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H2O Kausi 3 Jakso 10 [FIN SUB]

[Music] [Music] [Music] in thinking over all the things that you’ve been saying to me [Music] do i deceive myself when i’m [Music] you only [Music] Oh [Music] [Applause] scary what none else thinking we on fire wipe the Friday’s cake great set Bella make him bed together Thanks now buy a coffee it’s a rain check for later yeah well wait up how are you okay so what did you think about what exactly the song what else interesting really from the hub I am I’m assuming and I found something and I’m not I thought I thought maybe you’d like it whoa I know I’m no saying anything larger where did you get this she gave a sacred I got it from the octopus’s garden joke right it’s it’s amazing it’s really amazing oh no no I want you to have it are you sure yeah yeah yeah add it to your collection Thanks hey why don’t you come by my place later what we can talk whatever half this you’re singing that okay yeah that should be fine okay safe up here today [Music] it’s amazing this is an ancient fossil a signpost to the past he was alive millions of years ago imagine what the world was like then so it’s wet something then plenty to a collector but that’s not the point where’d you find it it must be more it’s a present you got training soon don’t forget it’s not show but you find it around hey check this out I looked it up on the net and that shell is rare really rare says here it’s only found in the deepest parts of the ocean where exactly did you find it I told you the octopus is God really what it was washed up on the beach you told me you found her when you were swimming yeah no it was it was on the shore as I was getting out of the water where make a well so I knew anything strange is somehow connected that place I don’t know what you mean do you know a lot more about that place than you say you always seem to be going out there not always you’re hiding something I thought we were gonna talk about music that’s what you said I am in a way sorry sometimes when we talk I get the feeling that is something you’re holding back but when you sing it’s different it’s like it’s the real you someone honest is this why you wanted me to come here great I just want to know the real you then stop questioning every little thing but how am I supposed on enjoy life have you ever tried that [Music] there’s always everything about Mako I think it’s different this time he’s completely fired up I never meant to encourage him I tried to put him off I really did well how many times do I have to tell you you need to forget about him before it’s too late give it a break here I’m trying to help her she’s in over her head yeah well that’s what love is like and he is obviously obsessed with her exactly does anyone else hear alarm bells Ricky not now she’s right it’s it’s gone too far it’s too dangerous I need your training session go it didn’t you didn’t train nope you’ll have to make up for it tomorrow we’ve got to get you ready for the dive comp I’ll see how I go how come you’re suddenly so distracted no I’m just interested in other things too like Bella don’t tell me you’re gonna let some stupid girl get in the way of your training like that she she’s different from other girls I don’t know what it is exactly I’m just saying you need to keep your mind set on our goals you could make it big one day if you just stay focused that’s what’s important well maybe there’s more to life [Music] Bella Bella I was just heading to the beach huh I think I might pause I won’t even mention make one I promise scouts honor note that I was ever escaped but if I was I’d do that funny salute thing sure that I mean it come on it’ll be fun I can do fun truly [Music] [Music] you sure I can’t tempt you in this room maybe another time [Music] what’s wrong I have to go wait what happened [Music] [Music] please try not to be so hard on Bella I mean she is mine enough to keep my secret I guess Emily okay Bella gave my brother a shell an extremely rare extremely expensive one guys always we chose drifting onto the shore I’m showing something special oh this is special right well it’s never seen anything like it and he knows it’s tough believe me or do you want ask to have a look at it maybe it’s the kind of thing we’ve seen before thanks but I try to have it with me Will’s already given it pride of place on his desk I’m gonna get someone to take a look at it oh I wouldn’t get all that to us silly Oh will thinks it’s worth a fortune so I’d be good to know exactly how much I stole her what are you doing stopping us from getting any worse than it already is [Music] [Music] how are you uh-huh you don’t want to stay and have a copy with me d I’m at a loose end I thought you know we’ve never really had a decent church about what um and I was wondering where you got it done maybe none time um I forgot to tell you that Ricky is said to tell you that if you wanted to make sure cash you’re welcome to do an hour’s overtime I would things today you know I am so sorry why did you say sorry happy I’m always apologizing the thing sorry there I go again hey why don’t you take a seat and I’ll I’ll help you dry off I have to go besides it’s only water and I’ll change when I get home see ya Bella water maker for me soon he’ll be able to run thesis on mermaids [Music] due to your power know the jelly thing there’s capture for you this Mets on makeup island the full moon the whole thing is on to you we can’t afford to mess around with this we stay away from her when I say we I mean you you Claire have boyfriends and both of them know about you being mermaids why can’t I because he’s practically a stranger no he’s no not to me I get him we have a connection but it’s not like any other guys ever met because it’s probably the only guy ever that hasn’t thrown himself at you that is all don’t mistake your feelings for anything else no it’s more than that Claire and I have incurring for your mistakes all day excuse me I’ve been careful I destroyed the shell that was a present sophie was on to where it came from not even scuba divers can get deep enough to find those shells how are you going to explain that this is beyond a joke I’m not covering for you anymore it’s either him or it’s us [Music] where did you disappear to before one minute you were there and the next we need to talk okay talk it was really great hanging out with you today where did you have to go that you could swim to faster than you could walk listen I can’t see you anymore why I don’t want to talk about it I can’t make you talk to me but I wish you would there is there are so many things about you that just don’t add up I think you’re reading way too much the only time I’ve ever seen you go into the water you disappeared I know you’re hiding something from me whatever it is I’m not going to judge you you can run and hide forever I know this big secret of yours has something to do with water no you’re lying to me No [Music] trusted you [Music] [Music] well it was really close I did try to stalk her that’s okay I fixed it will is still a major problem I had a bit of a chat to Bela about that and I don’t think she’ll be seeing him again we can’t stop with it had to have him there and she finally gets it the important thing is he’ll never know about it I was 9 years old we were living in Ireland at the time my parents were busy so I went exploring and there was this place [Music] I walk down by the ocean at the one with the cliffs [Music] I felt I felt drawn there like like I was looking for something only I didn’t know what there was a cave [Music] I felt so peaceful there like like I belonged [Music] something magical [Music] I’m sorry I wish I could have told you but what about the others Cleo and Rikki are they no you sure yes just me I’m the only one but they they know about you no you’re the only one that knows we can keep this between us [Music] I don’t know need some time to think things through I know you warned me and I tried I really did this is a disaster he’s gonna tell everyone we’ll end up on display at the marine park with Ronnie no you warned it you only think Saddam am i right I think we figure it out right he asked me I lied I said I’m the other one thanks for protecting us please forgive me I guess what’s done is done fix it I’ll deal with it and you guys won’t have to do anything not bring this together [Music] [Music] nothing I must have called him 10 times already is it so hard to pick up your bow try that’s all you can do I don’t think I can sing like this do you know how I forgave you for buying us secret despite me warning you in advance yes if you skip out on a package I hope you know when you’re giving Ricky’s right there I mean we need to act as normal as possible not don’t even think about it now go sing thinking over that ship and to me no reason our answers do i deceive myself greatest papa dro from the modules we speak [Music] stay only you could stay [Music] Oh [Music] [Applause] listen really I didn’t we’re just talking about this looks like your special shell spontaneously combusting does this mean that you’ve decided to keep my sacred [Music] thank you I can get you another shelf thanks for your fur bud I like the fact that is a one-of-a-kind I’ll catch you later [Music] at least our secret safe for now no he won’t change his mind Never Say Never that I hear but he really want he’s a good guy he’s a really good guy hey Ricky that sketch that you saw oh here we go [Music]

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