just the moment we started that channel She’s been asking to make videos and it’s been how long guys? Couple years? Um yeah about two and a half years. It’s been two and a half years and she regularly ask, asks us to make videos for her So she really did work for it. And we’re already planning her one hundred thousand Subscribers celebration video. She’s got some ideas cooking over here. Good job Symp, let me just pick your nose as a celebration Yay! What’s up bro, you ready to swim? Honey, no cutting. She’s cutting. Hi Courtney Hey Hi, Lauren. Hey Sam So they’re actually doing some baptisms here first This is just Courtney’s church was invited to this and it’s just them just the church just the members of the church And um they’re going to do some baptisms here. We tried to get Symphony in there because she still has not been baptized They said they’d like to speak with the children before they actually do it and they don’t know Symphony So we’re gonna wait until our church can do it. We just don’t do it very often so I was hoping to get it done now I’m just rambling. So I’m just gonna shut up now. Okay. Bye In the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy spirit Symphony come on! You’re gonna do this huh? Come on people are waiting. I’m scared Don’t be scared You got it sweetie I don’t want to. You don’t have to you can go downstairs, really come on Okay I’ll slide You got this sis, you brave girl go Okay ready? Good job Proud of you, good job Good job Symphony Symphony you’re going again? Yeah. Are you really? Let’s go on the big one now, come on. All right, we’re going on the big end. You guys are on the wrong one? Well, let’s just go down these ones No cause the only one up here is the yellow slide That yellow one? I’m doing that one then You don’t want to do that one? No! Guess I’m going alone, is anybody else up there? Oh man I love these ones though they’re so scary That one right there Wow that’s a big drop I don’t wanna die I don’t wanna I don’t wanna Oh man that was intense. You guys find the right line? You gotta try the yellow one. No we are not! Oh man, it is scary. Good job girls. I’m taking Eric down the faster one. This one’s for Pansies Come on Eric I haven’t seen Eric do anything this crazy since high school. Come on, man you got this. It’s an easy way down. Come on Eric. You’re up bud The drop of death This thing is really steep Go dude It’s high All right can you take off your hat You gotta lay back dude Whoa, that was a big splash You always see splashes that big? No, that was a big splash right I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna How was it man? It was fine till I realized how actually Uh steep it was Your lose your stomach right? You come off the water that was hilarious. I came off the whole slide. She said they usually don’t see splashes that big That’s what she said up there. Did she really? Good Good. This is the pastor of the church. How you doing man? Good man doing great. Welcome to our YouTube channel. Thanks for having us out I’m glad to be on it, can you tell me the name of you YouTube channel? Sam and Nia. Sam and Nia. And Eric sometimes I’ll go. All right. Is it like super dark in there like will they be able to see me on the camera cause I don’t know Probably not I mean I don’t know right now How do I do it? Uh just sit down on the mat Hey come on man! Oh my gosh, no No! I almost lost my pants Unbelievable my pad is still in there should I go up there and get it? No, it’s fine. Okay Notice I got your mat on the way back down. Yeah I appreciate it His mat’s somewhere in there. They said that? It was in your face the whole time? That’s hilarious What are you guys doing? You guys want to know what I love about Eric you can pick your friends. When you pick your friends you can pick your nose and you can pick your friends nose Yeah, you can pick your friends nose too. That’s what I love about Eric. We picked each other and we picked each other’s nose That’s exactly right. It’s real friends.
all right your turn. Get on. Come on I got this we want to see you do it pushing everybody down Boy he’s shaking the whole slide There he is, there he is He stopped, there he goes Oh my gosh! So fast! I did not plan on this vlog being a Sam and Eric vlog but It turned out that way because the kids literally just took off, I can’t keep up with them But Eric is very easy to keep up with so. Good luck guys, have fun Look at the view from up here. It’s just beautiful. It looks so beautiful up here. And then I pan the camera over here it’s just. It changes drastically Wanna face each other? I’ll go backwards Cause I don’t wanna look at your face Yeah that works I wanted to go backwards but it’s okay Oh my bad That’s embarrassing Oh my gosh! I don’t wanna No! No! No! No! No! No! Eric you okay buddy? I’m back in I’m okay, I’m back in What’s so funny? This hurts, I’m going out. I’m going out Kids don’t try that at home okay What the heck are you guys doing? Oh just watching all three kids while you play Play, you call that playing? I’m working babe, somebody’s gotta get the content. Can I go work now and you watch the kids? Somebody’s gotta get it Here No it’s okay See Daddy no matter what we’re gonna go to it. There’s a bubble shower over there can I take Juliet? It’s happening right now? Yes! Where’s Abram? There he is There you are couldn’t find you anywhere This is how she’s gonna take her shower tonight. Thanks. Thank you you ladies appreciate it Aw no Here comes the water That was so much fun You guys I snuck away with my girlfriends towards the end of the night and it was just the best time we went on a Few slides and I just love being in the water. I felt like a fish. In high school I’d sometimes And let me just, and let me just say It was such a blessing seeing all those people being baptized. Comment of the day goes to Arianna Procko OMG, so cute. You should paint the room your YouTube channel colors or if not you should paint the room blue The kids are so cute and Sam and Nia are so inspiring love you all Well, you guys I’ll find out soon and we will see you tomorrow. Don’t forget, he loves you and remember to love each other Where did Abram go? Oh there I’m right here

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