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Hat color challenge riddle – Answer & Win $10 | Play and Win

Answer of Rope Burning Challenge riddle. If you are new to the channel press the i
button for Rope Burning Challenge riddle. Lets just give numbers to the end point of
the ropes, 1, 2, 3 and 4. As it takes 3 hours for a rope to burn completely
from one side to other. So if we burn both the end points of a rope
it will take 1 and half hour to burn completely. How can we manage remaining 45 minutes? It can be possible with the second rope, lets
find out how? We have to start this challenge by setting
end points 1, 2 and 3 on fire together. After 1 and half hour one rope will be burned
completely, and some part of other rope will be burned. Now set fourth point on fire, in this way
speed of burning the rope will be double, as rope will be on fire from both ends and
instead of taking another 1 and half hour it will take 45 minutes to burn completely. So this way both the ropes will be burnt in
2 hours 15 minutes completely. Hit the subscription button and press the
notification bell, this way you can be the first to see all updates and answer the riddles
quickly to win the prize money. After reaching the riddle you have whole time
to answer the riddle until the next video with answer of this riddle is out. Time for hat color challenge riddle In an Inter School Competition all the schools
of a city participated. 8 Students of each school will participate
in a challenge to win the scholarship. So the challenge is students have to stand
in a straight line facing forward in a size order so that each one of them can see everyone
lined up ahead of them. They cannot see behind them or step out of
the line. Each of them will either have black hat or
a white hat on their head assigned randomly. And they don’t know how many hats are of black
colour or of white colour. Now students have to guess the hat colour
they are wearing, starting from tallest to smallest. And also they cannot say any other word than
black or white, or cannot signal some other way. otherwise they will be disqualified. To win this challenge 7 out of 8 students
have to guess the hat colour right. Students on your screen belongs to poor family
and cannot pay there school fee, so to pay there school fee scholarship is the only hope. Can you help these students to win this challenge? Answer in the comment section below. And Also Random winner from all the correct
answers given in the comments will be selected and prize money of $10 will be given. Name of the winner will be announced in the
next video with the correct answer. Condition to win the award is, you have to
share the video on social networking site and also video should cross 50000 views on
Youtube, So share as much as you can and win prize of $10.

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