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Harrison Recreation Center – Washington, D.C. – Visit a Playground – Landscape Structures

We are at the Harrison playground. It’s one of our play DC spaces. And newly redeveloped obviously. The idea behind this park was really to bring back the music theme. We are so close to U Street all the history there with the jazz etc so. The theme’s really come from the community and sort of from that design conversation. So you know as we said this one is clearly linked to the rich history on U street. And I do have to say we have been very pleased with both the creativity but also the flexibility and responsiveness because as I said earlier we’re not interested in just creating cookie cutter playground designs we really want playgrounds that reflect the community reflect the interest of the folks that will be using them. I think the equipment is great, I think if you come here in probably another hour or so it’s going to be teaming with children and they’re sort of the best judges of how it’s going to mount up. [children screaming] [bell ding] Hi! Hello! [squeal] [indistinct conversation] [scream] Harrison Park is beautiful now, they have upgraded the facilities it’s very nice, it’s safe, it looks like it’s very fun for the kids and I think they are really enjoying themselves. The thing that’s awesome this is something we have never seen before in this neighborhood. So this is really great for us. Look out below! Wee! Hanson. This is brass. Everyone come her and see the map. Does everyone have a partner? Yes! Have a good day.

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