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GRS Snow Park Mysore tourism Karnataka Tourism Snow theme amusement Park

GRS Snow Park GRS Fantasy Parks Snow Park has opened they have organized very nicely, come let us see Hi my name is Balakrishna i am operations Head at GRS Fantasy Park and GRS Snow Park first of all thank you Sudeesh for visiting Snow park, hope you liked it very much GRS Fantasy Park has been here for the past 18 to 20 years we wanted to give Mysoreans a new attraction So we came up with GRS Snow Park We have developed the snow park constantly we keep the temperature -8 to -10 degrees for customers here we have made socks compulsory for hygiene purpose the customers can get there own socks or very good quality socks is available at affordable price apart from that we ourselves provide jackets, boots and gloves which is in very hygienic state, we clean it after every show it is cleaned and then it is circulated No extra charges for costumes it is free of cost After every show costumes are washed it is sterilized and safe this is the dehumidificatioin room once the customers come out of the show the jackets are cleaned the boots are cleaned and kept for drying here this removes all the water content of the jacket and it dries also it removes all the odour or bad smell that is coming from the jacket for next show the boots and jackets are given as fresh we have first aid facility as well if anything happens to the guest we give immediate first aid here some customers feel too cold for them we have heater facility as well for them to get some relief

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