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(cheerful piano music) – Hi guys, welcome back to – The YouTube family – And today we’re going to be playing, playground wars “Groundies” (yells cheerfully) – Groundies? Like way down there on the ground – Yep, pretty far – So I am the groundie – So how you play groundies
is that one person will be the groundie, and
they will be on the ground everyone else will be on
top of the playground and the groundie is trying
to tag everybody else so they can keep their eyes
open when they’re on the ground but if they go on the playground
they have to close their eyes, if anybody jumps off the
playground and the groundie thinks they jumped off
they can yell Groundies! And then everyone else will
say nada that is on the playground and the person
that is off will say yes I am it now and that’s how you play. Let’s go mama’s the groundie. – [Mom] One, two, three, yeah
you guys are gonna be stuck on that three, eight, nine, ten. (playful music) – [Mom] Oh my gosh I am gonna kill myself. Groundies! Crap, I gotta get off this
thing this is dangerous. I have to peek once ina
while guys I feel like I’m gonna die. This is so scary, this is not a safe game. – Wipeout! – Why do kids play this, I got you! I got him I don’t know if
you saw that but I tagged Jake, oh my gosh I thought
I was coming to an edge and I was gonna die. This was scary, Jake’s it Oh Dad’s it I thought it was you Jake. – So I can just touch you? – [Mom] No. He can? He can touch any of us on
when we’re on playground – So it’s kind of like – [Mom] It’s just like lava
monster, yeah you can touch us. Ouch, Audrey’s it? You thought your plot would work. – Ahhh hah! This is – [Mom] This is so scary. You’re up way high,
about a 100 foot truck!` – One, two, stop shaking the playground! – [Mom] Audrey can’t get off she’s stuck. Jump on down, jump on down! – One, two, nine, ten got you! – [Mom] Dad got it! – Ready, one, two, three, four, – [Mom] You gotta get off – Huh – [Mom] You gotta be on the
ground to start counting. – One, two, three, nine, ten (screams) – [Mom] He’s trapping them. He’s gonna trap Audrey, go down the slide. You have your eyes closed? – I have to have my eyes closed? – Yeah, on the playground,
that’s what makes it harder. Dad didn’t have his
eyes closed, womp womp. – Six, seven, eight, nine, ten – That way you can hide – Dang it, I’m the groundie five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! – [Mom] Haha she’s trying to jump. (screams) – [Mom] You haveta close
your eyes once you get on. – I can’t see – [Mom] That’s a scary pout – [Kid] Jared watch out (screams) – I can’t. Oh man! – [Mom] That was so close. – Look guys – [Mom] Yeah I do I peek
at the ground, not at the people just where you’re
walking, because it’s scary (laughing) – [Kid] Over here! – [Mom] I’m so scared, she
would touch you and then you would like fall off. Do not do that kids No it’s scary – There’s to many injuries,
don’t play this game at home – [Kid] We’re on the playground – [Mom] This is scary what Lava monster? Audrey’s it! – [Kid] My turn – [Mom] Go get dad! Dad’s on the swing. – [Audrey] Dad’s on the swing. (laughing) – Three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten – [Mom] Did you get him? (bridge squeaking) – [Dad] Oh goodness – [Mom] Yeah okay Jake you’re it. Shhhhh… Nada – [Kid] Groundies! (upbeat piano music) – [ Kid] Groundies! – [Mom] Keep climbing in circles Jill! Jake you gotta have your
eyes closed on that. – [Kid] Uh oh (screams) – [Mom] There you go – I’m the new groundie! I thought he wouldn’t see me here. Nine, ten! Ahhhh! (bridge squeaking) Man he’s tricky! Jake’s it. – One, two, three (playful piano music) – I’m gonna grab you
again, and then it’s just used to go Jake, me, Jake, me. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten Groundies! – [Kids] Nada! – Groundies! – [Kids] Nada! – Rats! – [Dad] Jake are you in here? (giggling) – His turn again! – [Dad] Okay jump, Go! – One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten! Ahhh Groundies! – [Kids] Nada! (heavy breathing) – [Mom] Hi! – Groundies! – [Kids] Nada! (heavy breathing) – Groundies! – [Dad] Up, you’re near or down. – No I was up on the step Aggh – [Dad] Whatchu doin up there Aud? – Chillin like a bird Caw Caw – Two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten! Aghhhh! – [Mom] Oh! You got her jacket but I
don’t know if you got her. That’s true – I got her by her jacket,
but then I opened my eyes so I don’t know if that counts. It does not count because
I got Audrey’s jacket and then I opened my eyes and tagged her so! Resume! – [Mom] It’s a showdown
between dirt and a tie. Back to Audrey, lift your
legs up on the bar and then use your legs to get her. – Jill throw her legs up? – [Mom] I don’t know, yeah
don’t smack your head, please. Wow, you just can’t get her. – [Kid] Groundies! – [ Kid] Nada! Laughing – [Kid] Groundies! – [Mom] Yes Dad hit West,
Dab is on the ground. Dad was running when you
called that so Dad is out. – Thank you guys for
watching today’s video, leave in the comments below what other playground wars you want us to do! See you guys next time. – Bye!

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