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Heart of Destruction Part 1/5, Anomaly – Ankrahmun Boss [Tibia Quest Guide]

To start this series of the heart of destruction
here is the easiest boss, the anomaly of ankrahmun Heart of destruction is a quest that consists
of a total of 5 bosses and 1 final. This quest is highly necessary, as it is,
the easiest way to unlock the tier 3 imbuements for life, mana and crit. The general level recommendation to be able
to do everything is of more than 300 to 350. But each boss is different in dificulty, and
this one can be done with people of lvl 200s. This is the Ankrahmun Portal. Which by the way, the portals to enter the
otherworld can change locations every 2 hours starting from the moment the server goes live,
and depending on where it is located. the regular boss will be different. Using a Spying Eye can reveal the location
of the portal. but this item is only obtained by finishing the quest the first time Now head to ankrahmun and here will be the
entrance to the otherworld. If it looks like this, then it means it is
on a different location If this is the first time you’re doing a bossm,
you need to say to the NPC by the entrance “Hi Strong Yes” Then downstairs you will need to kill 10 monsters,
These only count if you do the most damage to them. so if you’re on a party,
take turns to kill these by doing the damage separetely. After you do the 10 monsters you will be able
to go through the giant vortex. Now you will be at the otherworld. You will also appear on different locations
based off where the entrance was originally located, making this area a bit confusing. For now just follow this lap until the first
rope hole. Go up and then follow south until another
hole to go down. Watch out when you do go down as there will
be a lot of monsters and these are hard for lvl 200’s. Have your shooters
stand close to the wall up north and just let the monsters come to you. Then head north west all the way up here where
the teleports are located. There is a chance of the portal changing locations
while you’re inside the otherworld and if that happens this bridge will be closed down If you’re on the other side of it then there
will be a teleport that takes you back to the monsters. and if you were still on your
way, then you will have to go back to wherever it ended up appearing. The 3 bosses of ank, svargrond and zao have
a pre access that you will have to do everytime. This is why there is a lever for 5 people
and close to it another portal. First step on the lever and go in. For this access your team will be split in
half. If you have 5 people then it will be a team
of 3 and one of 2 selected randomly These people will be teleported to a room
downstairs where there will be Overcharges. You need to kill 6 overcharges to complete
this access And to get teleported to that room in the
first place, you need to kill Charges in the other room. So while the other team
is fighting the overcharges do not kill the regular ones and instead wait for them to
get back to the room. The charges do not walk over any bomb. so is recommended to stand on one to have
them go straight for the ek. and as a ek you should walk around sometimes to lure them
from the sides. Also since your summons can be used on this
room make sure to use them. After finishing the pre access a message in
orange will appear in the middle of the room saying this Head out through the portal to the left and
you will be back at the lever. now head east and into the other portal.
this will be the lever for the boss. Just so you know if somebody leaves the portal
by mistake during the pre access. you all can head out and start over as it
doesnt have a cooldown. However this cannot be done at the bosses
as those have a 20hour cooldown. Now for the fight against anamoly i recommend
to lure him to the right into this spot and then just have the shooters attack
with spells or sd. everytime he loses about 25% hp he will switch
to a charged anomaly and appear with 4 sparks of destruction Get rid of these summons and then have people
go to the north side of the room and stay away from the boss Ek should stay south with the ed only. As this will reduce the chances of the boss
switching targets and during this phase he hits a lot so even getting
close to use your exeta res is risky On this phase, red vortex will appear on the
floor at random spots. and you need to lure the boss on top of one of those 3 times If you’re quick about it you can make the
boss turn around after steping on a vortex so that he gets hit twice or even 3 times
by the same vortex. After that he will go back to his normal form
again appearing with summons, get rid of the summons and back to the start to
repeat the process. Do this a total of 4 times and that will be
it. These bosses dont have any expensive drops
the only things that can be valuable are the void boots, ancient tiara and green plasma
rings. All of these
will vary on price depending on the servers, but the reason people do these bosses often
is because they always drop 4 gold tokens, and these are worth 30k
each on average. After finishing the boss head into the portal
and you will be taken to a place where the 2 inner bosses and final boss
are located. Those will be on a different video. so make sure to come back As for the exit head to the red portal and
then south west to the first down hole. Then again south west to the giant vortex and you will be taken to the entrance to the
otherworld wherever it is located. If this video was helpful and you want to
support the channel please do it by sending tibia coins to gudii donation
Thank you for watching and see you on the next one.

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