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Harriman State Park | The Railroad Ranch, Eastern Idaho (Vlog)

Harriman State Park. Owned by Union
Pacific Railroad investors from 1902 to 1977 the park served as the private
playground for some seriously rich families. 11,000 acres in the Greater
Yellowstone Ecosystem with over 20 miles of trails and the Henry’s Fork of the
Snake River meandering through; makes for one hell of a getaway in eastern Idaho.
The railroad ranch is the epicenter of Harriman State Park where the wealthy E.H. Harriman stayed to get away from life in New York. The railroad ranch is worth the
visit but if you plan enough in advance you can actually stay at the railroad
ranch and experience Harriman State Park, like a Harriman. Tell me about how the
Harriman family plays into this and why this is called the railroad ranch. E.H.
Harriman was the owner of the Union Pacific Railroad. He was invited to buy
here and said yeah that sounds like a great idea back in 1908. And so did the
railroad come through here? The railroad never came through here, the last thing
they wanted was a train to come right through their little sanctuary. What? I just wanted to do that and see if
you could bring me some food? Well it’s not ready yet Chad. Moose meat takes about three hours to roast and I can’t do it with just
coal. So this is the one room to me that tells you how wealthy these people were. Elegant, wealthy, yes. This is what Rene described as the picture of wealth, in that time. And he
doesn’t even have Netflix. Renae what did Harriman do with his
time besides look out windows and sit in fancy chairs? This sounds like things
that people do in jail. So besides railroad ranch what else does
Harriman State Park have to offer? We have over 20 miles of hiking, biking,
or horseback riding trails. So a lot of people come just to see the birds,
hopefully they’ll see a moose. I’m gonna get the moose scent on me to attract the
moose. Okay so people coming to Hermann State
Park should also know that there’s lots of accommodations that they can rent
here. Absolutely we have anything from a yurt and also the historic buildings some
of them are available for rent. You can look up you look that up online or you
can step in our visitor center and get the information on what the prices are.
They book up to nine months in advance and through the summer it’s hard to get
in here because it’s a very unique experience for people to stay in the
historic ranch. So obviously there’s a bunch of stuff to do at Harriman State
Park and if you want to come down and experience it this is the way to go.
You can rent one of these old bunk houses and experience Harriman State
Park like a Harriman. So reserving one of these bunk houses isn’t as
straightforward and easy as I thought it would be. Harriman State Park does not
have a website so if you want to reserve one of these bunk houses online
you go to You enter your location, Harriman State Park. You are interested in camping. You
can only book nine months out so if you’re trying to book twelve months out
you can’t. Nine months is the max you can book out for.
Here is Harriman State Park. Book sites. Now here we go we got the bunkhouse, the cattle Foreman’s, the dormitory. I found the website to be a little bit confusing
and I had a ton of questions about Harriman State Park. So what I found was
actually easiest was to call the Harriman call center. That number is
listed here on the screen and I’m adding it to the descriptions below. They will
answer all your questions and they can help you out. They can put you in the
right bunkhouse. Most of these bunk houses they can hold about eight people.
This is a great idea for multiple families to come to have a family
reunion, I don’t know maybe rent out all the bunk houses in the area. Buy up all
of Harriman State Park and really do it like a rich Harriman would. Dear Petunia,
it is a long and cold winter. We lost Georgie this year due to the flu. The
railway has been closed for some time due to snow on the tracks. We have the
servants clearing it now. Alright. Please subscribe to our channel for weekly
adventures in Idaho and beyond. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. If you have
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