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Ok, ok! the best Quickly- Ah no no! JUMP! JUMP! GAH! AAA! GO! GO! GO! (Intro) What’s up FGTeeVers? We are back playing “Hello, Neighbor!” And basically, this is the update before the last update. So this is a old version, Alpha 1, It’s a ghost in the car! Those are binoculars, Yeah! That’s a ghost car, Yep! See, there’s no-one riding in it, creepy, This guy’s walking up in slow-motion because it’s dramatic! Yeah! That’s like peering through a broken window, Binoculars looking at the ghost car, And now we have to turn on the electricity, check inside, move inside, press EEEEEEE, And, yeah, this part’s kinda boring, So we might just speed this up! ♫ Pick up that key! ♫ ♫ Pick- Pick Pick up that key! ♫ ♫ Op- Op Open that door! ♫ ♫ Op- Op Open that door! ♫ And we go into our bedroom and we put our key somewhere! YEAH!- How we going to find it back there? I know. I know how. Geez… We’re going to be looking all day… Oh, got it! ♫ Boom shakalaka, ♫ ♫ Somebody call the doctor! ♫ Ah. I need to get dis thing. What thing? Dat! Get the binoculars! Binoculars… Yeah! Now we can spy on him! Oh, sweet! Oh, I see him! We got the zoom mod! Hello? Is it Mario? Is he wearing a hat? Oh, never mind, I thought he was wearing a hat! Haha! Hahat! You could say “hat” as your laugh. Hathathat! Hathathathathat! (Sped up) Ok, let’s go see what else is on the list. Next says, “Take a nap”. Ok, ok, ok, ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok, let’s take a nap! Ok, we’re going sleep. Is this a dream? Yeah. That’s the basement! Yeah, maybe he made it out of his door. This update-Whoa! This update looks similar to the- (Car crash sound) What? He crashed the car inside the house. This update looks similar to the first one we played, but the third one. (laughs) He’s got so much swag! Wait, can we hide under the bed? Let’s hide under the- OH! When you click under the bed- “You must be this tall to hide.” Yay! Ok, open the door… Sir, are you cry- AAH! So basically, He’s very sad at an amusement park because he’s not tall enough! Aha, short stuff! (Laughing) (Laughing and yelling) That was close. Where is he? Is he still crying? Whoa. Wha? Oh, wait wha? That’s weird. Yeah, that’s weird. Weirdest dream ever. That was better than our- Than our first dream! Dude! When I nap, I nap for like a whole day! Look. It’s nighttime. I take a little nap and when I wake up it’s daytime. I’m a sleepyhead! Alright, enough with this crazy stuff. Wait wait, no let’s have it be daytime, right? *Gasp* Dude! It’s like Minecraft except- You can make it day! It’s like- Ok, ready? Minecraft control: /time set 0 Yeah! Sweet, it’s daytime! O, O, MG. O, O, MG let me see. O M G spells OMG. Yeah! You know what that shorts for? What? It shorts for: OMG gonna go sleep now. It shorts for: OMG gonna go inside my neighbor house! Ok, want me to do it? Yeah. Ok. Hello neighbor! Hello, hello! Hello, hello! Hello Michael! Oh, we got a TV remote. (Chanting “Hello Neighbor”) Hi! You dropped your TV remote, I was just trying to get it! Alright, forget that guy. Alright, let’s go back in here. Sir- Oh it’s very beautiful! His house is gigantic in this update! I don’t know why! Ok, go quick! Go quick! Aah! Why does it sound like he’s playing with a balloon? What have we got in here? We got a- We got a fridge! With golden apples. There’s nothing good in here! Why is- There’s nothing! Listen, listen! It sounds like he’s playing with a punching balloon! You hear that, Chase? You mean a punching- Ah! Ok, wait, he’s coming he’s coming he’s coming! AH! What?! I thought that was a grandma! A mannequin! It’s a mannequin challenge! Alright, good job. No- Aw, you failed the mannequin challenge! Quick quick quick- Aha! GO INSIDE! (Pushes Michael away) Aha! That was a legit fail mannequin challenge. I like the other update where we can- AH! Ah! Where we can click and- Go! Go under there! Go under his bed! Under his bed? Yeah. Oho! OH! OH, THE CROWBAR! You knew that?! Yeah!- Hello! Get the crowbar! Gello, Mr- Dude, what do we do with the crowbar? We can unlock things. We can go to the basement again! But dude, when I- Oh snap, I got a hamster! I got a hamster! I got a hamster! Hamster hammer! I got a hamster. When I get caught, does he take my items? No, you still have them. What’s that noise? *Gasp* I found the boiler room! Is this set- Oh! -on fire? I don’t like this! OH NO! GET THEM! QUICK! HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT! THROW IT! That was hot! Now that we are done playing around, Let’s search inside this door! Hello? Inside of this door? There is nothing. Can I flush? Oh, I can flush but it doesn’t show water. Woo, I’m taking a shower! Oh no. Aaahhh..! He’s got a pet cat? Who licks his own paws?! Dude, is this a evelator? Evelator? Go! Yeah, 2. Hello- Go to number- Oh! Oh? GO TO NUMBER- It works! Oh! We’re on the second floor- Whoa- We’re on the second floor! Dude’s gotta patch up holes- Whoa! What is that?!- IT’S A DRILLER! IT’S A DRILLER!!! It’s a jackhammer! Hey Jack, you lost your hammer! Where’d you go, Jack? Why, thank you. That will make a wonderful children’s toy! We’re on the second floor. What is this? Oh my gosh, somebody likes- Chinese takeout and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Hide under the couch! What is that? I want to look at it- No no no, I don’t- I don’t want- That’s not- It’s noodles from- Oh my goodness, we got a donut, A crazy ice cream cone, A long shrimp, And then a bun on top of noodles. Go in that room! In this room? Yeah! Let’s go in this room! Hello- What is that noise though? What?! A cam- WE FIND OUT THIS DUDE WORKS AT FIVE NIGHT’S AT- (Screaming) A lock pick! Found a lock pick, ladies and gents… Ladies and germies. Wait, what does- Press that! Press the button, see what it does! GUYS PATIENCE! I’ve been try- It turned them off. It turns off his secerities! Baby! Funtime Foxy! Oh goodness, who cares about FNAF, it’s so old and played out. Hello Neighbor’s where it’s at! We’ll have to throw that down and then move this chair. You know what? Throw it! We should- no we should- Throw it at the TV!

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  1. Did you see it in the dream I saw a car a yellow car from past I saw a little bit of it but just enough to know it's a car that's why the wheel was there

  2. 👮🏻‍♂️☠️💀👽👻👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽🤩👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽


  4. u guys r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny idk who disliked maybe the people who laughed too hard

  5. Dunny:aaaaaaah I just saw him
    A few seconds later…….

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