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Hair Care Routine + 3 Simple & Easy 5 min DIY Hair Styles For Work & Play!

Welcome back to Satthwa’s channel I am
Ocean Thakur and today I am gonna be sharing with you my hair care routine
With Satthwa’s premium hair oil which everyone knows is a great hair oil to
take care of your hair because it has a blend of nine essential hero s and I’m
also gonna be sharing today with you some simple hairstyles so stay tuned and
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so firstly every night before my wash day I use the Satthwa’s premium hair oil
on my scalp and massage it thoroughly I make sure that every part of the scalp
is covered with the oil and I drench my hair completely from the roots to the
lens and massage it and also use inversion method for like five minutes
in that method I just tilt my hair towards down and then massage my scalp
that creates an extra circulation blood circulation on my scalp and that really
helps in hair growth as well also help us reach 100 likes by clicking
the thumbs up button below that would really mean a lot then I skill them in a braid and then
tie it for the whole night and then I wake up and use a sulfate-free shampoo
to wash my hair and while it air dries I do my makeup and change my clothes and
when it dries completely I do my hair part so now I’m gonna share with you my
hair styles so first is this rope braid a rope braid is actually very quick to do
when it actually looks like very effortless and it’s good for work as
well as college all you have to do is put your hair towards one side and keep
two sections and roll the two sections towards the back and keep scrolling them
over the top from the front to the back and then add sections to each section
and then roll and then scroll on the top of each other that is how you can create
a rope kind of crown on the head and until you reach your ears all the hair
that completely fits inside the two ropes and when you completely end up with no
extra section left to add on to the route actual task comes up here when you
have two ropes left now you have to turn the two ropes towards the back and then
twist and turn on top of each other in the opposite direction so that they do
not untie and do not lose tease them and kind of scrunch them and
create kind of volume on the top and as well as on the braid that creates a nice
volumised draw braid and this is how you create the rope braid next is actually our
thing which I actually love for my dance and my zooba events I’ve done it
previously and everyone loved it this is actually you have to take kind of for
two inches section on the top of the head and then create a French braid on
the top so French braid is actually very easy you have to take a braid kind of
section on the front and then keep creating the French play till the crown
area so if I am to leave my hair open I
usually create a braid on the back and it usually looks good with a ponytail
and a volumizer ponytail but you can also leave them open and it looks very
beautiful you can also add some volume on the top and this way it looks very
pretty and very very you know effortless kind of hairstyle the third look is
actually very chic as well all you have to do is take a crown section like to
winter section on the crown area and tie a kind of ball on the top and then twist
and turn the rest of the hair around it in a way that it creates a messy kind of
ball thing you can tease it and leave it the way you want messy kind of thing
looks better and with the front sections you can create a half French braid a
half French braid is a one-sided French braid where you have to take sections
only from the one side towards the back and when you are done doing that you
just have to take a bobby pin and secure it on the back from the both sides and that is that you can either leave
your hair in a ponytail and it will look like this or you can leave your hair
open and that goes to look very nice so that is that guys hope you guys like the
video and also check out my cut crease makeup tutorials which is on the left of
the video and see you guys in the next video bye bye

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