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Habs crash an outdoor hockey game at community rink

Reilly, what’s up? How are you doing? Good to see ya. Alright, we’ll do four-on-four. Sure. Oh yeah. He’s in. Alright, 1-0. This is unreal ice.
My god. Go Habs Go! That’s a goal! Oh yeah, bud. Aw! Keep the stick. Appreciate it. Thanks a lot. Yeah, thank you. Woo! Thanks for watching us.

Reader Comments

  1. I am from Vienna and I flew to Montreal to look your game against Winnipeg love you guys so much 🏒 💕 Canadiens for live

  2. Friend: Come to the rink today it’s very nice out today
    Me: I can’t , I’m sick
    Friend : sends picture with mete, peca,reilly, kk

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